Advanced Meditation

Okay, so this video is going to be going over some more advanced meditation styles and techniques, but it’s only going to be brief. I’m not going to get into any of it for this short course just because this is instead supposed to help you get started on your journey. So I’m giving you this information, so that if any of it piques your interest, you can go on and learn some more on your own. one specific style is Zen meditation. This is something that sort of aims to let the mind and body just be as it is and be natural, and therefore helps you calm down. The aim is to foster a sense of presence or alertness so that your body can be in a certain state. Another technique is called mantra meditation. This is the kind of thing that we see a lot and associate a lot with monks or people who repeat a certain phrase over and over again. This is one of the reasons that I’ve made the short courses because a lot of simple meditation isn’t like this. But that kind of meditation can be really useful for some things. It’s thought that repeating a certain thing over and over again, can help stimulate some kind of positive change in the mind and the body. However, it can also help you enter a deeper state of meditation, which is a whole thing that I am not qualified to coach you about. But again, if you’re interested, you can always learn some more on your own. The next example I want to give you is yoga meditation. Now Yoga is its whole own specialization. Arguably, it’s not a meditation, some people say that it could be seen as a kind of meditation. I’m not going to get into it because there are so many different kinds of specialization. But needless to say, it can help you with so many things, not just physically, not just about stretching But within yourself as well, because it’s about doing things that are natural for the body, it can be really big for relaxing the body for relieving stress for relieving tension, physically, but also internally, depending on what kind of style you’re doing. And if that sounds interesting to you, or you’ve been interested in yoga, there’s so much out there for that. Similar to zen meditation, I also want to quickly go over what a lot of people in the West might consider as sort of Eastern meditation styles. There are actually a lot of them so I’m not going to go through and like name any of them, but instead, I just want to quickly touch on a couple of points. The styles tend to focus on different techniques that target different ways the mind and the body works and so help you feel a certain way. Again, there is just way too much to go into, but I put together a very small list have different sources that you can use to read about some of the things that we’ve covered in this video. But also in all of the videos in the short course, it’s just some places some articles to go to learn a little bit more. Again, if any of these piqued your interest. You can download this resource below along with this video. And I hope that if any of these sounded interesting to you, that you will go and you’ll take a look and learn some more because they can be so beneficial for you. Okay, that’s it for this video. In the next video, I’m going to wrap it up and then introduce some of those simple meditation exercises that I’ve recorded for you to use yourself. Okay, see you soon.