Additional Layers

Next up, this would be a very good time to drop in any other layers. So if you’ve done, excuse me external recording need to drop that in, you would drag the track in and you’d have that additional track available here, just move this up. So these are two tracks of space for another track. And you can put many, many tracks if you wish. Yeah, you just keep adding layers in. Alternatively, I’m actually I’m going to demonstrate this now by actually dragging these two tracks down to create space on the top. If you have other clips you want to drop in, or if you have to stock media library for ScreenFlow. For example, this is a moment where if you chose that you want to drop a clip in a particular moment, you could actually call up that library. Go ahead and go into the stock media library here. And for example, if I wanted an exciting cityscape to come in at this stage in my video, this will be a good moment to just literally drop it onto the timeline. going to resize this like this mean that full screen, okay? And what’s going to happen is basically, as I play along, that’s going to take precedence because it’s on the top, have a look at this, skip through these. Right. Next up is audio. Now, when you are doing demonstrate to call back, I could get a bit more complicated. If you’re sitting at a desk, obviously, your primary audio source is your USB mic or whatever it might keep going. So here we go. You see, because it’s on the top, it’s taken precedence in the order in which is shown in courseware, for example, and back to me as we come past as we come past the clip, yeah, that that should be fairly, fairly clear, right? And so the same principle applies to any photos, any video or whatever that you would want to drop on. Simply have a top track for the stuff that you want to drop on visually. And that will then take precedence as it comes in. You may need to resize the the size of it as you as I did them, okay.