11. 40 Unique Examples of Highly Converting Amazon Product Photography

Hey, welcome to my computer. And I’m pretty excited for this lesson like for any lesson that I’m creating here, each video, but this has really big place in my heart because we’re now going to be speaking about pictures, converting pictures and how to create the good pictures for your listing and why I like it is because I like creating like showing the product in my own way. And yes, more sales as well conversions. So in this lesson, we’re going to go through different types of images that you can use. And please stick around until the end of this video because there’ll be many, many things that you might not be aware of that you might want to include in your listings and that hopefully will get you more and more sales. So I’ll do my best for you this video. Please stick around till the end. And one thing before we start I’d like to tell you that now we’re going to be going through the pictures right now there is a really nice service that over the weekend description is called peak food. So pig food allows you to ask for opinions of people on your picture. So for example, you have one picture you want to use for your main image we’re going to start with soon we have one and the second and you’re not sure like you can ask your friend you can ask yourself and that’s two opinions which is nice. Yes, but what if I could tell you that we You can ask 50 people or 100 people for this you know and then you’re gonna have much better results with the opinions about your product there’s also a bunch of other stuff and Bigfoot in check it out in the description is going to be linked down there so now let’s start we have 12 different folders you each is going to have different pictures is going to be really exciting lesson so let’s start with the main picture what do we how do we go with our main picture on Amazon so I’m gonna Of course go with the knives because we have this niche here but they get your own niche as with all the scores, just take it to your own a few things about the main picture your product shown on the main picture should be very touching the edges. So technically taking all the space off the picture and why first Amazon states so in the POS, but besides that the bigger the product is the better it gets perceived by the customer he sees this bigger one he clicks on it in the search because looks bigger, it looks more powerful. So that’s pretty good to have it. Next thing we’re going to go and check out the images and see what can be there in order to get even more clicks. So we have the first product here by moon right we have a bread cutting knife it seems it’s not exactly the knife that we were using for our Cerebro but let’s just say you Reference now what’s really interesting about this picture is he features what is going to be cut by this knife so I think it’s a bread knife because that’s usually how the bread knives are built and he shows what’s going to be cut here’s the bread. Here’s the knife This gives some more perceived value to the customer now the weird thing about this is that on the box he has a steak so maybe it’s also a steak knife maybe it’s a general knife I don’t know but I just know that this kind of structure is for bread knives nevertheless, that’s how he did it and maybe I’m wrong here maybe just the general knife what I’m saying you have to be relevant you make people confused a confused mind does not buy that’s what I’ve understood you gotta tell exactly what the person is getting easier for him and let him by easily let him enjoy the process when you you know when you feature stay here Here is the bread and this is a bread knife customer can be like wait what is it for that’s not but and there was he also features the box on the main picture now on the to so Amazon you cannot feature badges and all kinds of lifestyle things on the main image. You can even show the boxes as far as I know, but I do that I do it with badges as well. It’s against us. You can see your niche if you’re new Has slogans badges on the main pictures you can try when people don’t report each other usually Amazon itself is not gonna suppress you for that usually doesn’t usually suppression happens only people report Now again, it’s up to you, you can try to show what happens when you get reported your image gets suppressed and you just have to change it. They’re not going to ban you for life. But again, it’s up to you if you want to use Next we have the E book on the main picture also an idea you can use an E book because it gives extra value to the customer usually books comes free. So you can also mention that it’s free, you know, product plus free equals more chances of sale because person feels again, something free along with the product, which is really nice. The problem with the ebooks that because many people opt out of receiving emails, it might not get to them. And even if you feature it in your insert, which comes with the product they still might not read it might not do whatever’s there. And he’s like, I’m not getting the ebook. Like, why don’t we just write a bad review? Like I didn’t get my ebook. So that’s the thing but ebooks also gives you higher CTR and gives better conversions. But again, be careful because it might not get into the person. So It’s really nice idea sometimes to send the E book as a gift for example with your follow up emails or something and in this way people are going to get it those who will get adjustable benefits you’re not stating that this is something you have with your product or just a little idea for you but also nice heroes at the box of the product which is a gift box really nice really cool image next one features lifestyle plus a badge what is the badge Oh badges also give more quick rate and can give more conversions as well and why? Because here Okay, this we have this knife we have German steel, it doesn’t mean made in Germany German Steel’s are German steel can still made in China but we know German quality the Germans flag like states quality states good control, you know, we trust German products because you know, the guys there in Germany do their job very well. Well, three stars here could be made into five stars of shooting 1234 Okay, here’s five stars and also lifetime warranty. You see there are many, many good features in this badge and it can just give give more CTR so the person is scrolling. He’s like, oh, German steel, oh lifetime warranty and also we have some more lifestyle things here. That The knife cuts the steak the onion and this pepper it’s also an I think again against us but use it your own race can be really nice the Badgers do good job you can also feature badges inside your listing where it’s less problematic because their Amazon usually does not even get it and people don’t report things inside the list enjoy people like reporting the main image there’s another one which is not that good and well let me tell you there’s a nice box here but look how small the knife looks. It looks like you’re getting a mini knife so I think it’s not a good one but nevertheless he’s using use books with the product good looks beautiful but the knife seems small here that’s just an idea for date. I don’t know maybe selling like bazillions of them. What can I say maybe can be improved Next one is in our picture where we can see a really nice picture of all the set by home hero we have some brandy Here we can see the brand on the knife as well. We can see it here and we have some lifestyle here as well. It’s beautiful. It’s eye catching. You know the idea of these badges also to catch the eye the beautiful colors. Remember red, yellow, green, very eyecatching color. So here is green and some somewhat orange Yellow writes really nice maybe if you could add some red could be nice but again you get to play with the rainbow colors so you can understand what color works with what but in my opinion it’s an awesome picture because it’s big catches all the frame and we have lifestyle here again against us. This is for the main pitch if you’re going to have any questions drop them in the comments about pictures I will gladly answer them this is one of my favorite things on Amazon I also have a service that around for creation of the pictures and I can create a really nice listing with infographics for you very good stuff you can always reach out and ask about it. Next thing we have before and after pictures What does it mean what the before and after pictures do before and after pictures show what happens before a product and what happens next so for example, we have this tomato here we have the knife and this is what happens after the tomato meets the knife now in this picture you see that we don’t have the knife in action which could be even better but for this specific one they show just before and after. So for this vegetable and for the steak years before and then they cut it into after with a tomato and with a steak as well. Really nice. That’s the before and after. This shows the person what happens beforehand. Saturdays are really powerful for the For the perceived value just how to show how our product works it can be taken for pretty much any product you can show how it was before a product how it is after if it’s let’s say it’s a towel for cleaning something you can show before dirty after towel clean you know and just take it to any product you have Next we have an action before and after. So we have the before and after veggie here and here is getting cut it’s also lifestyle image sexual so to see but it’s also before and after image because we see how it was before how it looks after this shows the person’s mind like how it’s gonna work and it doesn’t even work so definitely worked with did culturally Well anyhow the person is cutting the veggie and it’s getting cut really nice. It’s you know there are some other veggies there it’s beautiful picture generally you know like if I cook something for me looks the same like this one is here this veggie is here some people are more organized and we have also the picture here I don’t know really why but it just shows the knife but the idea of the before now here we also have the before and after. It’s also like a lifestyle image but it’s like before or after life so image and also inaction. So here we have the before Yes we have the tomatoes we here there the after here is that also in work just cutting the steak showing that it has power the knife also the new groovers with the line here multifunctional chef knife so that’s like for after pictures also really strong think about how you use it for your own product if your product has the customer for example fat fitness interesting does it a lot of like fat and thin or say fat and shredded let’s continue to have the lifestyle pictures really nice stuff so we have the lifestyle in us pretty much we have don’t have the before and after but here people are cooking it’s in kitchen it’s really nice there’s a couple you see this also speaks to a couple you know there’s a couple of guy a girl and they’re they have their own house their own household and Siri gonna speak to them this picture because if they also cook together the industry awesome that’s going to be really speaking to these customers remember your picture get to speak to your ideal customer you get to identify him that’s also very important. Next we have our lifestyle picture. No one’s cutting anything here but we have the steak we have the salt we see that the knife cut three some other things are cut, you see that also perceived failures again okay? Two seconds into that, but his brain is going to tell him the knife is cutting the knife is good. It did cut all the veggies here, so it’s good. And here’s another lifestyle thing. It’s like it’s also sort of a before and after, but it’s like a lifestyle with a slogan here Pauline chef Nyan make cooking more joyful. It’s really nice to have some slogans in your pictures as well a hand of a woman here so it’s also speaking to women. You know what I mean? Like it’s really deep. Every picture can be really deep and as deep as you go and it’s deeper in our customers just gets even better. Next we have another lifestyle with like a slogan our Zola healthy life starts from a good knife. So you see that’s a slogan that speaks to healthy life starts from a good night like the graphics could be a bit better here. Nevertheless, as soon as you see you have some fire here. I don’t know exactly what they wanted to show but like the far forward, there’s maybe more story to the brand. Remember, I just pulled out the picture but this is a lifestyle with a slogan. It does work very well. You know, you gotta be a set of your pictures of course. Yes. And we have the last one here is also lifestyle in work and we have really powerful butcher knife. We have some meat here and we can see that sexual cutting it’s quite well it’s strong you see course it goes through it yes maybe even if it’s just an infographic image you see it can be done I can also you know I work with a really professional designer guy who is really crazy in his infographics so it can be easily done even with if you don’t have to say if you don’t have the original picture, but these are the lifestyle images. Next is competitive marketing. What does competitive market mean? We compare a product to our competitor and we show that we’re better actually let’s see how it’s done. So we have this VIP knife and other brand you see we have material premium high carbon steel, steel, here’s ordinary steel, it’s also looks bigger than this one. You see, this is our brand and how competitive marketing works is we have like what we do better what they don’t have or what we’re better what they’re less better in no comfort in marketing is something you need to understand the rules about you can read about the regulations of competent marketing in your marketplace wherever you’re selling because it might be different so be careful with it, but it’s vital to us so it’s not a big problem. I use it as well it gives good convergence now in the competitive market I’m going to speak about the problems that usually are the features that are very important to our ideal customer and then we’re going to say that we have them and others don’t have them you can also sometimes see some people have part of them you know, to make it more trustworthy it’s something that you have to technically test out to see if the other one does not have really the stainless steel and if they don’t, then you just do an X no heat treated safety well the features here could be better like what is safe safety This is a bit of Chinese thinking but still anyhow it’s a competitive marketing works this way you compare your product to others by features or we can also compare by other things like buy benefits, but that wouldn’t make sense right? So next thing we have is this home hero look at this we have stainless steel non scratch and we show that the competitor has some scratches See that’s another way of comparator marketing or nonstick coating. Easy to clean you see here it’s you can see that the water does not stick to the product in here. Well it’s it’s gonna stick since harder to clean and you’re thick and durable, one break there’s like thickness. There you like another knife breaks then usually we can use other brands as something that like the main competitor has for example but we’re not going to use this brand but we’re going to show his product so once people see that they will remember that this one breaks and ours doesn’t so that’s another idea for competitive marketing. Here’s by elite we have us and our competitors you see we’re trying to cut the tomato and it crashes here so it’s something to see as well. This is competitive market very nice. You see people want a sharp cut and here they you know, we all hate that when we cut something and it just zil it is what you should buy. Right Good. Let’s go next we have complimentary what is complimentary meanwhile if you have a complimentary product, if you want to show it If you have for example a knife sharpener for your knife, show it on one of your pictures or in your EBC or whether it be in your main pictures because if it’s like a big value proposition you have you better show than your main picture and here it is like how it works. You have some stages and you have some even features for this product. We have really nice hand Queen nails, it’s really nice quality product. Think about This guy so you gotta understand that person looks at that if he sees like for example like dirty nails or something or you know, it’s just gonna walk down the perceived value of your product to better make it right and that’s a complimentary product you also can show them on your pictures Next we have features what is features or features generally what do we have with their products that’s to justify logically the emotional part of our pictures and let’s see, for example, let’s start with this one, we have the star knife and here we have like it shows like The features it breaks down the product into features very popular among the electronical products, you know, like a knife used that and also they did the B oxidation process I think right when they kind of covered it with this cover of B oxide or something in my chemistry to be good in chemistry back in high school but anyhow, then I went Amazon their features in a really nice way, by the way, but also they break down the features it’s really nice way you can more seed an electronical products, as I’ve mentioned, but still very good to show the features that you wouldn’t have ever knew the endo we have The food then design high strength steel you see this is features usually we justified by features and the logic lifestyle that we showed that’s gonna tell those customers that are more like techie like they want to see why is it good like word features Well here it is for them next the next one is we show like you see thinner more sharp you see it’s each thing to its niche so for example in the knives yes we want to have a strong knife but it’s really a thin you know, so here they have two euro cents and essentially they’re showing that this is the size of the euro center this is the size of the knife the thinner it is the more sharp and see how thin it is like a two euro coin now if you’re selling in the in the states you will not want to or maybe it’s not a euro cent I don’t know maybe it’s American cent but anyhow you want to be relevant you know you want to go to the details to the small details if you’re showing the Euro to the Americans, they don’t know why. What is it some branding hero so one band by Nissan you see that’s also something that gives more outwardly to a picture here’s extra features we have technical certificate we have sizes for your products, you see what the blade is taking What’s the way where is it made like for example, telling that it’s made in China might not be the best idea even if you make it in China but nevertheless they show it what’s the motto no one really cares but you know features are also good as I’ve mentioned before to justify your lifestyle picture and our other features picture we have you see the handle we have sharp edges, the finger guard you see that’s also again to justify their cool pictures that are cutting the steak. Why isn’t that good? Because it has PP finger guard, ultra sharp edges. So these are the features Oh, there’s another one. Well, it’s like more of a feature and kind of what we have in our product picture. It’s like a knife set. So we have a chef knife bread knife carving utility paring cheese and pizza. Why are these keywords here first because it’s gonna they’re also using them in your in the listing, but for the perceived value when a person sees there’s a pizza cutting knife, he’s like, Oh, that’s nice. I like cutting my pizza or there’s a carving knife. Maybe he’s looking for a bread knife. There it is part of the set. There’s a paring knife as part of the said utility knife. There it is. And also these are usually we use this keywords as well. So that’s like another idea to get more keywords for cell phone we had the chair we had the other appearing I think we had also right next we have the coupons What does coupons mean? coupons means when you buy more you save more so four by three Zilla press and get 10% off by five again 50% off now this one can be set inside Amazon like with the promotions but the thing is you are not allowed technically to do that like you cannot show your promotions on your pictures I don’t know why they don’t allow it but I do that I never problems. I know a friend who did have a little problem with this kind of suppresses listing because of this but this is the first time I see it and I think it was because competitors directly reported him but I’ve never used that and works pretty nice me people buy all sorts of products and if you read the free ebook that I’ve sent you in the mini chat, the conversion you’re going to see how these coupons work by the way if you’re enjoying the video up until now if you’re still here, thank you for your time I hope you’re enjoying it and some more to come like it drop a comment if you want to know more as skill free appreciate that Subscribe if you like my content. So that’s the coupons photo Next we go to the gift photos, what does it give for also and it’s really good for now for the December for the holidays, for the A gift photo is a photo that shows your product is for example here we have the Damascus cheff knife by this dude or when it’s like a gift photo cereal beautiful box very high quality premium style and that’s a gift photo the idea of a gift photo to show that this is a giftable item and you can even see that or even show it a rebound so here we have the med shark knife and yeah, it looks small here that’s something I don’t really like when you know it kind of looks smaller. But again, that’s up to the person see Merry Christmas, you ready made the merry christmas picture. So that’s a gift photo gift photo gives the idea to the customer that this product can be gifted and we have another one by Zoho gift ready with unforgettable unboxing experience. This is a gift photo plus slogan with unforgettable unboxing experience so well I guess it’s going to be cool for the Unboxers because look how beautiful the boxes like it’s really nice Aiden chef knife and D Freddy they could also add something like I don’t know little maybe Christmas seemed the infographic here but nevertheless This is a gift picture and the three powerful because if your item is giftable you Just going to tell it again to the people even though they know that the knife might be giftable tell them tell them that it is take the right neurons in their brain that want to give their friends they’re going to be thinking oh, I’m going to give uncle David so that gift photos really strong What does handwork handwork I really like this one so for example, if you make your product in a special way maybe there is a special way you make your product like for this one for our zoa knives you see they have fire melding 16 over proposition menu wet edge we have a duty it shows that this is a more of a manual press on effect of recreating these bom bom bom bom knives it’s more like somebody sitting there you see this dude he’s he’s working hard to create a snipe for you. You know, that’s that’s the idea of these pictures and well if it’s so for your business, if you have something specific, something special about your business, if you have specific types of people that work for you, and you want to feature these people if you’re a community based business, you know, this is kind of like a part of a story as well, which we’re going to get to in the next few orders. But this one really gives more connection more emotional connection. To a product because they see how awesome it is in terms of 45 days or any polishing while there’s some spelling mistakes too but nevertheless the idea here is to show like how menu it is created. Next we have to a cutter you see again here we have a dude creating the knife. I think it’s part of the EBC I pulled it from there but the thing is it was like menu created you see like we have the process here and we have the forging of the knife they’re creating it by hand that shows that there’s more of a human material there and human material in terms of the humans are making it you know, not a machine that’s what people like the next thing I saw is like with the casaco knife casaco knife features this really beautiful example the feature the insert here inside we have the insert here and we have some other things that come with a mocha this summer a serious look at that how awesome it is like it shows a totally different story for the brand the sake Wow, this is cool branding like if you get the idea here, I think it’s pretty awesome and you’re allowed to just enjoy and play with it as you wish. Let’s see the next picture. So these are like handwork what I’ve called them when you position yourself There’s something that creates your products more manually and more, you know, with the human kind of addition to it. So next we have people what is people it’s just using models. So let’s start with the first one. We have four people in the kitchen using the knife and here we have a couple and they’re discarding the salad. Okay, in the CIG. They’re smiling. And there’s a really nice kitchen here. Well, the quality of the picture is not that good, but still and perfect knife for home use. We have some features here. This is a lifestyle picture with features and with people why is it good to have models inside the pictures? Well, because the perceived value when we have humans, we were humans, right? So we are connected to other humans, we see them we can picture ourselves using that. Again, if your ideal customers or couples at home for this age, also at this age category, then that’s going to be working better for them. But even if you’re like a single dude or single girl that buys this knife is still can be pretty good. So we have pretty much the same kind of picture. Maybe it’s even the same brand to remember but here we have a solo dude who is cutting salmaan and also with some features, but here We’re speaking to guys that are more solo and maybe they’re a bachelor’s or something and it’s a lifestyle image featuring this kind of guy. Again, girls might buy that or couples or even elderly people or younger people but still this is going to be the most hit audience by this picture. It’s really nice to know your audiences I’ve mentioned before here we have a girl cutting the knife that’s from a different brand. We have all the knife set here we have the branding, we have the brand name we have the brand name here I think Oh no, it’s not a good show. Well, she’s cutting the cucumber and she’s pretty she’s pretty happy it seems since she’s doing her job that’s again a lifestyle picture. We have a human there she’s not looking into the camera but nevertheless she’s looking at the knife. Here’s a little tip when a person walks somewhere for example, when she’s looking here to our eyes are going to walk on this object first when she’s going to be looking at you. The first thing that you’re going to see is her eye that’s really nice for Facebook ads as well and you can also use it on your pictures and here we have this is a pretty weird photo but I wanted to show it to you because here almost making out and she’s cutting with might not be the best idea because I’m not sure how it reflects on the ideal customer, I could do the ideal customer things that he’s going to be making out with this chick like while cutting the you know, the tomato or whatever that is, that’s quite dangerous. But you know, we all like these moments as well when we are with our loved one. And you know, we’re cooking together even as you can see, they’re cooking together and it says great helper for kitchen enjoy more time with the ones you love. So it’s really nice to position your pictures in different ways. Just know your audience, lifestyle picture when people are very important. I use people in all of my listings, because I think it’s just better for conversions people see themselves and other people. Next is reviews. And what is this? We have first the celebrity endorsement I saw this guy and I’m not sure if he’s a very known chef or he does seem like a serious chef. So if your product is aimed at chefs, for example, this will really give the chef’s like oh, I’m a chef like this is me. And here we have some products in use. And we can also use celebrity endorsement. What does it mean it’s not featured here but if you have some celebrity or some magazine or something Think that as the people know about and they use your product or service they feature your product in their magazine or something you can use it on Amazon for example until like as seen in the kitchen magazine or featured also in kitchen magazine. This is very important because it shows social proof to the people and once you show social proof to the people they tend to buy more from you and if some super cool chair that other chefs follow is showing the slide right all right if this dude like using this and it’s actually showing that it’s working, let me click Add to Cart now next we have the a bit of a different idea here at the elite are using the reviews to show that their product is superior how razor sharp out of the box search sharp in reviews to verify so sharpness is something that’s very important for people who buy knives. Right and we as we’ve seen in previous lessons, we’ve identified that from our keywords as well but what they’re saying essentially goto reviews and check them you see they’re saying we have bunch of reviews, we have tons of them go type in sharp and you’re going to see what others are saying also you can use like we have 10s of thousands have happy customers we served over 10 million customers this year. You see this is social proof and it works really nice. Just say whatever true for your brand right if you have only 10,000 customers say we have served over 10,000 customers this this year or we or over 10,000 customers are raving about our products check out reviews. This is like a review picture is it against us, it’s somewhere against us to mention that is from what I’ve read, but I’ve been using that for a long time. I’ve had no problems with this whatsoever. So let’s go to the next pictures. These are really nice like social proof is totally something that is awesome. Next one is story and have one thing here to show you this was buy a knife I’m not sure exactly what the brand name was. But their idea is that the knife design you see came from the cure whale. So that’s where they put the idea for they’re designed from an animal which is really nice. So you can tell in your ABCs you can tell the story of your bed enhance brand content or a plus content as it’s called now or in your description if you don’t have pictures, but the idea is show the story of your brand like how this news came to us. Maybe you can tell about yourself like, what did you do who you are, or maybe you and your wife, you’re creating these products at home, tell the story, whatever is special about your story. And if it features you as the creator is going to give you higher conversions because people are attached to other people they don’t want to buy from huge companies. Well, they do. You know, Apple added us, right, but still, if they see some small business, somebody who’s behind it, they’re happy to support they see that people are working hard for this and they’re just happy to support so this is like a story kind of picture. I hope you have enjoyed this lesson. Now up here. We’re going to have the next lesson we’re going to be speaking about all sorts of cool and unique ways to get even more conversions get even more sales, something that is not much spoken off. So please check it out. Now. See you there.