Book of Daniel: Chapter 12

Chapter explains that there will be a resurrection of the dead at the end of the age. It is a detail Kaz chasm of many different steps. The man dress in the white linen is important. sages said that these numbers in the chapter refer to when the Messiah arrives. Even though the Hebrew says days, it’s really believe that these numbers represent yours. And the Messiah is going to be something like Moses. You know, Moses was a Hebrew wedding left Egypt for 40 years, and he came back to Egypt after the time of the burning bush. Here’s a debate about when the Messiah is going to reveal himself again, in the same way that the people that know when Moses was going to return to Egypt as the Savior. If you think about it, it’s very unclear what’s going to happen with the Messiah. It’s possible that the early church Christians read this final chapter of the book of Daniel and determined that the Messiah was going to return the Second Coming. If when you sure first came when Jesus first came, if if he was truly the Lord, then the day of the Lord would be invoked, that would have been a major problem. The Christian church separated from a tiebreak routes around 70 ce, declaring that Jesus was God. by promoting Jesus to divine status, the prophecies, they don’t apply. these prophecies talking about the Messiah and Daniel become a bit iffy for the Christian church. If you look at the Messiah as a particular prophet or a special Prophet of the Lord, well then it does fit. Jesus is not considered God when Daniel’s prophecy of the Messiah is of his return. Jesus did say that there would be a general resurrection of the dead upon his next return. So Jesus words and actions fit the Messiah tradition, which is being described in this particular chapter. The hang up is the divine status, and that is always been a problem for Jews to accept. Unfortunately, to some degree, this divine status fits into The mithras churches in the mithras religion, which Paul was converting into Christian churches, he simply took the word or the name mithras out and put the name Jesus or Yeshua in and that’s where the problems are.