Book of Esther: Chapter 10

Hey, we’ve reached the 10th and last chapter of the book of Esther, very short chapter, and it tells us the story that Mordecai became second in line to the king of Persia, that would make him like a viceroy. You know, the Jewish people were taken into captivity by the Babylonians. While in Babylon Jews like Daniel and his brothers, they were able to rise to high political positions in the Empire. In the Persian Empire, the Jew Mordecai was able to rise to a very prominent position, second in controls pretty good, even in captivity. The Jews were respected as the children of the Lord Persian kings revered little God of Israel as we should today. God bless you in your studies of the Book of Esther. And look for more material coming out as I expand the Book of Esther in the coming months.