10. Attachment and Negative Ideas

Hi, I’m Johnny john. Today let us talk about the relationship between attachment in the suffering states of the mind. So in life, what we will discover with time is that whenever we’re attached to things will only bring us suffering states of mind. For instance, when we become attached to money, it will make us feel that we see money, it will make us crave for money, and when we lose money, we will be in heartache. So, with attachment comes suffering. So you can say that attachment is the cause of suffering. But in all of my videos, I have been talking about how negative ideas are the cause of suffering, so which one is so late today, let us make a clear. So let’s begin. It is actually the attachment towards the negative ideas which creates suffering. now realize that attachment at an external level to things will always begin inside. There’s actually the attachment towards negative ideas, which will drive us to create attachment towards objects outside. For instance, that negative idea, it is not okay to fail. When we become attached to the negative idea, we will become attached to winning, we will become attached to not wanting to fail, we will fear failing, we will crave for six years. Now, knowing that attachment towards negative ideas is what creates the suffering states of the mind. And also when this attachment means these negative ideas at play, how can we use this information in a practical way? Well, now you can realize that Whenever you have attachment towards a thought, towards any emotion towards an object towards an idea, that means they are negative ideas at play. It’s important to develop this self awareness. Because often we can cherish the things that we attach to like the objects of our worship or the person we love, is something so dear to us that we do not want to let go, knowing that we only becoming attached to our misery. So it’s important to develop self awareness of the things that we’re doing that is damaging ourselves and in terms of the mental world as it is the attachment we have towards negative ideas. Now, there are many benefits from releasing our attachment to what’s negative ideas, which we have already discussed. So I won’t go into detail, but one of the things that will make you become wiser, because instead of making money out of fear, out of negativity, of desire, you will be able to make it out of wisdom to earn wisely to spend wisely. And when you lose the money, you won’t experience suffering. So in summary, attachment of outer objects will always begin in the mind our greater journeys and transforming the negative ideas which is the same thing as releasing our attachment towards them, so that we can create greater happiness in life.