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The Complete Telecommuting Course – Remote Work – Work Life

Telecommuting - Remote Working - Tools for Working from Home - Better Organization for Work Live Balance & Productivity

Created by TJ Walker - BestSelling Personal Development & Habits Expert


Students: 37405, Price: $89.99

Students: 37405, Price:  Paid

The Complete Telecommuting Course - Remote Work - Work Life

Telecommuting - Remote Working - Tools for Working from Home - Better Organization for Work Live Balance & Productivity

Telecommuting and remote working from home can be a great way to live a professional life, if you plan accordingly and learn this new way of doing business.

The recent public health crisis has forced millions of executives around the globe out of their offices. Now, working from home, telecommuting, is the new norm. Unfortunately, it’s also normal to feel frustrated and inefficient working from home.

Personal development expert TJ Walker has been working from home and telecommuting off and on since the 1980s. He shares beginner, intermediate, and expert tips on how to thrive in this home working environment.

In this course you’ll learn everything from how to look your best in a Zoom meeting to how to deal with noisy kids and neighbors, to how to establish firm start times and quit times to make your day more efficient, and to keep you from going crazy.

If you are new to the telecommuting and remote working game, this course is for you. And if you’ve been telecommuting for years and still don’t feel like you have the right rhythm down, this course is also for you.

Working from home is no longer an occasional evening or weekend activity. Telecommuting is the new normal. Yes, they are huge advantages in not having to commute or spend time on trains and in traffic. But they are even greater distractions and temptations coming to you from your family, your refrigerator, and your cell phone.

If you are ready to jump start your telecommuting efficiency, then sign up for this course today.

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

"its been very helpful and i had an great experience, class very interesting and was much understandable." Shiva Ramya

"One of the Best Courses of all Time,The complete Telecommuting is Excellent and the content and knowledge is excellence TJ Walker is one of the best trainers and i suggest others to enroll the course." john erol

This Telecommuting course is ideal for anyone searching for more info on the following: remote work - work from home - working remotely - remote - remote working - Trello - wellbeing - working remotely: how to succeed in the new workplace - work life balance. Plus, this course will be a great addition to anyone trying to build out their knowledge in the following areas: work life balance  - organization - video conferencing - virtual teams.

Life Mastery – Happiness, Health & Success

Practical techniques to successfully master work-life balance, happiness, and goal setting.

Created by Chris Croft - Management Trainer, Speaker, Author


Students: 9634, Price: $64.99

Students: 9634, Price:  Paid

Life Mastery - Happiness, Health & Success

Practical techniques to successfully master work-life balance, happiness, and goal setting.

Do you love your life? Life Mastery is a practical programme designed to help you rocket towards your personal and career goals to achieve total happiness. If you feel like things aren't turning out as you'd dreamed, you want to progress faster, or you're overwhelmed with stress and worry, then this course will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

Most courses cover either happiness in a vague way, or success from a purely money focused angle, but this programme combines BOTH into one simple route to achieve all your goals as a fully rounded person. It covers everything you need to do: from saying 'No', managing your time, getting promotions, choosing a career, keeping fit, self talk, overcoming fear or guilt, and so so much more. It looks at lots of real life examples and gives practical tools you can use right away to get better results.

Happiness and Success are often seen an elusive or complex, but with this practical course you'll soon master a step by step formula for creating a life you love. Whether you're at the start of your career, wanting a change, feeling frazzled, or just not getting to your goals quickly enough, this course will build essential skills for your career and personal goals.

Chris Croft is an international speaker, and widely published author, who's been teaching Happiness, Time Management and Assertiveness to companies for over 20 years. This is the first time he's combined all his business and personal experience into a comprehensive happiness and success course. He's taught all over the world, as well as online, and has an entertaining and practical teaching style.

The course overview includes:

  • Ridding yourself of stress, guilt, jealousy and anger forever

  • Getting promoted and networking like a pro

  • Choosing a career you love, for all the right reasons

  • Meditation, and what the practical benefits are

  • Changing your self talk to create the person you want to be

  • Being assertive, not aggressive

  • Saying 'No' and choosing happiness

  • Getting organised with Time Management

  • Setting effective and exciting goals, and then achieving them consistently 

  • And lots lots more!

Start building the life of your dreams today and say goodbye to stress, disorganisation and unhappiness. This course WILL change your life.... if you let it!

This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Work from Home – Work Life Balance and Time Management

Setting Boundaries, Time Management, Productivity, Stress Management, Avoiding Burnout & Avoid Wasting Time

Created by Joeel & Natalie Rivera - Top instructor with over 300,000 students


Students: 9045, Price: $99.99

Students: 9045, Price:  Paid

Do you work from home?

Have you recently had to start working from home due to coronavirus quarantine?

Are you an entrepreneur, with the ultimate freedom of being your own boss... but you realize you aren't the best at managing your stress or your time?

Whether you’re a business owner, independent contractor, at-home parent, telecommuter, or you're coping with coronavirus quarantine (covid-19) we know you need:

  • More balance and less stress

  • More time management and less burnout

  • More boundaries and less wasted time

The idea to "work from home" or be self-employed sounds fantastic! And it is (or can be)... but...

The illusion of freedom quickly fades and our personal lives, our productivity, and our family and friends suffer... we get out of balance. We end up feeling stressed out, burnt out and overwhelmed. But there is hope!

In a decade working from home and being self-employed (working as a husband-and-wife entrepreneur team), we have learned the hard way how NOT to manage our work and personal lives while working from home.

We have also coached and trained thousands of entrepreneurs, at-home-parents and work from home dreamers (and now coronavirus quarantiners) how to find work life balance while working from home.

The course will cover:

  • 10 Tools for Balance, Burnout and Boundaries

  • 10 Tools for Time Management and Planning

  • 10 Tools for Productivity and Efficiency

  • 10 Tools for Combating Stress

  • And 5 Tools for Balance through Deliberate Creation

This course doesn’t just give you a list of ideas that sound great but that you’ll quickly forget and go about your old habits and unproductive ways… we provide engaging lectures that are very real and to the point with some humor to bring some joy to your day! Plus, every lecture includes a proven, practical tools in a downloadable worksheet that will help you put on paper what you are going to do to take back control of your life and your freedom.

In this course we are going to give you everything we have learned and live—and we’re going to do it in a quick-and-easy format so even the most time-crunched business owner or household juggler or stir-crazy quarantined person can commit to themselves and create the balanced and fulfilling business they’ve always wanted!

So, are you ready to have more balance in your life? If so enroll now, we look forward to seeing you in the course!


Guarantee: We know you will love this course. However, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee if the course does not meet your needs for any reason.  


We are top Udemy instructors in the personal development category. Our courses have been taken by over 300,000+ happy students from 195 countries.

We have a thriving community in the course and we are actively involved and answer questions within 24h.


So, who are we?  

We are Joeel & Natalie Rivera, serial entrepreneurs, authors,  speakers, and educators. We have over a decade of experience in the  field of psychology and life coaching and our greatest passion is  empowering others to live life on their terms, fulfill their potential,  and embrace their greater purpose. All of our programs are designed  based on our experience in coaching, social services, psychology, and  education, as well Joeel’s Masters Degree in Counseling and research on  happiness for his dissertation for a PhD in psychology. We have over 300,000+ students from 195 countries.   

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Remote Work: How To Work From Home Productively

Find a work life balance and be productive working remotely from a home office even with kids or family during Covid-19

Created by Alex Genadinik - Business, Entrepreneurship, SEO, Marketing, Amazon, YouTube


Students: 4768, Price: $49.99

Students: 4768, Price:  Paid

Learn to love working from home while being your most productive.

I've done that for myself and have worked from home every day for over 10 years. I love it, and I want to share it with you.

Learn how and when to use self-discipline, when to practice self-love and self-understanding so you aren't too hard on yourself, and how to deal with situations like working when family members are around.


Some people say that working from home can be lonely. But that's just another way of saying that you have fewer distractions which means that you can focus better and do better work.

After you do better work and accomplish more in less time, you will be able to have plenty of time to socialize and have a work-life balance. But only if you take full advantage of the fewer distractions and calm work environment.


Because you are home, you can do light exercise, light cleaning, and have more family time - all during breaks. If you combine that with no commute and flexibility in being able to do everything on your own time, you open up hours in your day to do whatever you want when you want to do it.


All of us now have to be more responsible and go out less. That means working from home indefinitely. This is the perfect course to take during the Coronavirus epidemic to get ahead while everyone else is falling behind.


You will learn to minimize distractions and achieve your best focus, which will result in your best work yet!


If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don't respond. Well, I do because

1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money's worth from the course.

Invest in yourself and your future! Enroll in the course and get better results than you ever have, and never look back!

Work-Life Balance for Overachievers featured on TEDx

A practical Work-Life Balance Masterclass as seen on TEDx, Google, ... Topics: Time, Productivity, Stress, Balance,...

Created by Why Not 3? Work Life balance Platform - 2x TEDx Speaker & Founder Why Not 3? Work Life Balance


Students: 4764, Price: $19.99

Students: 4764, Price:  Paid

--Video Testimonials in preview--

Are you struggling with stress, health & your finances are getting influenced by it? 

Or maybe you're interested in knowing how to balance your relationships in a way that you can still do business?

Welcome to the Why Not 3 Work-Life Balance Masterclass.

Work-Life balance systems for overachievers and entrepreneurs as seen on TEDx (2 times), Google, and many more. Dive deeper into the detailed step-by-step systems to improve your personal productivity, time management, and procrastination. Find a way to operate your job or business while taking control of your stress and avoiding burnout. 

These systems have healed top-level executives from burnout, gotten them more productive while maintaining healthy relationships. 

In this course we'll go deeper into 3 areas of life according to the system invented here at the Why Not 3 training program: Health, wealth, and relationships. 

For the first time, these secrets are unveiled in detail on this Udemy Masterclass.

Don't miss out!

We'll cover some surprise bonuses that will allow you to explore further balancing exercises from a very general perspective to the detailed day to day productivity areas of your life.

We will lay out the principles we've taught for 7 years now in countries like The Netherlands, USA, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, and many more...

Who are we?

A Training program that is designed to show you how to balance your life, so that you can succeed in balancing your health, wealth, and relationships (and of course make more sales as you go).

The founder of Why Not 3 will be giving this class, as a certified trainer, 2x times TEDx speaker, and founder of a multinational video marketing agency who also works with everyday people on how to build a balanced life so that they don’t end up succumbing to stress.

How it all started…


I was asked to do a spur of the moment workshop on Work-Life-Balance during a conference where I facilitated groups. I put together some notes and tips that have helped me throughout my career as a founder of several companies and a law school student. Drawing from my own experience on handling the stress of Law school, life, and work, I created an inspiring workshop in a matter of minutes, and then – BAM.

People loved it.

(It’s funny how the most spontaneous moments, bring you to your most inspiring ideas.) People loved it because it was authentic. The workshop wasn’t impractical or abstract. My team and I at Why Not 3 use real principles that people can apply to their life to help them reduce stress and keep a perfect work-life balance.

But it doesn’t stop there. After seeing the impact upon people at the conference, I decided to take this workshop a step further and began to craft Why Not 3? Work-life balance for Entrepreneurs (the book). What first started as a pamphlet turned into a full-fledged personal development book because of the amazing feedback. I could see how much this message could help people and wanted to take things another step further. So, a superstar team was assembled of people with a different set of skills who could bring the message of work-life-balance to as many people as possible (and the skills make us lethal, just like in the movie “Taken“).

The team is extremely passionate about bringing the knowledge of Why Not 3 to everyone they can. At the end of the day, we want to help people reduce stress and live their life to the absolute fullest. We truly believe you can be happier, healthier, and more satisfied with your life with Why Not 3. In fact, we know you can live the life you want — sometimes you just need a little help to get there. That’s why there’s Why Not 3.


Work-Life Balance For Productivity & Personal Happiness

Learn the ultimate do's and don'ts of work-life balance to ensure your productivity, contentment and happiness!

Created by HSE-Q Training International - A Trusted Name in Courses Related to HSE and Quality


Students: 68, Price: $24.99

Students: 68, Price:  Paid

The Ultimate Work-Life Balance Masterclass - Work-Life Balance For Productivity & Personal Happiness

Learn the ultimate do's and don'ts of work-life balance to ensure your productivity, contentment, and happiness today!

Work-Life balance is a very under-rated topic in our society. With many people working from home, it has become much more of a problem. The fine line that divides the time between personal & professional lives is getting diminished every day. It's high time we realize the value of balancing our work life and personal life and get our act together.

We design this master class to help you in balancing your personal and professional life.

  1. This masterclass will highlight the need for balancing home & work life; the importance of it and why you need to put your act together.

  2. We will walk you through the practical steps that you can take and spend quality time at work and still live a fulfilling life that is outside of work.

  3. By the end of this masterclass, you'll have all the tips & tricks to live a life' because we all have a life that differs totally from our work life!

  4. So whether you are a woman or man, working from home or working away from home in an office environment, doing your own business or have a job; if you often think of all that you have to do at home while sitting in front of your desk at the office and replying to emails at the dinner table; this class is for you!

    Welcome! You are at the right place!

Certificate: After the completion of this 1-hour course, you will be awarded a certificate by Udemy. You don't have to do anything, the certificate will be displayed automatically as soon as you complete the masterclass.

This is a beginner level course.

PS - In the bonus lecture there is a free ebook which is available on Amazon for about 2.99 $ but you can get this for free with this course!