Book of Daniel: Chapter 7

So what is the symbolism that we see in this chapter verses two through four. And here’s a chart for you to see what everything means. Remember that that Hebraic writers wrote in allegories they use symbolism heavily. It wasn’t to hide anything as you may have learned along the way. It was just the way Semitic people did things. And when we look at Semitic documents through our Greek lenses, because we’ve been taught the Greek method, this is what ends up happening. We don’t understand why Did these people write this way? You know, it’s just the way they were. They use a lot of symbolism, a lot of metaphors and their culture. symbolism in verse five, there’s a second beast that is the Persian Empire, and it’s called a bear. Because a bear is weaker than a lion or a leopard, because Persia was a vast empire. But it wasn’t as glorious as Babylon, North Syria. People in Persian out in the Persian Empire are allowed religious freedom and low taxes, hey, we could all like that. But the problem was the Persian kings couldn’t handle what was coming at them. The leopard, symbolic of the Greek Empire, sturdy, robust, four wing and birds symbolize the vast domination of the Greek Empire, which eventually gets broken into four parts. When Alexander dies. Greeks were stronger for kings Form sorry foreheads Four Kings four King, kingdoms. The fourth beast, Roman Empire. They plunder devour destroyed lands they conquered Iron Fist rule. They used hammers and other metals that these other empires did not have 10 horns, symbolic of the 10 Kings that rose after the fall of the Roman Empire, some reflections of Jesus came to initiate the kingdom of heaven. There are places in the Gospel where Jesus tells his disciples that force and war, not the ways of the Lord, if the kingdom of heaven was established in Jesus day. It is hard to find it today. Because throughout the 20th 20 centuries of Christianity, the faith has used force in an attempt to convert non believers into the faith, the Inquisition period, great example, time of the Crusades even worse. murdering, killing was done to bring Christianity into the world. The result? You can see it today. The church needs to stop its ways of forcing Christianity. That’s not the what Yeshua preached. They need to go back to his basic teaching and use Peace and Love is the foundation to rebuild the crumbling church, especially in the United States. inside the church to believe is our also need to stop using force in the running of the church. Too many people seek political power and influence of their over others in the church. With 75% of church attendees being egocentric, it will be a challenge to turn the church around. This is a massive factor in the disintegration of the church. Instead of making disciples for Jesus. The energy of the church is expended on inward political and power fighting. This has got to stop.