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Learn Web Scraping with Python from Scratch

Python Web Scraping Tutorial. Use BeautifulSoup & Requests to scrape & crawl Craigslist directory with Python

Created by GoTrained Academy - eLearning Professionals


Students: 43313, Price: Free

Q. Do you want to extract data from a specific website but it takes a lot of time doing so manually?

A. Web Scraping is the process of automating data extraction from websites.

Q. Do you see many Web Scraping jobs, but you do not feel confident enough to apply?

A. This Web Scraping tutorial will teach you how web scrape a real-life project from a to z.

When the webpage structure is so complicated, making it difficult to extract specific pieces of data, or when you need to open so many pages to extract data from each of them, the manual process can become boring and time-wasting, and that is when automated Web Scraping can make the process more efficient and effective.

In this Web Scraping tutorial:

  • Grasp Python Web Scraping fundamentals.

  • Use BeautifulSoup & Requests to scrape & crawl Craigslist with Python

  • Learn how to save your scraped output to a CSV / Excel file.

  • Understand the difference between Web Scraping Python libraries and frameworks.

So let's start your Web Scraping real-life project.

Learn the basics of Web Scraping in 60 minutes or less…

Learn to webscrape from an expert in this free fast-track course, giving you all the fundamentals other courses miss!

Created by Allen ONeill - Big Data Architect & Entrepreneur


Students: 19880, Price: Free

Learn to web scrape from an expert - here's proof of the value:

"Finally, an instructor who knows how to teach students so that they are not lost or confused. Thank you!"
"Great course, wish I would have watched it before reading Python Scrapy documentation."
"I loved this course. It's a great introduction to web scraping! It's short, sweet and to the point!"
"Really impressed about theory and strategies to use.. goes beyond my expectation"

Web scraping (also known as scraping, scrapeing, harvesting and data extraction), is both the art & craft of extracting data from websites. Data obtained from web-scraping is used for price comparison, business lead generation, and competitive analysis.

I created this course because I want to improve the quality of web-scraping information available. Most courses assume you know a lot about scraping already, but that's mostly not the case - this course doesn't try to teach you everything, the objective is to give you a solid foundation in the basics so you can start to master the art and craft of web scraping.

It doesn't matter if you use Python, Java, C# or any other language for webscraping, this short course is light on code, and tries to use imagery and animation whenever possible to get the message across. There are various frameworks that are used to assist in web scraping depending on the programming language you use. Some of these scraping libraries these include Scrapy, Beautiful Soup and others in the Python web scraping world, and JSoup and HtmlUnit for Java for example.

If you want to learn web scraping with python or any other language, don't take *any other course* until you take this free one - you'll be glad you did .. trust me, when you do take your next web-scraping course, you'll be in a far stronger position to get the most form it :)

Web Scraping with Python Essentials: Scrape Amazon in 5 min.

Learn web scraping with an Amazon Case Study, including practical recommendations and how to proceed, in exactly 1h !!

Created by Tarkan A Guner - Educator / Programmer / Engineer


Students: 10010, Price: Free

If you want to be a creative data scientist, web scraping is an indispensible capability you should learn. In this effort, you should start from understanding and establishing essential skills and tools of web scraping.

Learn them.

Practice a lot with them through solving real-life problems.

This is the way to proceed in a more natural evolution and much more intuitively so that you are able to ask the right questions and come up with solutions.

"Web Scraping with Python 101: Build Scrapy Essential Skills"  is the course aimed at these fundamentals through Scrapy, Python's popular web scraping framework.

This is the starter course of a series to master web-scraping and Scrapy from basic skills to advanced concepts, from deep insights on the tools to the most practical real-life data science example utilizing web scraping on this platform, a depth and perspective unique to this course series that collectively have gathered more than 10000 students in months.

Two remaining questions:

First, who is this course aiming?

This course is for beginners. Not for beginners to programming, but beginners to Web Scraping. Persons who have seen it, thought about learning it, have limited time. Its about showing them how to start, and proceed and that web scraping is not earth science. 

Second, what exactly is in this course?

In this course;

We will start with what is web scraping and why it is important.

We fill define the 3 pillars of webscraping: crawling, scraping and keeping the connection. 

We will run our pillars on a living 'amazon' example.

We will finish with practical recommendations on each pillar and on a guide to how to proceed.

A fully refined course to perfectly fit your busy schedule.

Last but not the least; be sure to watch the course video on this very landing page.

See you in the lectures!

Very Respectfully,

Tarkan Aguner

Master Web Scraping with Python

Tutorial for Beginners

Created by Sats Sehgal - Data minded industry leader


Students: 9324, Price: Free

Web scraping has become a very hot market as organizations are looking for more ways to get access to data. While APIs are the preferred mechanism to get data, sometimes scraping additional data to compliment your existing data set enriches your data set even more. There are multiple ways to scrape data.

This course will walk your though multiple ways to scrape data including:

- Beautiful Soup

- Scrapy

- Selenium

Follow along as each lesson plan also provides access to the code on github.