Anger Management

Hi and welcome to my new video on anger management. Anger is one of the most negative emotions that every single person would be having, but they do not even understand that how negative it can be in their life. Now let me just start with the story for anger management. Once there was a small boy he was like 15 to 16 years old, he frequently used to get angry for everything, even for like criticism from his parents also laid off from his surroundings, this boy would get angry and lash the people with anger. So his father was witnessing all these incidents that is happening everyday and wanted to change this small boy’s life so he caught As a small boy and asked him what is the reason? medicine you always get angry? This boy replied, uh, I don’t know, Father, I frequently get angry but I really do not know why and I’m not able to control this anger and because of this, I really get a bad knee. And I’m also not bad as it turns out to be. So this father took pity upon this guy and told them bring me a larger wooden board and a bag full of names. This son being a very obedient person or whatever, a large wooden board and a bag full of names along with a hammer. So his father told him, listen, whenever you get angry, I want you to take one single name from this bag and put it on the wooden board and type it with a hammer. So this guy wanted to follow this exercise. wholeheartedly so he started getting angry as you should. On the first day, this boy would take at least 20 names and drill down in this bigger ramble. And after this up a little bit embarrassed on the next day the height of anger started coming down the next day the number of rails that was put on the board is like in 10 to 15 days on the week and on the weekend that is on Saturday or on the week in and the number of leaves was really coming down it was like one or two nails per day. After some point of time, the small boy made his father and told the mighty Father, I think that this monster quarter’s anger has left me look at Megan board and not not putting more nails in. This wouldn’t work. So the father really felt very happy for this boy and called him a mighty son. This exercise is still not at all I want you to bring the student Oh no. So the standard Passive Shin brought this big wooden border with this nice. So far the toll doesn’t remove these names one by one son was puzzled at what his father was saying, but still he wanted to follow it. So he removed each and every nail from this wooden board and showed it his father. The father told him Look at this wooden board, even though you have removed every single nail from the wooden board, still the mark of the name is intact in this. Did you understand what I’m going to say? In some ways as usual, we’re passing the father told him after even your anger has subsided, the mark and the slipway his anger is still there. So my dear viewers, you have to understand the most important thing after the period of anger has subsided from you and you’ve asked your friends or your family members are that sorry or you intend apologies because he got immediately Emotionally angry, but still, you are going to leave a big scab on them. They wouldn’t turn into you like as a person who frequently gets angry and a frequent person frequently ask, sorry. Even though if you ask, sorry, or apologizing for 1000 times, the hurt from anger, still there with a person, you have to understand yourself that getting angry is one of the most easiest as you should be a person that who you should not be a person like who can get angry, rather be a person who won’t get angry. The person won’t get angry is one of the person who’s highly intelligent or highly romantic person you have to understand this in your life. During the turn of anger, you would have heard many people along your journey of life Do you really think things are that all their memories from anger as faded away. Most of the people in your life cannot forgive and forget that is a very difficult principle you have to understand the hurt or the feelings that you in turn caused by getting angry. Now let me just go on to tell you the what are the steps that will help you to come out from your anger. The most important step and it is by far the most difficult step is having an awareness of when you’re going to get angry. It is a very difficult step first of all you need to be aware of what is going to cause an anger into the second step is when you are on the verge of getting angry or when this anger feeling has come into you. I want you to count in. That is one to 10 or from reverse that is 10 to one I know this is a very difficult task It is easier said than done. But once you Having this awareness, you may be able to do this exercise. I want you to try this frequently. If you’re a person who’s getting angry. These two exercises are one of the good exercises to come away from your anger feeling to go the third steps for anger management, you have to understand which situation would you be frequently getting angry This is in your house. This is in your with your relatives or with your friends. What is the feeling that is causing anger in you? This is some difficulties that you’re having with your spouse, then if something is going to happen, understand and solve the situation before you get violent or before you get emotionally angry, in your office, please, there’s somebody causing you. Anger in you due to his deeds, then you need to sit and speak with your colleague. You need to make them understand the reason For us, we have a right to move away from your angry feeling as much as possible you will turn weakness away which is so far beautiful that you have ever imagined. All the best for coming out from your anger and I will meet you in the next video. Bye