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Woodworking for Beginners

Projects for Beginners

Created by Marcus. R - Woodwoker for Beginners


Students: 2510, Price: Free

If you've ever wanted to get into woodworking but you see that people own tools and equipment costing hundreds and thousands of dollars and you feel intimidated. Well tis course is perfect for you through out the course I will be providing woodworking project which anyone can do no matter your skill level or past experience. I show you step by step what tools you should buy and materials needed, in depth explanation on how to design your workpiece and the right way to then completing your projects.

The thrill of finishing a project no matter of how big or small it is a feeling you can't describe with words. People ask me all the time "hey did you make that" in disbelieve that I was capable of doing such a task and i kindly say back "yes I made that" that right there is one of the many joy in woodworking that you could find by taking the course.

How to Sand Your Wood Floors Easy (Master Class) Sanding 101

In this course will be going over how to properly sand your wood floors. Most projects only take a few days to complete.

Created by Chris Ahl - Experienced instructor


Students: 2149, Price: Free

In this course will be going over how to sand your own wood floors.

It's actually super simple and if you have a few hundred bucks you can rent a machine and do it with ease.

I'm going to be teaching you a step-by-step process how I sanded my own wood floors. We're going to get Hands-On and I'll show you how I do it every step of the way.

We are also going to be applying a polyurethane coating on top of the sanded wood floors.

The hall process from start to finish took about 3 days total.

We'll go over tool list and everything you'll need to do a project like this yourself. It's really a one- person job.

Thank you so much for checking out my course feel free to leave a comment or of you and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Carpentry: Hand and Power tools

Everyday tools used on the job site

Created by Jeremy Bolduc - Carpenter


Students: 781, Price: Free

In this course you will learn what hand tools and power tools that are used by the professionals everyday on the job site.

You will learn how to inspect each tool to make sure it is functioning safely and correctly. It is dangerous to use a broken tool so you will need to know how to inspect it and what to look for.

You will learn how to use most of the everyday construction tools safely. In this course you will learn how to hold the power tools and how to use them in order to minimize any risk of injury.

You will also learn how to build wood scaffolding as well as some other everyday tasks.