6 Common Fears for New Authors

Hey, so in this video, I want to talk to you about the six fears that new authors have when they start writing. Now, you know, you don’t just sit down and start writing and everything just flows and nothing happens, like, you’re gonna have doubts and fears that pop up. Every author has had it, I’ve had it, the people I work with a coach has added, like, it’s just part of the process. So I just want to name the six common fears that I see. And then in the next video, we’ll talk more about how do we handle them. So what are the six fears? The first one is, I don’t have a book within a lot of it is, you don’t think that you have anything to share, like you don’t think like, you know, you have anything that’s useful for people. And not only is that not true, but you It’s okay, as long as you live life, you have yours under you, like, you’ve overcome problems you’ve overcome challenge, you’ve had experiences that so many people can benefit from, you know, it doesn’t matter if you’re a housewife, or you just all you do is just, you know, people is something that you can share to the world, you do have a book within you just the fact that you live life says enough that you can share something. And now, the second fear that we hear a lot of people is that, you know, the idea is just not original enough. Like, everybody has written a Diet book, everybody’s written a finance book, like anything that has that has been said, you know, it’s out there. But, and even though there might be some truth into it, like, you know, Diet book and finance books, those have been there, and I’m just using those as examples. But those books have come out, they put the last hundreds of years, okay, is to continue to be published. And they will continue to be published in the future. Because everybody has a unique perspective that they can bring, you know, if you come in with a Diet book, you know, there’s some diet books that are based on Indian spices, there’s some that are based on potato diet, there’s some that are based on strictly just greens, or even just smoothies, like, there’s so many different perspectives, a neat uniqueness that you can bring to it, that is always going to need me people are always searching for new ways of doing it. So that’s the second one. That third fear is that I’m not good enough to write a book, you know, you know, I don’t have it within me I, you know, I’m scared. Like, you know, you just you have this fear that somehow you cannot do it. But I can tell you, it’s possible, you can do it, you aren’t good enough. Okay. You know, not everybody takes a step forward to actually wanting to serve the dream of writing their book, but you’re here, you watching this, that tells me that you want it and you have a burning fire inside of you that you want out. So just know that you are good enough. And just the fact that you’re here, you have done what most people don’t do, which is taking the first step. So the next fear is that nobody’s going to care about my book. Again, this, again, comes from paste that, you know, like, yeah, nobody’s gonna care about my book. Nobody wants to read it, why would they want to read for me? And, you know, that’s what that was one of the fears I had, this is like, I’m not special, nobody’s gonna care what I read, you know, but I can tell you be surprised of how many people are just waiting for you to send you a message. They’re waiting for you to get your message out there. Because the truth is, sure, not everybody wants cares about your book, you know, and that’s not the purpose. The purpose is to connect to those people that do you know, out of every 10 people, it might be two or three that actually connect with you, and they love you. And take on a be your loyal readers, your loyal fans forever. Those, those are what you need the connection. You don’t need millions and millions of hours, you just need those that are going to connect with you. And they can repeat your own specific tribe. So people do care for you. And they do want your message out there. Now, the fifth is a may upset people. Yeah, I have a fear that I may upset somebody that I’m writing a book and it might be talking about them. And it might be you know, you might, you know, it might challenge the relationship. And that’s a legitimate fear. But I want you to know that this is your story. Nobody can take your story. It’s for you to own. Now, having said that, I would not say go ahead and write a book and blame other people know, when you’re writing a book, you’re sharing your perspective, from how you see things. And, you know, if it upsets people, it might upset people. But it did come in, coming from a place where I’m accountable to my feelings. You know, if somebody did an action, and you felt a certain way, then that’s okay to express how you felt. That doesn’t mean that they’re a bad person. It’s just like, when somebody does a certain thing, this is how it reacts. So take full ownership. That’s the main thing I want you to get out of this. Okay? And then the sixth fear is, I made a stupid in front of people. Like what if I write his book and people criticize? What if nobody buys my book? What if I just look like a fool? And this is legitimate fear. But, you know, this is your message. And with life with everything, he take risks, and sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Now, we took writing, yes, it takes a lot because you putting yourself out there up Chronicle, he couldn’t know who you truly are. And so it’s even more fear. But let me tell you, like, you’re not gonna look stupid. You’re gonna try anything. if let’s say you do look stupid, you know what, at least you went for it, at least you wrote your book, at least you tried, and you could do better next time. So those are the six years that most people have when starting out. Now in the next video, I’m going to show you how to overcome or how you can get past by those fears. But until then, I want you to get a piece of paper and write down what it is you have when you’re writing your book. do that right now before you go to the next person, what fears are those and I will see you in the next video.