Book of Daniel: Chapter 8

Ram symbolizes the Persian Empire. After the Persians defeated the Babylonians, they extended their kingdom in many different areas. The Persians were able to put down all the revolts that were occurring. What’s the purpose of the male goat? Well, the male goat symbolizes Alexander the Great. He was known as the King with the Golden Horn, the horn symbolizing Piro rule, golden notes, glory and excellence. Alexander attacked the Persian Empire and had several quick victories, which brought him to the gates of Susa the capital. derrius tried to appease Alexander with gifts by offering to succeed territory to him, give him gold and silver and concubines. Alexander refused the appeasement, and he just continued to conquer the land. The city of Susa is one of the oldest cities known in the world, and today can be found in Iran. excavations have uncovered evidence of continual habitation all the way back to 4200 BCE, and with it is believed there was a community there as far back as 7000 BCE. Sousa, of course, was the capital for the Persian Empire. Susa as mentioned in the Bible in Daniel Ezra, Nehemiah Daniel’s visions are quite comprehensive, encompassing the end of the Babylonian period through the Roman period. If the people had listened to the vision, they might have been able to change the outcome. That is an excellent question to ask. If the Lord gives you an insight Can you act upon it? How does one know if the vision or the dream is from the Lord or another source, whether the source is one’s consciousness or maybe from Satan? It is possible that Daniel recorded these dreams and did not act upon them because he was not sure of the source of the nature. It is possible that Daniel spoke about his dreams. No one believed him. Since these visions did come true. Daniel is listed among the prophets of ancient Israel.