Become a Focused Lumberjack

What does it take to wake up one day in your future and be living an entirely new life? Does it take big bold action? conventional wisdom says yes, but there’s another way to look at it. On the final day of his sophomore year of high school, James clear was hit in the face with a baseball bat. From then it took weeks for him to be able to see straight again over eight months before he could drive a car again. The next year in school, he was the only Junior cut from the varsity baseball team. The year after that he made the varsity team, but was almost never put in the game. But then something changed when he started college. The next year, he built good sleep habits, he made it a point to keep his room clean and uncluttered. He built good study habits, he started lifting weights multiple times a week and gained 30 pounds of muscle. By his second year of college, he became a starting pitcher on the team. By his junior year he was voted team captain, but he says it was not until my senior season that my sleep habits, study habits in strength training habits really began to pay off. That’s the year he was named top male athlete at his school and name to the ESPN academic all America team, which was given to just 33 players in the country. But why is this so important? Well imagine an ice cube sitting on a table in front of you, you’re in a freezing cold room of 25 degrees, then the room starts to slowly heat up 26 degrees 20 720-829-3031 the ice cube is still sitting on the table, then one more degree 32 it starts to melt a one degree shift unlocked a massive change. But let me ask you imagine you’re in that room watching that ice cube. Then finally after seven hold degrees, it starts to melt was all that work between 25 and 32 degrees the time when you saw no results wasted. James clear says in his book atomic habits that your work was not wasted. It is just being stored. Think of it this way between where you are and what you want is a valley you imagined you can just walk to their side, the side that has what you want. But in reality, you have to go through this value this period of time where you’ll see no results, no progress, no anything. James clear calls it the value of disappointment. And he says the reason people don’t stick with their habits and don’t see big change in their life is they forget that all the work you’re doing seems like it’s wasted until it’s not. He says in the book changes it seems small and unimportant at first will compound into remarkable results if you’re willing to stick with them for years. And that change can take years before it happens all at once. Think of it this way. You’re a lumberjack, you have an axe and you want to cut down a tree, you can strike that axe at different parts of that tree. One day you strike a branch and other the trunk, nothing happens. Or you can strike that tree at the same point every day, thousands of times. At first, it seems like it’s making no difference. Then one day, the tree tips over little things seem like they don’t matter until they do or like James clear says you get what you repeat. So what’s standing between you and living an entirely different life, Unknown Speaker 3:02 a collection of habits. And if I were to ask you Unknown Speaker 3:04 how many habits are standing in between you Unknown Speaker 3:07 and your dream life? What do you think you’d say five 710? And will you let maybe 10 habits get in the way of living the life you dream of remember James clear says the quality of our lives often depend on the quality of our habits, Unknown Speaker 3:22 and that with the same habits, you’ll end up with the same results. But Unknown Speaker 3:25 with better habits, anything is possible. See, traditional thinking says that changing your life takes big sweeping change. But I like to think of it like the focus lumberjack. real success is too small to be noticed until it’s too big to be ignored. Which means that all that’s standing between you and your dream life and beating procrastination is a collection of habits. I share this with you because I remember I wanted to be in better shape. I wanted to get more done, I wanted to upgrade my mindset. And in a very short period of time, I was able to do all of that. I started getting up at 5am every morning and started work by six. By 12pm. I’d already gotten six hours of uninterrupted work done, I started doing 150 100 push ups in 50 pull ups every day, between morning and night. I just get 25 or so in at a time every time I get it from my desk. I started spending 11 minutes visualizing who wanted I wanted to be every night before bed. I made these changes, none of which were huge sweeping changes for me. But in the course of just three months I’d gotten more done than I ever had in my entire life. I started to look visibly different to the point that people started commenting on how good I looked. I felt more enthusiastic and confident when I’d get out of bed every day. That’s what makes your habits so important little changes lead to big results if you keep doing them. So the question now is what are the essential habits sitting between you and beating procrastination? Well think of them for yourself but there are five of them that are extremely important. I call them the core five and let’s cover those in the next video.