Anger Guided Meditation

Welcome to this short meditation exercise on overcoming and working with anger. Now we shouldn’t try to get rid of anger, because anger is something that we can work with and train. So that we can use it to transform the way that our minds work. We can work with it, we can learn from it. We can also learn empathy for others, because everyone experiences anger. And with practice, we can notice our anger earlier and earlier. And so we can learn to set it free earlier and earlier. We can take a step back and witness that we are feeling anger, and we can let it go. And therefore we can start to reframe the way that we see it. So, for this meditation, as always, Start with some deep breathing. Breathe in for the nose and out through the mouth. And on your second out breath. just slowly Close your eyes. Continue focusing on the breathing this way until you can feel all of your muscles loosen up and any tension seep out of your body when you feel yourself much more comfortable and calm I want you to begin counting every single out breath that you take. Continue to take your regular deep breaths in. But as you breathe out, just focus completely on that outbreath. Focus on it from beginning to end. Notice if it’s long or short and try to extend it and make it deeper and calmer. Don’t count your breaths. And if you get distracted, just let it go and continue focusing entirely on what it’s like to breathe out. And now I just want you to let that go and begin focusing on both the in and the outbreath. Again, just remembering how it felt to focus on that outbreath and on nothing else And when you feel comfortable, you can open your eyes and before going anywhere, just sit with that feeling of what it was like to focus on only breathing out and the calmness and the focus that came with it.