Book of Daniel: Chapter 9

The phrase, Sona is indicated here that there were two persons named areas who are kings of the Persian Empire. The dairies we’re talking about at the age of 62. Came to be king, because he defeated the Babylonians by force during the reign of Darius the mede. The prophet Daniel was granted a high government position. Later when dairy is contemplated making Daniel Prime Minister other high officials divided To scheme that would lead to Daniel being cast into the lions den. Daniel was miraculously delivered, and the conspirators in their family were thrown into the lions instead. derrius made a proclamation throughout the realm, that in every dimension of his kingdom, people were to be quaking and fearing before the God of Daniel. Well, this chapter continues with Daniel’s vision about the fall of the Persian Empire, and the rise of the Greek Empire. And there was a rivalry that occurred between Syria in Egypt when the Greek Empire had broken apart, the ptolemies were in Egypt, and the solutions were up in the north in Syria. Daniel also continues talking about the Lord’s Messiah and the 70 times seven days, which is sages consider it to be 490 years, not necessarily days. And there were 70 years between the destruction of the First Temple and the rebuilding of the Second Temple. That was the exile in Babylon. And then the second temple is going to be destroyed 420 years later, that’s around 70 ce, that actually adds up to 490. Another view is from me is to look at it a little differently. And instead of dividing it as 70 and 420, flip it around. Flip it as for 20 and 70. So a 420 years is when the Messiah is born that Jesus of Nazareth 70 years after his birth is the destruction of the temple. Now Jesus spoke quite a bit about the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. When did it actually begin, was it when he died? Or was it when the temple was destroyed, and the people could no longer make sacrifices at the temple. Now they had to look for a different way to offer repentance for sin. History tells us that there were early Jewish followers of Jesus, who continue to bring their sacrifices to the temple in Jerusalem until that destruction. A reason the Romans wanted to destroy the temple was they wanted the daily sacrifices to stop which is kind of intriguing that that was happening. This of course, puts a frenzy into Judaism and it forced rabbinical Judaism to to emerge, and that is to pray for the forgiveness of sin. The idea of Jesus as a cosmic sacrifice for sin. Probably develop In that area in 70 ce, but in the mithras cult, it was believed that mithras died for the sins of, of people. And when Paul converted those churches, he said Jesus is really mithras Well, then Jesus is the one who died for everyone sin. This is a very pagan thing that the church holds on to that came from the conversion of mithras. I’m not saying that it’s not true, but it’s something that we should consider when looking at this others. Thoughts Daniel’s dream in this chapter is difficult to interpret. sages and biblical style. Scholars for centuries have tried to understand the vision. There are several passages in the scope creep here that are difficult to understand, and perhaps will never be construed. Take a look in the book learning Daniel So that you can learn some more about this chapter.