10 Relationship Mastery Milestones to Help You Enjoy People & Life More

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to make some great changes and shifts in your life with your money, your time, your relationships and things. One of the things I like to help people understand is an idea of what it looks like when you’re really on top of these things. I like to call mastery milestones. So we’ve talked about optimizing your life outside of work in each of these areas. Here’s what it would look like if you’re on top of these areas, in your relationships area. So these are examples that I found are true for me, yours might be slightly different and encourage you to go with the flavor of them, rather than worried about the letter of the law. So the first thing is having 30 minutes a day to develop and nurture your relationship with God’s spiritual practice or just to have quiet time. Whatever works for you not trying to sell you on any particular brand or anything for that matter. But just having quiet time downtime to get centered, get in touch. And in order to do this, you want to be able to decide that that’s something you do on a regular basis, you can indicate on the tool Do you want to do this? What’s your target date for doing this, and then what’s the status on that as you progress. So each one of these is going to be part of a checklist for you that you can use, or you can create your own. The second one is to have time and attention for at least one family gathering per week. Now, again, I don’t know your exact family situation. But if you have family nearby, if you have the ability to get together, just making that time to be fully present for a few hours, and really just able to do that, so you can enjoy that part of life. It might not be what you want to do every day, but certainly can be something that helps you connect with your loved ones in a deeper way, time and attention for one social gathering each week. Now this again, your number might be more than one depend on your situation and how you like to handle your life. If you’re like where I’ve been at times where we have kids and sometimes it’s hard to get out. one a week can be awesome can be a huge difference because one’s a whole lot better than zero. So some of these things might seem almost simple or too basic. To plan, and yet when they don’t happen, it can make a big difference in the quality of your life, time and attention for one romantic date or similar event each week. Again, if you’re not in a romantic relationship, and don’t want to be no problem, maybe just go do something fun. But if you do have that desire to be in one or you are in one, making time for something that is either in that relationship or making room for that relationship, time and attention to be present for family meals, at least for one hour a day, same thing goes whether that’s family, the people you value, they don’t have to be blood related, whatever is that the people that you consider your loved ones, making time for that. So you’re present on a daily basis. Again, this is another milestone of mastery. You don’t have to do these. But these are things that if you do, will usually make your life a lot better time and attention to be present with your family members, at least one hour per day where your loved ones that’s just being present doing something whether it’s playing a board game, or just talking, listening. It could kind of be watching TV show together. But if The majority of the focus is on the show and not with each other. Chances are, there’s a piece that you might be missing out on regular monthly or even more often, forgiveness process or practice to maintain your health and to just to heal. So these are things and again, not trying to force personal growth on you know, it’s a little late for that if you’re in this module, haha, anyway, just the concept of letting go of things, not because some spiritual tradition told you to or some religion told you to, but simply because it’s been proven that holding on to anger, holding on to resentment holding on to pain is not good for you. So this, again, is a practice that not only helps those around you, but also helps you as well. contacting your important long distance relationships at least monthly. Now this is where tools like Facebook or Instagram or however you like to connect can be very helpful of just keeping in touch with people that maybe you’ve known from years ago. I know for me being able to keep in touch with my friends from high school through Facebook has been a pretty Cool thing, I don’t post all the time, I don’t post a whole lot. But just being able to maintain those relationships has provided a continuity and a good sense of staying in touch with people. And sometimes I go to cities that I haven’t been to, and a friend lives there that I haven’t seen in 20 years to get to go see them when I visit. So staying in touch with those sort of relationships. Number nine, one of my favorite ones, having almost zero time, or no time in organizations, or companies that you don’t respect or believe in, there’s something that’s so awesome about knowing that when you’re investing your time that you want to be there, you’re with a group of people or an organization or whatever it might be, that you believe in their cause and what they’re about. And knowing that you don’t have to do that is really just so awesome. And right now we’re talking before we even address your work, though that could be one of those organizations. But being able to do that really gives a different flavor to life, a different sense of knowing that you’re doing what you want to do, and what you’re all about. And then finally, less than one hour per week, with people or groups you don’t wish to see now. For some people, you might have an exception for family might say, Wait, you know, my wife’s family, my husband’s family, whatever it is, I don’t really love them. But I love my husband, I love my wife. And so I want to make sure that I show up for them. So again, not always perfect, but really minimize not having that to where you’re not having to spend a lot of time in situations and groups and organizations with people you don’t want to be with, that you’re nurturing the relationships that you most value. I hope you find this helpful. Use this checklist as a way for you over time to track how your progress is going. It’s in some ways, so simple, but also so powerful if you make it happen. I hope you find this helpful. Please share your progress or any comments or questions you have below. And as always, I look forward to helping you make more money. And last time do what you do best. So you can create the lifestyle and the life you most desire for you, your loved ones and yourself. Thank you