Book of Daniel: Chapter 10

What does it mean that Daniel said the message was valid, Daniel might see many wondrous things in his vision from the Lord. He needed reassurance that this vision was a divine one. Why was Daniel morning for three weeks? The sages believe that Daniels morning was because Cyrus revoked his permission to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. This account can also be found in Ezra chapter four. So who was the man who visited Daniel in verse five? The man was an angel of the Lord clothed in white linen, which symbolizes purity. His eyes were like flaming torches means that he had a robust attraction. In piercing perception, the appearance of lightning indicates that the angel was full of glory. His feet were polished bronze, which means that he had endurance. His voice was loud, which allowed all people to be able to hear him loudly and clearly. So who was the Prince of Persia? The angel told Daniel that the angel who watched over Persia was positioning to allow the Persian Empire to last longer. In the Near East, people believe that different angels stood to watch over each nations. The angel who visited Daniel was detained 21 days because of the angel of Persia. The 21 days correspond to the days that Daniel fasted. So, who was the human that touched Daniel in verse 16. The angel transformed into a human so he could comfort Daniel, Daniel was distressed that the angel was telling him about the end of days.