Advanced Practice – Self Blessings

Now to develop self acceptance at a deeper level of the mind, we choose things that we usually wouldn’t congratulate ourselves about. For instance, a can be Johnny, you made a joke that no one laughed at. Good job. Why can be big things like Johnny, you failed in your business plan? Good job. You see this when we start to congratulate ourselves on things that we usually Wouldn’t that is when we start to transform the mind when we try to change the old habit patterns of constantly criticizing ourselves. See, often we can get into a state where we just dwell and negative thoughts of punching ourselves in the face, thinking that how silly Can you be you failed and You failed and that help? How did you manage to not make a proper joke, you know, this is when the technique of self blessings really kicks in, because it will make you aware of the things that you usually reject yourself about. So now you’re offered a technique to turn that around, to challenge your beliefs, to transform your beliefs to transform the state of self rejection, and to self acceptance. So this is indeed a powerful technique. And so keep on choosing things that you usually wouldn’t accept yourself about. This is how you really transform the mind. Because if you only choose things that you would accept yourself about, these no change is simply just sustaining old habit patterns of just accepting yourself for the things that you have always had.