So I like to show you the abdominals here in separate video. Even though the abdominals is part of the core, I like to make it as a separate video because it’s so important that you know these exercises well and you understand it really, really well. So first of all, what you need to know is this is one muscle, even though it has actually eight little parts, not six, but only basically six of these as a six pack abs is visible for you. What is very important you understand this is one muscle all in one and it crunches you forward it brings the shoulders to the hip and the hips, the shoulders, and the obliques, which is on the side forms your waistline. And this is the one which brings the shoulder to the opposite hip. So here are the exercises in the stretches how to strengthen it. The easiest one is for the rectus abdominus three abdominals is a crunches. Inhale, heat and exhale as you come up and make sure that you lower back Flat at all times here, otherwise your lower back will be affected here. So you can keep your hands behind your neck if you need support or a towel or keeping your elbows, hands on your elbows, it’s important why because your neck is free and you can freely strengthen it up. So this is very good. If you find this strain is too much then you support it other than that, leave it alone and exercise with it. You can stretch it out rectus abdominus just by lying down and reaching up with your arms and down with your legs and a little bit of a cobra pose making sure that your buttocks is tight and you are controlling how much you are lifting your upper body back. Excellent. You can do the full crunches as an advanced exercise with your elbows touching your knees as well. Let me show you the obliques. The obliques or the waistline muscles are ringing the shoulder to the opposite hip. This is like so so you inhale here, and as you exhale and squeezing the muscles on the side you exhale. You can do this exercise easily when you’re lifting your opposite knee to the elbow as well as you are exhaling and you are stretching out this muscle just like so. The lower part of your abs is exercised through the hip raises. Now this may be too hard for most of you if you are a beginner, but you can give it a try at least keeping your hands it just side pressing it down and giving a little bit of an effort to lift your hip up. You don’t need to lift it up very high. On your five, six centimeter, two inches is enough to lift it off from the ground. And make sure that you are exhaling while you are lifting and inhaling when you’re returning your hip back to the ground. And this is how you stretch out your abdomen in a kneeling Position very well. Now wanting to show you the ABS on the ball, because while you are sitting on air, it’s 100% pure muscle contraction, you are not able to press on the ground if you are on the ground, the back of your body is pressing pressing on the ground and you’re gaining a little bit of a easiness they’re helpful your exercise to do the crunches. So make sure that you lie down on the board but you are not hyperextending that you are extending yourself and as you are inhaling you come up as as you are exhaling you come up so you inhale here and exhale as you are coming up squeezing your abs 100% and you are coming up only as much as your abs is hundred percent contraction and not using your hips to sit all the way up. This is when your abs are hundred percent working. And if you are ready to add a little more weight because you are able to accomplish 20 very easily, then you can add it like so. One kilos with maximum two kilos I say, and then here is the obliques on the ball. The ball is moving underneath us so you’re gonna get the balance down. This is also working your entire core as well. Not only the app so this is why this is so, so special to do ABS on the ball.