Book of Daniel: Chapter 5

King held the state banquet and during the banquet this mysterious hand appears on the wall and starts writing. Daniel is the one who can interpret the writing and for this he will be rewarded. The Talmud tells us that Bell’s schar did not do this casually. He calculated it and premeditated it for the 70 years he used the wrong calculation in the wrong numbers. Therefore, what he was doing was desecrating the temple. You can see on the screen, how it was calculated, and what he did wrong. He calculated the seven years from the beginning of his grandfather’s never condesa reign, and not from the time at the actual exile that became that that began. Therefore he had no fear for the retaliation that the God of Israel might do to him because of what he was doing. After all, he was the king. Kings think they can do anything they want to do. The sage Auschwitz believe that the gold vessels were so numerous that they didn’t need the silver ones. One of the kings asked courts in concubines could receive the title of Queen. The Queen station prevented her not to attend the drunk banquet. If the king was poisoned, of course, she would lose her position. So she was a little bit concerned. The story balsa ends with his death, he defied the Lord and the Lord showed him who was the true God of heaven and earth. bushes are thought that he was invincible and he could defeat God. Had he counted the years correctly? Perhaps he wouldn’t have been so bold. What if he had counted properly and Jeremiah got it wrong? Was it worth taking the chance to desecrate the vessels of the Lord’s house? Since things happen in the Lord’s time and in his way, keeping times important? How does one start and stop time? Well, it’s somewhat of a guess because it’s the Lord who fixes the time. Never underestimate the Lord Isabel sharp did the result is never good.