Apply a GRAM of Motivation: Four Top Workplace Motivators

Tips inspired by the book, “Powerhouse: Turbo Boost Your Effectiveness and Start Making a Serious Impact” by Mike Clayton.

How to Apply a gram of motivation, like a powerhouse money doesn’t motivate. What he does is it provides a recognition of our contribution and it’s the recognition that we crave. If you want to motivate like a powerhouse, you need other sources of motivation. We’re going to look at four ways to motivate a gram of motivation and like a spoonful of sugar, a gram motivation goes a very long way. So, g g stands for growth. One of the most motivating aspects of work is the potential to grow and develop and learn. Make sure that the people who are working for you have that opportunity. Secondly, are for relationships. Has it ever occurred to you that most people spend more of their waking hours in their work environment, then they spend with the people that they thought they’ve chosen to spend their lives with. Workplace relationships are very important. A powerhouse motivator, we’ll make sure that those workplace relationships work well. I will nourish them, they will allow them to build properly. A stands for autonomy. We like to feel we have control over our lives take away control from me. And not only do I lose sense of motivation, but I start to feel a sense of stress. giving me the control of my work that allows me to work autonomously and make my own decisions is highly motivating. Fourth, and arguably most important of all, em for meaning. Because Because you need to know why meaning is important, because in your head is that question Why? Meaning provides the answer it provides the because if you don’t have a good reason to do something, then you will never be motivated to do it. Em for motivation, so growth, relationships, autonomy and motivation for powerful workplace motivators, a gram of motivation, but a powerhouse will apply.