3-Step Process to Overcome Your Fears

Hi. So now we’re gonna learn how to overcome those fears that you wrote down in the previous lesson. Have you done it? If you have worked, if you haven’t, stop, pause and write down those fears that you have when you go to writing. Now, moving on is a three step process that I use to overcome the fear of writing. The first one is awareness, which is writing down your fears. Now, you should have done this already in the previous video, you know, what fears you have? You know, is it that I’m not good enough? Is it that, you know, I’m not special, why is anybody gonna listen to me, whatever it is, write down the list of your fears. And then step two, is actually writing a counter response to that. Meaning, if I’m not gonna write down next to it, draw a line, right down next week, I am enough. I’m not special, I am special. And people want to hear my message, whatever, you have to say the exact opposite. See, every day, we are having competitions in our head, we have conversations, sometimes the negative, sometimes they’re positive. And now we want to retrain our mind. So that they can start, you know, showing more positive way of yourself. So you want to have positive affirmations. So whatever you list you have, on the fears, you don’t have, like, I’m not good enough. I’m not special, people gonna think I’m stupid. Whatever it is, write that list. And then on next week, write down the counter positive response. This is how you This is how you slowly, you know, get over those fears. And then what you do is on the third step is all those counter positive responses, you have those positive affirmations, I want you to write it down. And I want you to read it every day. When you wake up in the morning, at lunchtime, and then before you go to bed. Read that every day. Because that’s how you’re going to slowly you know, train your mind to see things more in a positive light, especially when it comes to writing. Now, I’ve had people, I’ve had people put it, you know, these phrases like, you know, I mean, I put it in passwords. In my screensaver, I wrote down no cards and posted all over my room, in the bathroom, like I posted everywhere today. If I see it, it would just be a good reminder. So that is how you can overcome your fear. But the most important is you take action in your writing, you take action every day. That is what we aim for that is what will get you to overcome your fears even faster. But to prepare you or at least to get you in the right space. Make sure you have positive affirmations, make sure you repeat them to yourself, say it out loud. So not only do you see it, but you can hear it that is very important and it just reinforces the message within you. So that is my three step process. awareness. Awareness by writing it down. Make sure you have a counter project, positive suggestion or affirmation for it and get posted everywhere so that you can see it and make sure you repeat it all the time. Now, in the next video, that’s where we’re going to start really getting your hands dirty and actually starting to make progress in writing your book. Now, I hope to see you then bye