Book of Daniel: Chapter 2

Oh, oh, oh, Daniel, I’ve been in training for three years before he could be brought before the king to go into his service. And the dream was in the 21st year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar. Therefore, the reference to the second year has to be the second year Babylon it got in and exiled Israel. Verse 35 talks about it. claimed bronze. What’s the symbolism behind this? The four imperial powers are being spoken of here, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. Each of them has a different symbolism to whether it’s iron or brass, or whatever it happens to be. The difference in the metals is how each of the alloys are composed, and each has a symbolism behind each one of them. So brass is symbolic of the Greek kingdom. strong, durable, but you can’t use it to make a hammer to to hit other metals with it’ll just fall apart. Silver That’s the Persian Empire. Strong, elegant, but not a precious as precious metal as gold is. Gold is symbolic of Babylon. Babylon had wonderful gardens, servants, inventor scientists, they were the culture of the Middle East in those days. Never cut, Nasser was acting in the place of a prophet. He was able to see in the future and with Daniel’s assistance, he was able to understand what it meant. It is not known if the king had become upset when he discovered that the kingdom that he built was going to be destroyed by the Persians. However, he was told that the Babylonian kingdom would be the greatest on earth because of the technology and other advancements that they were destined to create. If they if the king knew about the Persians Then why were the peasants able to defeat the Babylonians? It would be logical but never can nazzer whatever passes information down his successors, with the instructions to pass them down to the next king. It didn’t happen. Therefore, a mystery exists in the story of Daniel. Perhaps the king did not believe Daniel, or he believed that he could not change history. The Babylonians were defeated by the Persians of Persians by the Greeks and the Greeks by the Romans. History is replete with civilizations that grew prospered, then died, Babylon was not an exception. Because Daniel could interpret the king’s dreams he was given a high level position in the court of Nebuchadnezzar. At this point, Daniel story is an echo of the Joseph’s story in Genesis. Joseph received a high office in Egypt because of his abilities to interpret dreams.