10 Time Mastery Milestones to Help You Create More Free Time

Now that you’ve done some of the exercises to start working towards freeing up more time for the activities you enjoy, let’s look at what it might look like for you to be mastering this area. As we talked about in this program, we’re looking at all four of these areas. And I’ve got some ideas for you of what it would look like to really be on top of this completely. Now, my definitions might not be your definitions of mastery, I invite you to create your own if mine don’t help you, but what I think you’ll find is you can get clear about what you want, it’s likely it’ll happen. And so the first mastery milestone is to get enough sleep to be happy, energetic, and wake without an alarm. So waking without an alarm is actually a indicator that your body just naturally wakes and is ready to go. For most people that takes about eight to nine hours for this to happen. Now, as I said at the bottom here, if you’re truly energized and happy most of the time, and you get a little bit less than that cool, but if you’re getting a lot Less than that, chances are, you might not be performing optimally, you might be making poor decisions. And the people around you might think you’re being a jerk. I’ve had that experience before. So anyway, if you decide to do this or track this, you can track it. See what a target date is for you to make this happen, and then keep on track of your status. The second thing is 30 minutes a day for prayer, meditation, spiritual practice, if that’s something that works for you. Now, some people do more than that. Certainly, meditation has grown in popularity, and there’s all sorts of varieties of it. Some are more spiritual ish or religious ish, if that’s a word, and some of them are more just about focusing and breathing in and out. There’s a lot of different ways you can do it. Most people find it centers them, helps them make better decisions and keeps them more alert. I know for me, it does 30 minutes a day for exercise or yoga or some sort of physical activity. Again, this depends on your flavor. Some people like hard running, or hard cardio exercise like that or what lefting some people before simply walking or doing yoga, but something that engages your body, your physical dimension on a daily basis, that keeps it working, moving an active 30 minutes a day for personal rec, taxation and enjoyment. And this could be anything this could be you doing nothing. This could be you watching mindless TV or playing video games or whatever it might be, but time to just relax and to be and to not have to do something to not have to perform, but just be present. Another thing would be to have 30 minutes a day for reading, learning, listening to music, or playing a musical instrument, any of these things that involve some sort of activity of you engaging your brain, but then also having a pace to it that’s not really crazy, not fast paced, you’re not doing work, something that’s still leisure, but engaging your intellectual or your mental dimension. Less than one hour of undesirable activity per day. So that means, hopefully including your job, but definitely outside of your work that you’re not spent a lot of time doing chores or excess things that take up too much of your time, as much as possible reducing those. And having to be where you get to have more of your time. Don’t we’d like to do at least one day a week with zero chores, errands, work or obligations. So hopefully that becomes two or three. But at least one of those days where you’re not working and you’re not doing chores. You’re not just leaving your office or your business. And then going home and working. You actually have a day when you can fully rest relax. Less than one hour per day of TV, video games, social media, electronic devices, that’s something that’ll keep you able to do the other ones above here because if you just get caught up in number eight of just reactively reacting to devices and being on that, you’re going to find you don’t have the time for the other activities. Time for three relaxed meals. 30 minutes or more, without pressure or deadlines. Again, these are mastery milestones. You might not choose to do these, you might have different ones, where it might take you a while to get here. But imagine if three times a day you had a meal, and you had 30 minutes, and you’re relaxed, and it wasn’t a rush. be pretty cool, wouldn’t it. And then finally, 60 minutes a day for friends, family romance. In other words, just time to be with the people that are most important to you. So these are my suggestions for your mastery milestones for optimizing your time. Again, feel free to create your own list, or use the list that we have in your workbook. And use a checklist to implement this and create a better life for yourself. As always look forward to helping you make more money in less time. Do you do best so you can create the lifestyle you most desire to enjoy with you, your family and your friends. Thank you