Beginner Techniques

All right, journaling techniques, what are they? A journaling technique is nothing but a tool that you use to get your thoughts from your head and onto the paper. And so I want to cover three that are really easy for beginners to use to get into the habit of journaling, so you’re not so much worried about what’s coming out, and how to do it as to just doing it. So our very first technique is to use a journal prompt. A journal prompt is a sentence or two that asks you a question and allows you to then explore so it could be anything from, you know, how was your day to do you feel? What do you not feel control over? Or what are you looking for in your life? It literally is just a question to kind of get you going. So how do you find these journal prompts? Really, they’re honestly all over the place, you can go to Google and type in journal prompts and Wallah. They’re all over the place. You may want to specialize, you can actually go journal prompts for self discovery or journal prompts for emotional healing, and kind of get very customized. There are they’re all over the place. So go ahead and go get them. The second technique that you can use is a brain dump. And this one is really great if you’re stressed, or it’s right before bedtime. And literally what you’re doing is taking everything in your head and putting it onto paper, no order, no analyzing no thoughts literally it pops into your head, you write it down, and get it out. And what you’re really doing here, especially if you’re doing it before bed is our brains can only hold so much. And if you are stuck in this habit of constant going, Oh, it’s hard to focus, it’s hard to get anything done. It’s hard to fall asleep. So the brain dump technique is literally just taking it out of your brain and putting it on paper. So that’s a great easy one. And then the third one is a little bit more difficult than the other two, but really great for emotional healing. And that is to write the story of something that occurred. So if you had a fight with your boss, literally write the story. Don’t analyze it. Don’t he did this, she did this. Literally tell the story. pretend like you’re a Hollywood writer and you’re writing down the story. What this is going to do is, obviously get it out of your head and onto paper. But scientists have shown that the act of simply writing about the situations in our lives. Lives begins the process of healing without doing anything more than writing about it. So there you go. There’s your three techniques, journal prompts, brain dump, and write the story of whatever happened to you today or in the past, whatever. Alright, in the next video, I’m going to share with you what to do with the stuff that ends up in the journal after you’ve applied these techniques.