Book of Daniel: Chapter 6

So this chapter is about a plot that was devised to have Daniel removed from his office questioning the passage. Why is Teresa’s age noted in verse one? way? Well this was done to let the reader know that whenever can enter enter the template Jerusalem that his adversary derrius was born. The sages tell us that the exile of gioacchino took place in the eighth year of never Canizares reign. the downfall of Babylon occurred 70 years later. So we have 70 minus eight is 62 verse 17 All the commissioners of the kingdom are a part of wanting derrius to sign an edict about worship not being done. There were three commissioners in the Persian Empire during the reign of darious. Daniel was one of them. First seven, could be understood that Daniel was not consulted about this edict about stopping worship to the Lord. So why did the king seal the stone that was placed over the lions den darious did not want Daniel to be killed, but he had no choice he had to follow through his with his edict, he had absolutely no choice. He was concerned about his nobles might try to kill Daniel if the lions did not kill him. So they put the stone in front and he sealed it so that no one could get in touch Daniel, it emphasizes that derrius was in Daniel’s day, the iidx and command of a Persian king could not be rescinded. nobles of his day use this against him. They, therefore they thought, if they devised a way to get rid of Daniel Daniel could not stop them. They had control of derrius and Doris probably didn’t even know it was happening. oriental kings kept lions in their gates in front of their thrones. Solomon had statues of lions at the temple in the palace. Well, the nobles brought their charges against Daniel. But Doris didn’t want to kill him. But he had no choice. The Lions did not hurt Daniel, they probably sense that Daniel was no danger to them. Lions only killed predators when they’re hungry. The King probably fed them before Daniel was thrown in. That’s a midrash by the way. Cultural note Nerys people believe that prayer could shut the mouth of a wild animal. Look in the book for more. See in the next chapter.