Book of Daniel: Chapter 3

Oh, oh, oh. The na EU version of chapter three does not include verses 31 to 33. These verses can be found in the Hebrew which goes on. A little further we have in chapter four chapter describes the construction of the enormous statue for Nebuchadnezzar, and he attempts to get Daniel and his brothers to bow down to the idle. The three men still stood against idolatry committing showing their commitment to the Lord. They were thrown into a furnace but miraculously salvation comes to them. And they come out without a wound. This story has become synonymous with Jewish courage. Daniel Daniel’s interpretation of the King’s dream the precious metal gold, gold was associated with the Babylonian Empire. They had the greatest gardens and just about everything else of the known world. So why not have the largest gold statue? Danny wasn’t thrown into the furnace. So where was he? Which is very interesting because the Talmud says this The men were tied up so they couldn’t escape. The furnace was so overheated that the guards even perished kind of adds into the Lord salvation for these men. There is a legend that after Abraham destroyed the idols in his father’s shop, that King Nimrod ordered Abraham be placed into a fiery furnace. Nihar Adams bruh. I’m sorry, Abraham’s brother was placed the furnace and died there. He didn’t have faith in the God in God, but Abraham was protected by the Lord came out untouched. The Midrash is an echo of this story. Thoughts on chapter three. Hannah, Michelle and Azaria showed their courage, trust and faith in the Lord by standing up to the king they refuse to bow down to idle. They did not plead for their lives to be spared. They were ready to meet their death because of their faith. How many of us today have that kind of faith and willingness to risk this risk it for the Lord. The Lord can ask for the faithful to do things for him that do not lead to death. So reducing the question from the ultimate sacrifice, how many followers would do something the Lord wants to be done, even if they’re not comfortable doing it? Considering the number of people who say that they believe in the Lord and the attendance and memberships in churches and synagogues in the United States. It’s a small percentage that come out for the Lord of our general population.