12. Amazon Product Listing Tutorial – Make Your Listing Stand Out by Doing These Things

Hey, welcome to the bonus lesson of the free kill listing optimization course. In this lesson, we’re going to go from the very top to the very bottom of an Amazon listing, and I’m going to share tons of golden nuggets, tips, tricks and hacks that will help you further increase and improve your conversion rating on Amazon. Meaning that you’ll get even more sales by optimizing things on your listing. Now, assuming that you went through the other lessons of discourse, you know how to create an Amazon listing you know how to find the relevant keywords for listing you know how to find the relevant phrases for your listing, and you know how to write the copy for listing, you know how to find the right images. I’ve shared that in the previous lesson. If you still haven’t watched the other videos of this free course. I’m going to link it in the description down below. We’re gonna have a link to the playlist it’s here on YouTube, there are no upsells I do recommend you to go and watch it fully. Because Well, this clearly Stan this free course will actually help you create a great listing on Amazon seller At least when Amazon and was going to give you more money, more sales, so why not enjoy. Now let’s get into this lesson and again, we’re going to go from the very top to the very bottom of an Amazon listing and let’s start right now. We’re going to start from the left part here. We’re going to start by saying that there are seven pictures that can be on an Amazon listing. Well based on picture number seven can actually be a video as well. And I do recommend you having a video on your listing if you are brand registered, you can edit a video and the video will help you drive even more conversions because in a video, as you’re watching right now, you can actually see what happens with the product and the perceived value goes up because you can see in motion you can see how for example here it’s a knife right and if we click here, we’re going to see how the knife cuts the food. We’re going to see before after parts different foods that are relevant to each knife. This is a bread carving knife right there other knives here utility knife for What is that for? How you call it a key v right Hello If it’s not also a little trick here, if you have a video yourself, you can do a thumbs up here. Let’s give some free left for this guy. But you can ask some friends to do a thumbs up, it does not truly change the game for you. But you know, a few thumbs, ups and likes are always good. So please like this video now, because while it also helps me pretty much like this helps this knife, but here you can include a video and video again helps you drive more conversions. Here on the upper side, you also have the images. So there are seven images, you can have up to nine images, but on mobile, only seven will appear. And he has the box here but since he has the video, the video is stronger and appears here first before the image. This is about the images. Now if you want to see more examples of images and to understand it deeply. I have the previous lesson which I’m going to link up here in the card and in description down below where I go and dive deep into images and I’m going to show you which images sell on Amazon so please watch it later on next week. The title and the title of the product we have also covered in the previous videos we have a pretty long and in depth video about copywriting on Amazon. Again, let me link it up here in the card in description down below as well, where we dive into the copy of the listing how to write the title which titles sell, and essentially please watch it as well. But let’s dive into other parts that were not covered in the videos. First would be reviews up here once you’re going to get your first review is going to appear up here and is going to say as one rating, this one has 946 ratings is called ratings now and not reviews. And essentially you have this rating ratio here. So for example for this guy who has 946 reviews, his review ratio is 4.6 out of five. Let me tell you a few things about this number. Once you will fall from 4.8 to 4.7. You go from full five stars to 4.5 stars like this, you see this is 4.5 stars once you drop from 4.3 to 4.2 You’re going to dive to four stars and each time a star false it was down the conversion rating no matter how you look at it. Some people say that if you have, you know, mixed amount of reviews is good because it shows that your product is real, maybe to some extent, but five full stars with 200 ratings for example, look, kick ass and drive more and more sales. Now, if you’re having any issues with your reviews on Amazon, if you’re not sure how to get them, if you’re getting bombarded, swore by negative reviews, or essential if you want to get more and more reviews in order to get more sales. I have a training that’s called the review harvester that I’m going to link in description down below as well, which is a six hour to six hour plus training about mini chat. And I teach there how to get more reviews through Amazon products with this wonderful program called mini chat. I do encourage you to check it out later on. It’s going to be a good description as well. This is aimed at people who want to get more reviews to their products who want to understand deeper how to use Many chat, and I’m going to see you there quickly later on. But the next part is the answers and questions or questions and answers. What does it mean? I’ll tell you one thing here after you have three questions asked and three answers to these questions, this part here will appear. So for example, you have two questions and two answers. This part will not appear here, you will just have a blank after we get three questions, three answers will come here. Now, why is it good? Well, again, if people have some questions about your product, and they will say, three answered questions, people are gonna be like, Alright, I have a question. Let’s see if my questions there. They’re going to click and they’re going to go to the lower part of listing, which we’re going to cover a bit later on. And they will get to the q&a part. We’re going to get back to that later on. I’m going to deeply explain you what it’s all about. But this is here in the q&a part. We have the ratings and the question answers. Then comes the prices the price you said, free shipping. Now I’m gonna tell you one thing is that Amazon wants you to convert Well if it’s not you that convert at least want someone to convert on their website and that’s why everything on Amazon is optimized for the sales for example if somebody searches for this knife set and this guy does not buy it right, then he has the option to shop Happy Holi deals he has the option to shop gifts for the home. There’s the best sellers you see Amazon is why is it number one because it’s so deeply optimized for the sale. And it’s pretty awesome right to be selling there because they actually help you Next we have the in stock part means the product in stock once you can have less than 20 units remaining for your product is going to say like 20 units left and still show some scarcity to the buyer. And usually when that happens when it shows like 20 units left, people are going to buy more, but you don’t want to get there right you want to stay in stock. Well, it here tells you when it arrives to the specific area to New York for me, fast delivery is tomorrow or they’re within seven hours 34 minutes some scarcity here again shows personal key order within this time frame and you’re going to get it tomorrow. Next words deliver sold by whom. The next part is the variations here, right? This is another thing that can help you increase your conversions. Because if you have this type of, for example, the knives with this kind of box, so to say or the, you know, the part that holds it, we have the Huawei looks like wood. And for this, it’s not available, but they’re different here, right. And in this way, you can get extra sales because if somebody prefers this even color of the wood to this one, or they’re more knives here and less knives here or whatever the variation is, it gives you extra chances of conversions therefore, it’s pretty good you get to test it out. See how it works for you is go back a bit. On the right here we have one time purchase when you just simply purchase the knives as they are but the other option is either subscribe and see if you can set it up in your seller central now it’s not usually good for products like this because what Subscribe and Save means is that you Subscribe to this product and then in our delivers every this and that date of the month. Essentially it’s like a subscription right? And usually it’s good for supplements for food maybe, but it can be tested on every product. Like from my experience with generic products people don’t really buy well at least in my case maybe for someone who is going to buy and subscribe and buy knives, knives knives, but you know for me it wasn’t like this. But nevertheless if you have a product that is a supplement may be something that think of consumer if consumer needs your product every month for example, one box of your vitamins, you should have subscribed and saved because you give him money saved and he subscribes that means it’s automatically going to get you know the funds are taken from his credit from his bank account and transferred to yours essentially. It’s very nice and you see every two months you can play with the Subscribe and Save your name. You set it up for me to set up as a customer but essentially for you as a seller subscribe. And save is a really nice thing to have. You can edit two lists for example, you have different shopping lists for yourself, wish lists, shopping lists, whatever. And we have the new one here and if you’re going to have some hijackers on your product, hijackers means people that are selling and competing for the buy box with you is going to see here in New and you have to sell selling it from specific price. So you have somebody competing on the on the product with you may be hijacker, there is going to be more sellers. Right The next thing here you can share it. And once you get many shares, like for example Pinterest or Twitter, Facebook is going to say that it was shared some amount of times it doesn’t really give superbly to the conversions. But if there are many shares can be said like was shared 300 times 500 times doesn’t give that many conversions. No because it’s really small here and people don’t really see it. But nevertheless, if you have your product shared a lot first is going to get shared and get sold but also Amazon’s going to mention that You want to sell you can sell on Amazon if you want to hijack a listing or forever if you are selling like arbitrage products, obviously is fine. Next we go down the listing, we have the first sponsored part here, which is the some other product that is doing the ad. You see that’s the first ad we see here. So far we have also this part where it shows shop gifts from home, it’s not as easy an ad but it just sends a person to the gifts part. But here appears the first ad. Now this one is the graph by helium 10. This is part of the free helium 10 X ray Chrome extension. If you don’t have it yet, it’s free. I’m going to link in the scription down below, you can go ahead and download it for your Chrome. And I’d recommend it because it gives you lots of different details about the products. I’m not going to dive deep into that I have a video about the X ray Chrome extension so I’m going to link in the scription down below as well. The video about x ray if you want to watch understand how it works. Three good for your business can help you with product research, product optimization, good stuff. It is not included. For people who don’t have it. Obviously this part is addition. Right? That’s the addition of the x rate which is up here you see this is the x ray. Now we go down we have the revenue calculator which is also a thing by hue that also helps your product research and stuff like that. Next we go to the frickin bought together part of the day see what does this mean? That it means that this product is usually bought with these forks and knives and spoons and also these natural cutting boards What does it mean wasn’t friggin but together means that many times people when they buy the knives they also need cutting boards right that’s what the bite together and once people start buying this product and that item for a while I can’t tell you exactly for how long or how many sales you need for this it’s up to you for to test out. But after a while it’s going to appear frequently bought together. Why is it good? Because you can have your own products if you manage to get sales for these products together as people buying through a main chat for example or through some other sources, and it will create a relevancy between two products and there might appear freakin bought together. Why is it good because can click on this button here, add all three to cart. And essentially, this one and this one are going to get free sales from this guy over here, right because they appear as triggering bought together for him, right. And this one might be appearing as scrutiny but together for this one or for just a different item on the platform, preferably you want to have your own products here or you want to appear for a really, really good product that sells a lot as a frequently bought together. Pretty good idea. Next we go and we have the four stars and above the sponsored products here sponsored products related to this product, you have the image itself here, the same dude sponsored for himself because that’s good. He might transfer somebody from his listing to not one of his listings and hopefully convert right, and some other people. There are others. There’s another sports related items column here, which goes down here. And this is all done through PPC pay per click. Next one is special offers and product promotions. What does this mean? That means if you have any coupons for your products, They’re going to appear in this bar list. Now, this part is really small as you can see, but what if I told you and that’s against us, by the way, but use the shortest. You can tell people on your pictures to remind them that you have coupons, for example, that you have coupons that for example, this one to save 10% on the knife said when you purchase it. So for example, he says that once you buy the straightest steak, and I’ve seen of six, right, it’s probably the other set, not this one. And this set, you’re going to save 10% on your promotion, and you have the option here to add both to cart or use the promo code. Now what you can do in your pictures, you can test it out, I do that and it’s pretty cool because it can give you extra conversions because then you tell the people that there is this promotions you tell them for example, to get For example, let’s say we have the knives and they will get a cutting board by knife cutting set, get the cutting board 50% off use code x, y, z or scroll down And quick add both to cart you can show them your picture. And in this way you can actually encourage people to go and do that because sometimes they don’t see that they don’t see this part of the listing they don’t know about it you tell them what’s going on. That’s why I’m telling you go to the description watch the links, click the links, this is for the same reason because there is good stuff I have for you but sometimes you’re not aware of it. So go to the description check out the races later on and the link so and here we can have coupons like buy to get 10% off of your full purchase for example can buy two knife sets and get 10% off you can buy this setting and this set and get 10% you play with this is your promotions part of the seller central right here’s the have a question part where people get asked a question. So if you’re asking for a friend to ask a question, tell them there’s going to be despair listening, go and ask your question. Now the next part is the enhanced brand content or the EBC as they call it, or there’s going to be the product description here. Product Description is usually an HTML product description where It’s only written like this without pictures that’s normal HTML, I don’t think is EBC or enhance brand content or a plus content is the code right now, usually Here comes the brand story or some other pictures of the product some more, you know, in order to get a more perceived value for your product. And what’s nice about this EBC again, it shows different stuff, you can go and watch the video both pictures, but what’s nice about these enhanced brand content is the part here because he has links to another products he has now with the April’s content which is the new types of A plus content. You can have other products showing on your listing your own products obvious right and if we click here, we’re going to go to one of his listings and one of his listings again, this further builds the trust amongst the the shopper and the brand. And they see our pictures, they see that they’re consistent branding is consistent. They have this in that product again more and more conversions and sales as soon as it can be Through the A plus content here, right if you’re brand register, you can actually do that. Next we have to compare similar a similar items just again some other stuff that Amazon shows and you can add to cart here as well you see the option is also free sales for these other products. Right in we go down again there’s the product information give you all the dimensions here no one really reads that normal consumers don’t even understand this one. There’s some warranty some feedback, people usually skip read. But next thing here is printers is the videos now you can upload your video here as you can see, and in the past we couldn’t do that now we can, we can upload videos to listings. And it’s pretty good because you can upload a video of instructions of competitive marketing to your listing and you can do that as a seller which is pretty nice right now. It wasn’t always like this but now you can and also the customer reviews are going to appear here and for some reason I see recently, like different listings of competing products also appear here. So I I don’t know why it happens, but it does. But anyhow, you should have your own like manufacturer video you see, this is the actual report the manufacturer video, you can set some nail there. And that’s it, you’re gonna have customer reviews, I do really recommend you have videos, Luis to add instruction video for product or something because, well again, customers can see that and they will like it hopefully. And everything you can do is in your pictures, you can tell them if you don’t have a video for example, in a picture number seven, you can tell them go down this page and watch the video that we have down the page about the product go watch the instruction video, right they’re going to scroll down, tell them go scroll down, watch the video. We’re going to scroll down from there. You’re going to see the video also it’ll trick for you again, we have another sport and search column. You see a lot of sponsor comes on Amazon. Yeah, that’s where the money goes to PPC money right? And I wrote in the questions and answers part. Now what I can tell you about this one, if you have some friends or family who can help you it’s against us again, but we’ve asked him the question on your listing And you can answer and if you discovered that there are specific common questions, you know, for this kind of listing for this kind of product, then you should include them, right you shouldn’t include them and only four are going to be showing in the outerwear of the listing the other ones you can click on see more answered questions, you click here and then going to all the errors but only four are going to appear here. What I recommend you use you can push them up with cooking helpful here, you know, cooking up like this, like I just did then means that this is going to push the question up. Sometimes you might have some questions that you’d rather not be asked you know, and what you can do is you can award them down with lowering down the vote again against us, but play with it, see if it’s good for you. Because if you have four really relevant questions for your product answered on the outer side of your listing is going to help the customers because they’re like, for example, looking for a kitchen knife. Is this sharp? Yes. Is this a Economic handle Yes. All right awesome that that’s that helped me purchase so and also you can answer and also your customers can answer here right you have the seller here who answered and just normal customer and everything about the questions actually can include some keywords in your answers keywords in the questions and it will help you to be more relevant is pretty cool part of the listing. Next we have the custom reviews remember I’ve explained you previously about the rating that if it goes from 4.8 to 4.7, from three to 4.2, we’re going to use stars double stars. And the other thing is the customer images here so all the images that are shared by the customers that you can see here then appear in this part of the listing is triggered for the perceived value because here the people can actually see how the product looks at the homes of other customers and they trust it a lot. So if you have option for somebody to do reviews with pictures, it’s going to drive even more conversions for you and will pictures may be in use. You know the bet like this is a nice picture right? You see that? Knife did its job it’s culturally smooth. A customer sees that he’s like alright, I buy this knife like it’s sharp. Yes. So provide sharp knives. If you are selling knives and if it’s not sharpen is down you have bad reviews then try helping your customer by sending him a replacement for some but next thing is by feature and it’s pretty quick relevantly new think and it says you see feature easy to hold. You see it’s high on the arrange that means probably many five stars relevant five stars by good customers with good reputation had this easy to hold part in their review, or they spoke about the sturdiness you see and the lower it goes. That means more reviews have the mixed opinions to see for example, if this is 4.5 is 4.7 means that easy to hold is probably for most users, but your ability was less good. It’s still pretty high and good. But why isn’t good because sometimes people can see this again to help them make the purchasing decision. They’re like you Easy to awesome I want an easy hold us 30 right it’s easy to clean, awesome, you understand what’s going on here. And yeah, and the same thing you read the reviews that mentioned knife sets super sharp handwash what Amazon does is pushes the relevant things that customers usually want and it helps them further find their answers here so like I want to extremely sharp knife right so quick some extremely sharp in here so the reviews that say this product is extremely sharp and that further they seem down the funnel so he purchases your product. Next thing is the top reviews here, top reviews. If you can help by driving to a previous be helpful. So for example, if you click on helpful here, then it’s going to push this review up in ranks. And what you want to have in the top review section is reviews with pictures, reviews with you know with something that really helps the other customers again, it’s against us to ask for help from your friends and family or from services click services. But again, do it your own risk. Essentially what I’m telling you is that you want to have all your reviews, here’s five stars, it’s better to have so or you can have in the three star review that is up here, but it’s a good three star review, right? That might still be fine but generally better have them all five stars with lots of help fools because it also helps other see that one or six people found this helpful. The person looking is like Yeah, that’s good. I trust this understand what’s going on here. And yeah, essentially that’s it. If you have somebody who uploaded your negative reviews, sometimes people take it to the bedside and they upvote other people’s negative reviews. Usually it’s best competition. Then in order to overcome that you have to get someone to click on your positive reviews because otherwise it really destroys your conversion ratings. Like if all the reviews here one stars people just turn away and don’t buy and yes, some evil people can do that. Hopefully you’re not going to get that because it’s trash and those who do that are trash, but what can I tell you people are doing But essentially helpful for good reviews is cool. Now of course the reviews with pictures and videos sometimes you can have vine voice here, like different customers who have better reputation Amazon 500 top review or 100 shop review, also very good to have here in this part of the listing. Let’s go down and here we have inspired by recent shopping trends here are going to be other knives related to you. You see this is really something that Amazon tries and to converge to Furthermore, right they try to convert you even more by showing you other stuff. And there’s the pages with related products you see something like mood blog decor best profession I’ve says to serve everywhere they try to leave you on the platform and to convert you for a sale. And there’s the topics for you. Again, this is something that Amazon finds relevant by your recent browsing history and your behavior as a customer. There’s a lot of AI algorithmic stuff here in order for you to buy more and more And there is a bar of items you viewed as well. So this is the bonus lesson and up here in the card that’s going to appear here or at the video. You can see all the playlist if you recently came to this video, this is the last video thank you a lot for watching that appreciate that’s pretty awesome has been a cool course to make and I’m going to see you in my next video with more cool stuff delivered to you. Here’s the course. Thank you. See you.