30-Day Checklist

Congratulations on creating your 30 day growth plan. Now we’re gonna look at is how you can help make sure this happens. There are a few different tools we have you can use to help you follow up, feel free to use any or all of them, you might not need all of them. I’m going to start first with the simplest one. And that’s the 30 day checklist. On the top of this, you simply write what your 30 day goal is, and your 30 day habit. And then on a daily basis, if there’s a specific thing you’re doing that supports that goal, you can take some time in the morning, get clear of what is it you need to do to execute that day. And most of these ideas will come from your game plan when you create your game plan back in your 30 day plan. But there’s other ideas or notes or things that pop up and put them in there for your today’s goal and then you write your progress for that day. And also write what you’re grateful for. And then finally, you indicate Whether you completed your habit or not, I’m going to suggest this is going to be one of the best things for you to use to report to your accountability partner. This is going to be a simple way to really look at how well are you honoring your plan? And how likely is it that you’re going to be successful at the very least, at implementing your plan, and perhaps also at achieving the goals you’ve set out. So we don’t want to just set goals and do nothing with them. We don’t want to just put them out there and hope they happen. We want to be following through and even more. So. If we don’t see our goals get achieved. We want to know what happened. It’s a lot less disheartening. If you realize that you only implemented two days out of a month and you didn’t achieve your goal. Then if you implemented 30 days and didn’t even achieve your goal, but if you implemented 30 days and didn’t achieve your goal. The thing about that that’s awesome is you know you took action and you simply might need a different plan or it might just take a while working that same plan for things to manifest and show up and results to happen. Not all results show up right away In fact, most take time. So this checklist can be a simple way to hold yourself accountable to your plan that you’ve created to create the progress and the transformation your life you’d like to see. If you have any questions in this, let me know as always look forward to helping you create the life you most desire, one month at a time.