A Mindfulness Exercise: Leaves on a Stream

This is a visualization exercise that will help you to develop your mindfulness and give you some insights as to how you can work with mindfulness. Cognitive diffusion is a technique where thoughts are given physical properties, giving them shape and form and definition, so that you can more easily distance yourself from them, or get rid of them altogether. This mindfulness exercise is called leaves on a stream, and will help you to manage your thoughts. manage those thoughts that you don’t like, or those thoughts that you want to change into something more positive. There are many gaps during this exercise, but this is giving you the opportunity to work through the visualization in a mindful way. Sit in a comfortable position and either Close your eyes or rest them gently on a fixed spot in the room and visualize yourself sitting beside a gently flowing stream with leaves floating along the surface of the water. For the next few minutes, take each thought that enters your mind and place it on a leaf. let it float by. Do this with each thought pleasurable, painful or neutral. Even if you have Julia saurons use your stick thoughts I place them on a leaf and let them float by. If your thoughts momentarily stop, continue to watch the stream. Sooner or later, your thoughts will start again. Allow the stream to float its own pace. Don’t try to speed it up and Russia thoughts alone. You’re not trying to rush the leaves along or to get rid of your thoughts. You’re allowing them to come and go at their own pace. If your mind is saying to you, this is stupid. I’m bored or I’m not doing this right. Place those thoughts on leaves too, and let them pass. If a leaf gets stuck, allow it to hang around until it’s ready to float by. If the thought comes up again, watch it float by another time. If a difficult or painful feeling arises, simply acknowledge it Say to yourself, I noticed myself having a feeling of boredom, impatience, frustration. Whatever that feeling is. Place those thoughts on leaves and allow them to flow to law. From time to time your thoughts may hook you and distract you from being fully present in this exercise. This is normal. As soon as you realize you become sidetracked, gently bring your attention back to the visualization. What was it like for you to engage in this brief cognitive diffusion visualization. Be patient and compassionate with yourself if you found yourself struggling to remain fully present and mindful? This is quite common and begin to reframe any difficulties that you may have encountered during this visualization as opportunities for growth. Cognitive diffusion is a tool that takes practice to become good at the potential rewards of choosing to engage in regular mindful awareness and cognitive diffusion is the ultimate freedom from the unnecessary suffering of bad thoughts of negative thoughts of thoughts that you don’t like, loosen their grip on you and choose to become the mindful observer.