Book of Daniel: Chapter 4

Nebuchadnezzar, it becomes so powerful that he thought of himself as a god. This provoked the wrath of the Lord made him temporarily demented to show him that he was not in charge, that even though he was a king, he could have everything taken away from him. How about symbolism in this chapter? There’s a lot of symbolism that you can find in here. Simply symbolism between animals and kingdoms also So what does it mean that the tree was cut down the tree and the chapter represents King Nebuchadnezzar, it was fully grown. It was like the king was at the top of his power. And God cut him down because he thought that he was a god. The tree also represents that kings and emperors are mortal. They’re people just like us who have been raised to fame for whatever reason. The calendar in Daniels time was 365 days. However, time was measured differently in in different places. pastoral pastoral tribes did it differently. Priests do seven days plus a day equal to 50 days. seven seasons could be 350 days, one year. A season is 90 days and the 365 calendar. The time it took for Israel leave Egypt was 50 days or more Season. your shoe is depth to the introduction of the Holy Spirit was it was considered a season. There’s some scripture that stand behind this and is more in, in the book, the commentary on Daniel, or I should say the learning Daniel book that’s associated with this class. It goes through all these details of how the counters were different, and why the priests calendar was different than the people’s calendar. We have some of that still today we start the second day of Advent. On the first Well, first second day, that could be the last day of November the second day of December, and the Jewish calendar actually start to Nissan. But the new year is else is down in the September range to some cultural things we learned about to eat grass as an oxen is an idiom means to lose one senses or to become diminished. It is not that they ever condenser went out and he actually ate grass. fundamentalists like to say that. Oh look, it actually says he ate grass. Yes, it does say that. But it’s an idiom and you have to take into account that there are idioms that are used in every culture. Think about the idioms that we use. Probably a lot of them on a daily basis, and you probably never even think about them. The King had learned that everything that he possessed was from the Lord. Never condenser believe that he was a god. No nation could withstand his army. But God taught him a lesson. It was Daniel interpreted Nebuchadnezzar dream. For Daniel, it took courage to tell the king in the second dream that God was going to cut him down to size. He showed courage. That’s what the Lord wanted. The Lord knew that the king would not understand the dream and call upon Daniel. The Lord gave Daniel the vision to interpret Dream. How many people today believe that every material object and money that they have does not come from God but from themselves? That kind of like never can answer in their thinking. We owe everything to God, we have to remember that gifts and talents are from the Lord. We need to use them the way the Lord wants us to use them, to help others, not just for ourselves. It’s up to you to discover what your talents are. God has given them to you. He’s just waiting for you to figure out what they are. It can be difficult, but you can do it.