Be Interesting

Tips inspired by the book, “How to Speak so People Listen: Grab Their Attention and Get Your Message Heard” by Mike Clayton.

How to speak. So people listen, One Minute Tips. People will listen to you when you have something interesting to say. So be interesting. be interested, be interested in everything in the world. gather information so that you can build something interesting to say. And in particular, be well informed about current affairs, particularly in your domain of interest. And perhaps most important of all, be interested in people, particularly in the people you’re speaking with. Because when you take an interest in me, then you’re taking an interest in what I consider to be the most interesting topic of all. And make yourself interesting by having a distinctive point of view about the things you speak about. three tips here. Firstly, fine distinctions, distinctions that will enable your listeners to understand the world in a slightly different way. distinguishing this from that gives us new insights. Secondly, find connections, connections between what you’re speaking about, and between other things that your audience understands and knows about already. That will give them again, a new way of perceiving the world. And finally, tip three, be provocative. Find an interesting, innovative, new way of looking at the world and provoke your audience to think when you’re interesting. People will listen