10 Mastery Milestones for Your Things So You Enjoy Them More, But Spend Less

In this program, I’ve talked to you about the idea of having you be able to enjoy your things and use your things without them using you. Let’s look at in this module, what it would look like if in the area of using your possessions and your things, you’re able to truly master how you leverage them without them really leveraging you. So the first milestone is if you have a house and then if a car is necessary in your part of the world, or wherever you’re from, is easily afforded in your monthly cash flow, and still allows you to live your most desired lifestyle. So that would mean that your car is not too expensive, your houses not too expensive, in such a way that it’s causing you to work far more hours and you might need to. And with these milestones, you can track them as to check off whether or not you want to do this in the workbook. You can set a target date, and also track your status when you complete them. The second thing, and again, if you’re in a different part of the world where you don’t keep a car, you ride a bicycle or do something different or you live in the city. You don’t Use a car. Sure some of these things might not apply and you can create your own. But the second one is to keep your vehicles for a long period of time, usually 10 years plus to minimize the ownership costs. Or if you have a better arrangement, you might say, Wait, I work for a small company, I have my own company. And because the tax benefits better the lease depends on the year the tax bracket, all those details, great. But creating a situation where you’re minimizing your costs to own and really to actually use your vehicle, which very often is getting you from point A to point B, but you might say, Wait, I’m gonna look to just Uber everywhere or whatever it might be great that to third, less than one hour a week servicing or maintaining items. Now dishes in laundry unfortunately might take longer than that though. If you can avoid having to do this. That’s great. But servicing physical items, in other words, having to fix things things that are broken, or that sort of stuff or having to wash your car. If you can have less than one hour a week of doing that. You really get into Enjoy your things without them putting you to extra work. Number four items in clothing not used within the past 12 months are given away, simply because it’s one more decision to make, as Mark Zuckerberg would say, just leads to some decision fatigue, believe it or not. Number two, that it might be something that simply could benefit other people. Number three, you just might need the space in your closet, whether it’s from a decluttering standpoint, or you like Fung Shui you need room for the energy and the CI to move around whatever works for you. But being able to have in a situation where you’re not keeping stuff that you’re simply not using. Number five, you’re waiting, at least whether it’s two weeks or three weeks, or four weeks or one week depend on your financial situation. But waiting before you purchase any item that is just brand new to you, or that’s an impulse purchase. Now certain things might be time sensitive. And if you say Wait, it’s a small purchase, I can more than afford it. That’s great. Talking really more about these purchases that are large purchases that you just maybe couldn’t afford if you make a poor decision. So if somebody looks to say would you like shake with your hamburger? That’s probably had a huge financial decision. But certainly with bigger ones, that might be the case. Number six, no need for storage units outside the home. And if you have a garage or a basement or any area like that, where you store things or an attic, that that’s accessible and usable. Number seven that you patiently purchase expensive items at an ideal time. So if it comes to appliances or electronics, you might say, Wait, I’m going to wait until Black Friday that’s in your in the United States or in other parts of the world, you might wonder what Black Friday is, or maybe, sadly, it’s reached your part of the world. But it’s rarely a good time to buy things if you know what you want, and get a best discount on him or holiday sales or just times when you know that you can pay less for something that you already knew you’re going to have. Obviously that frees up money for you and makes it easier to lighten your ability to buy the things but also it indicates you’re not so attached to things that you have to have it right away. Number eight, all of your photos and any important computer data is securely and automatically backed up online. is so huge in our digital era, being able to move around, and travel can be awesome. But if you lose all your data, your photos, your whatnot, that’s not so great, something happens, being able to know that that’s there is pretty cool. Number nine, the ability to evacuate your home and emergency situation with your precious items in five minutes. So think about it going back to number eight, if all your photos, everything else is backed up, and something happens, earthquake, fire, whatever it might be in your situation, you need to leave. Knowing that there’s only a couple things that you really would want to grab that you have to grab, because everything else is either something that you’re okay with if it broke or you’ve got it protected, or you simply have it backed up online again, as far as the photos and whatnot. And then number 10, minimizing your environmental waste recycling as often as possible weekly in your area if they do that. And then decluttering on a regular basis, usually about every 90 days to make sure that things you have, again, are reflective of what you want. The more you have things, the more special For them, the more you have to pay for space for them, the more you have to work for that space for them. It’s just this huge cycle of having to work more for something that maybe you don’t even use. So I hope you find this helpful these mastery milestones for optimizing your things. If you have any questions or feedback or comments on this sharing your progress, please put them in the comment section below. As always, I look forward to helping you make more money in less time. Do what you do best. So you can create the life and the lifestyle you most desire for you, your friends and your family. Thank you