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Voice Training – 30-Days to a More Confident Powerful Voice.

A complete 30-day voice training plan & simple vocal exercises you can follow each day to totally transform your voice!

Created by Peter Baker - Professional Voice Over & Presenter


Students: 20557, Price: $119.99

Students: 20557, Price:  Paid

Are you ashamed of your voice?  Do you feel that others think you have an annoying or even boring voice?  Do you wish you had a rich, clear, resonant voice that gave you a sense of authority with people at work, at home or out with friends where you tend to be the listener when your conversation simply doesn’t cut through the chat? 

This then saps your confidence further and takes all the enjoyment out of life. 

I’m Peter Baker, a professional voice actor and trainer, and I can teach you how to optimise your voice and dramatically boost your confidence around other people.

You'll develop a more confident, deeper and more powerful voice - that'll make people pay attention and listen to your every word!

You’ll learn simple exercises and easy but effective lifestyle changes that will improve your voice, that will reduce stumbling and mumbling, and give you an assured air around people, and help make new friends and contacts.

You’ll train your voice to become clearer and more direct, so you’ll never need to repeat yourself in conversation.

Plus, as well as improving the actual quality of your voice, I’ll give you a wide range of communication skill boosting tips and tricks that will turbo charge your confidence levels, to help to enhance your career and to hook up with people.

Maybe you host podcasts or internet videos – wouldn’t you love your viewers and listeners to hang on your every word?  I’m sure you do!

So how long does this training take?  Well, I have put together a very comprehensive course with exercises that you can practice, and I’ve seen students see results in as little as a few days, but to totally transform your voice, I have put together a 30-day plan for you to follow.  Simply watch a short video every day for 30 days and follow the tips and training I’ll give you.

In just one month, I will train you to have a more resonant and deeper voice, so you can command authority.  I’ll give you the secrets of training your voice to be clearer, so you can communicate your needs and points of view much more accurately, and I’ll also show you the essential rules of first contact with people who you are attracted to, to save you from a lot of anguish and disappointment.  You’ll also learn how to cope with various stressful situations and use your voice to assert your authority. 

But that’s not all, as well as showing you how you can develop a rich, clear voice that people will want to listen to , you’ll also develop your breathing skills to enhance your general health and posture as well as learn a whole host of confidence tips and tricks that I know have helped people break out of their shells and really enjoy life!  Could I help YOU?  Please check out more details of my new course and I look forward to working with you to creating a MORE POWERFUL VOICE AND A MORE CONFIDENT YOU!

Voice-Over Training: Record And Edit Voice Overs Like A Pro

How To Record Professional Presentations and Voice-Over Recordings at Home. Improve Your Video Audio or Voice Recordings

Created by Peter Baker - Professional Voice Over & Presenter


Students: 10120, Price: $129.99

Students: 10120, Price:  Paid

Bestselling Voiceover Training Course - Being Updated July 2020

Do you need to find an enjoyable source of income from home that’s creative and can even give celebrity status?

You could get rid of your 9 to 5 job and learn a set of new skills that will give you much more enjoyment!

“Voiceover Masterclass – Record & Edit Voiceover Like a Pro” is a well-regarded course that will offer you this and much more, by explaining in simple steps, how to set yourself up at home with your own studio and editing facility, recording voiceover scripts!

The course is designed for complete beginners who have a flair for speaking and reading scripts to be able to start up as a professional freelancer. You’ll discover how to find clients around the world to give you scripts that you’ll be able to interpret and record for really good rates of pay.

We’ll take your hand through the various stages so you’ll be able to understand what equipment you need to get and how to connect it together; to interpret various types of scripts such as documentaries, promo and commercial scripts and training materials so your client will be happy first time!

By the end of the course, you’ll be totally up to speed with the knowledge that you need to run your own voiceover recording business at home, without paying out for the hire of other recording studios, with no commuting costs, and no nasty boss breathing down your neck!

You’ll be in control of your destiny as a professional voice talent!

Video-based learning is perfect for this type of work as you can hear and see what you need to know, it beats a book!

The main instructor, Peter Baker has over 40 years as a professional voiceover. What Peter doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing!

Plus you’ll get a large downloadable illustrated pdf with notes from the various chapters for you to refer to.

What are other people saying?

Alun Bessette: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Very clear training and at a pace I'm comfortable with.”

Anna Marie Cadayang: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Very useful and practical with a very knowledgeable instructor”

Rene Vincent Torralba: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Valuable explanations and clear explanations. I love the video samples and exercises!”

There's around 6 hours of material in this course and much of it has been completely updated and revised for 2020.

Taking it one step at a time, you’ll learn all there is to know about earning income at home as a professional voice talent.

We’ll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related, you can always post a question. Make the decision now that may well transform your life and click to start learning from this course now. You’re welcome to have full access to every module and the resources and enjoy a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

We look forward to welcoming you on the inside!

Voice Training – Proven Methods to Improve Your Vocal Skills

Professional Voice Training Exercises and Techniques Guaranteed to Make Your Voice Sound More Powerful and Authoritative

Created by Peter Baker - Professional Voice Over & Presenter


Students: 4447, Price: $99.99

Students: 4447, Price:  Paid

Do you have difficulties in communicating with people?  Even when you’re with a group of friends, you find your voice doesn’t cut through the conversation even when you have some cool things to say? Wouldn’t you love to have to have a rich, full, clear voice that people just want to listen to? Maybe you create videos or podcasts telling potential customers about a great new product or service, but your voice lets you down and no matter how much you practice, you just sound not confident, or you stumble on your words.

I’m Peter Baker, and as an experienced professional voiceover artist and broadcaster with over 40 year’s experience, I’ll train you to dramatically improve your voice and communication skills.

In this voice training course, you’ll discover the bad habits and defects that may have been holding your voice back. You’ll learn some very powerful voice training exercises so you can enhance your resonance, clarity and volume.   I’ll show you how to boost your confidence so you’ll be able to stand out and be heard in group conversations.  You’ll learn how to put energy and passion into your speaking voice so that you’ll hold the attention of listeners for longer and impress more!

In this course, you’ll also find training modules covering voice pitch, warming up, voice health, breath control, resonance, clarity and much more…

I’ll present this information in an easy to implement manner and I know you’ll start enjoying improved results to your voice fast.  So, let’s get started, click the button now and I look forward seeing you on the inside! 

Voice Training – Develop A Deeper, Sexy & Charismatic Voice

Follow a step-by-step plan for a richer more attractive and resonant speaking voice that people will love to listen to.

Created by Peter Baker - Professional Voice Over & Presenter


Students: 3304, Price: $119.99

Students: 3304, Price:  Paid

Is It REALLY Possible To Change Your Voice To Sound Deeper, Sexier and More Charismatic?

YES - This Voice Training Course Can Totally Transform Your Voice Through An Easy To Follow Daily Plan!

Follow this step-by-step voice training course for a deeper more resonant and attractive voice...WITHOUT any need for medication, surgery or strenuous exercise.

Understand how speech is created and learn how to improve your voice!

While there are plenty of books on voice improvement, most are aimed at actors and focus on elocution, poetry and advanced speech and breathing techniques.

However, this course is targeted at everyone who feels the need to improve the sound of their voice to help their relationships or business work. Books of course can never let you hear voice exercises either and although there are various disparate YouTube videos where you CAN hear what is expected, this is the first time a full course has been developed with everything you need to know in one place, presented in the correct order so that you can progress carefully over the videos to really be able to hear a difference.

This course is designed for everyone who realises the importance of positive human communication, whether it’s to gain or to maintain friendships or to assert authority in the workplace.

It contains explanations of how the voice is created and why some people have different vocal characteristics, and the exercises will help you understand your own vocal creation capabilities. Often with people who dislike their “high” or “scratchy” voice, it’s not just a case of working on the flexibility of their physical apparatus with exercises, but it touches on confidence and psychological issues as well.

This course will help you “unlearn” bad habits and show you how to unlock the true potential of your speaking voice.

What will you learn:

· Understand how the human voice is created.

· How you can open up your own voice to improve its richness and depth.

· How to feel the vibrations and resonances in your own body.

· How to safely and gently stretch the important sections of the vocal tract.

· Unlearn bad vocal habits.

· Understand the importance of tension and posture with the human voice.

· Learn how excellent communication skills is more than just speaking.

Improve Your Voice, Make More Friends, Be Respected At Work

Regardless of what type of voice you currently have, everyone can learn to improve it to help communicate more effectively in everyday life. Many people don’t make the most of what vocal equipment they have, or don’t look after their bodies with poor posture or lack of hydration and wonder why their voice gets sore, sounds thin and uninteresting. We’ll also show you how understanding how the voice is created can also reduce “nasality” and by doing so, improve the rich timbre of your voice further.

Contents and Overview

This course is aimed at everyone who is past puberty and would like to understand and improve their adult voice, particularly to boost resonance, depth and quality, whether man, woman or trans. There are videos that are assigned to be watched on 7 separate days, and also associated exercises which are detailed on a downloadable resource.

Each day has a separate subject assigned to it, building on the day before to help build on your knowledge.

· Day 1 – Resonance

· DAY 2 – Tension

· DAY 3 – Breathing

· DAY 4 – Posture

· DAY 5 – Speaking With Your Whole Body

· DAY 6 – Confidence

· DAY 7 – Putting it all together.

By the end of this course, you will understand much more about your own voice and your body and be well on the way to a fitter you with a richer and beautiful voice that you’ll be proud to use with friends, family and at work!

Who is the main instructor?

Peter Baker is one of Udemy’s best-selling authors on Udemy with excellent feedback on all the courses. He has spent all his working life using his voice on major radio stations, BBC News television and as a busy voice artist, where his skills for years have pulled in a six figure annual income recording commercials, training videos, audiobooks and character voices for video games. This course is the result of many decades of real experience in the broadcast voice world.

Our happiness guarantee...

Udemy has a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, so if you aren't happy with your purchase, please contact Udemy to ask for a full refund.

We can't wait to see you in the course!

Enrol now, and we'll help you understand and improve your speaking voice and communication skills!

Practical Voice Training: The Complete Package

Master your voice, build your presence and engage people when you speak

Created by Linda Taimre - Vocal Coach and Performer


Students: 1549, Price: $99.99

Students: 1549, Price:  Paid

When you speak, do you want people to listen?  Do you want to be engaging?  Do you want to speak in a clear and powerful voice that is uniquely yours?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this course is for you.  Practical Voice Training: The Complete Package is designed to give you all of the tools you need to truly change and improve your voice.  This course helps you develop the power, control, and tone of your natural voice to truly capture an audience.

In this course, you will have access to practical exercises that work on your voice itself - covering everything from the foundation of breathing, to the flow of your natural sound, to the salt-and-pepper sprinkling of articulators.  These practical exercises are backed up by theory videos so that you can understand the 'why' behind the training.  You can choose whether you watch just the practical videos, or the practical videos and the theory videos, so you can adjust the learning experience to suit your needs.

Join now, and start your journey to a clearer, stronger, more engaging voice today!

SINGING MADE EASY (LEVEL 1): Complete Voice Training System

Learn the secrets of the trade from EXPERT AWARD WINNING BROADWAY SINGING COACH

Created by GB Voice Academy - Broadway Credited, Award Winning Voice Coach


Students: 1386, Price: $119.99

Students: 1386, Price:  Paid

Study Singing With Award Winning Broadway & National Tour Credited Singing & Voice Instructor!

With  20 years of performing and voice training experience, and having studied with the best in the industry, including 2-time Academy Award winning composer A.R. Rahman and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, I will provide you with a wealth of information, and the tools you need, to bring your singing voice to the next level!

  • How to expand your vocal range, singing from the bottom all the way to the top SEAMLESSLY!

  • How to properly warm up your voiceHow to prevent vocal damage and strain

  • How to utilize your breath efficiently

  • How to eliminate bad vocal and performing habits

  • How to sing with much more emotion and feeling

  • How to sing much more dynamically

  • How to sing with control and power


Voice Over Training from a voice America recognizes

Learn from a National level voice talent and coach about this work from home industry that has a lot of people excited

Created by Mike Elmore - Voice Actor, Audio producer, Voice Over coach


Students: 1011, Price: $29.99

Students: 1011, Price:  Paid


Voice Over is an industry that has been growing at an EXTREMELY rapid pace over the last few decades. There are more voice over jobs and opportunities out there now than ever before. Equipment to record yourself from the comfort of your home is now more powerful and MUCH more inexpensive than ever. You can buy a great sounding, studio, condenser, large diaphragm microphone today for almost nothing. In this series of sessions together we will closely examine all aspects of what it takes to get yourself set up and in position to find voice over work using the Internet and email……and communicate with the "voice seekers" out there.

Maybe you have been told (or know) that you have a great sounding voice and should do something with it. THAT'S GREAT!!! but---Not necessary. Today's voice over industry is one that leans largely toward what is known as the "REAL PERSON" sound. It doesn't have much to do with the SOUND of the voice but more with the way the words are delivered. This has opened up the industry for more people than ever before. What was once a male dominated industry now boasts a 50/50 playing field. More female voice overs are heard today than ever before. Plenty of work to go around, without a doubt.

Voice Training: Discover Your Confident and Powerful Voice

The Complete Voice Training Course to More Confidence and Power In Your Voice when You Speak.

Created by Jason Teteak - Author, YouTuber, Keynote & TEDx Speaker, CEO Rule the Room


Students: 840, Price: $89.99

Students: 840, Price:  Paid

I want to give you my 21-step recipe to convince with your voice…

…and keep your listeners SUPER engaged (even when they can’t see you).

This is the same recipe I used to PERSONALLY help over 750 business leaders (1 on 1) analyze and maximize their tone of voice.

This recipe has been tested with REAL audiences…

…and it does work!

Let me ask you a question…

Are you tired of wasting valuable time day in and day out trying to communicate with people who don’t seem to listen to (or care about) what you have to say?

FACT: According to research from Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics… 

Executives spend 18+ hours per week in meetings with an estimated 25-50% of meeting time considered wasted…

It doesn’t matter if your company has 4 or 40,000 employees…

…ask anyone and they’ll tell you that meetings just aren’t providing the value-adds they’re looking for.

FACT: More than $37 BILLION is spent per year on unproductive meetings and communication.

You see it yourself when speakers start to lose you early on…

…or you just look and feel bored.

And you’re not alone…

39% of meeting participants admitted to dozing off during a meeting.

You might actually be saying the right words…

…but words alone are not enough…

38% of “in-person communication” comes from your TONE of voice.

It jumps up to 82% when your audience can’t see you.  (think webinars, phone calls, and videos like the one on this page).

So here’s how we’ll get you more engagement, credibility and respect you deserve…

Like I said, this is a 21-step recipe…

...actually, it’s more like a 21-step PATH TO RAPT ATTENTION!!!

In steps 1 – 4 we’ll eliminate filler words or phrases that lose focus…

In steps 5 - 13 we’ll optimize the words you choose to SHOW confidence and credibility…

Specifically, we’ll cover…

  • How to remove words that imply deception and use qualifiers instead…

  • 3 powerful alternatives to negative and controlling words…

  • Confident language to avoid terms of uncertainty and show conviction

  • How to use directionals to establish leadership (so you gain CREDIBILITY)…

Steps 14 – 21 are all about mastering your tone of voice!!!

In these final steps, we’ll cover…

  • How to find your “natural norm” using your tone, volume and pace…

  • The inflection technique you can use immediately to eliminate “up speak”…

  • The simple way to use the power of the pause to appear more confident

  • 7 easy strategies to make your volume, pace and inflections “shine like the sun”…

Again, this is the same 21-step recipe I have used to coach over 750 business leaders…

…and you’ll get to see me model exactly how to do it … with a dozen more…:)

…so I know it works!

Personally, I wouldn’t attempt this strategy without having a proven, step-by-step recipe to follow…

…and this is especially true if you’re speaking in a webinar or over the phone.

I mean it!

DO NOT Speak at Another Meeting or Presentation Until You’ve Watched This Video!!!

Have you ever heard the expression…

  • “It’s not WHAT you say; it’s HOW you say it?”

That’s what’s wrong with most public speaking and presentations!

It’s truly monotonous and dull…

…and listeners are bored!

At Rule the Room Public Speaking, we’ve already done all the hard work…

  • …observed over 750 business leaders give 750 presentations.

  • …documented all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn’t).

Don’t get me wrong…

We’ve made our fair share of speaking mistakes in our own presentations too :)

That’s why we’re so careful to document WHAT WORKS into a simple, easy to follow recipe and video guide so that everyone we coach can duplicate the results.

In the past, this Eloquence Recipe (the inside name of this program) was mine alone…

…but now I’m making it available to the public so that you can...

  • Make a good impression and FINALLY be seen as a subject matter expert…

  • Save time (and money) by getting your message across the FIRST TIME, so you can keep focus and continually build value

  • Enter a room where people are “surfing” their laptops and cell phones, call for their attention, and keep it while you have to deliver a “fire hose” of information…

  • And, use communication skills to generate a sense of authority, lead a team, and teach others the right principles…

And in case you’re wondering, like all our Rule the Room trainings, this one is protected by our 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee…

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back…

We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.

You either get the results you want or you get your money back.  It’s as simple as that!

Click the button and start convincing with your voice TODAY...

About Your Instructor

International Public Speaking Coach, TEDx Speaker and Best Selling author Jason Teteak has taught more than one million people how to flawlessly command attention and connect with audiences in their unique style.

He’s won praise and a wide following for his original methods, his engaging style, and his knack for transferring communications skills via practical, simple, universal and immediately actionable techniques.

Or as he puts it “No theoretical fluff”.

Jason gained recognition at EPIC Systems in the medical software industry, where he was known as “trainer of trainers of trainers.”

He has developed more than fifty presentation and communication training programs ranging in length from one hour to three days that serve as the basis for The Rule the Room Method.

In 2014-2019 he was named #1 Best Selling coach on Public Speaking for his on-demand video teaching tools that quickly took off for over 1,000,000 online students around the world.

Teteak has flipped the model and changed the approach to great Public Speaking for even the most seasoned veterans.

Enjoy the Course!

Deep voice training; specific exercises

Your voice will deepen after this program.

Created by Vlad I. Kuznetsov, PhD - Communications coach


Students: 534, Price: $89.99

Students: 534, Price:  Paid

If you have ever been on the phone with someone you don't know, after a few seconds of conversation you already have a picture of what they are like. They also get a picture of what you are like. Are you nice, are you open, are you shy, or confident? Some people prefer to hear you speak so they can figure out who you are. Why not learn the secrets of what makes you a confident speaker with deep, resonating voice, someone who has a projecting voice that can own the room. I have learned myself over the years that voice can really save you in situations and help you to be perceived the way you want to be perceived. Imagine what power you can have and what it can do to your personal life, your work life, career, dating, relationships, interactions? You can control you voice. By having your own fully developed voice you will come out ahead of everyone else.

Voice Training | Free your voice to empower your personality

Voice Training: The course to empower your voice, connect with your breath and feel self-confident in every moment

Created by Laura Wällnitz - Professional trainer for voice, body language and charisma


Students: 183, Price: $89.99

Students: 183, Price:  Paid

Free your voice - empower your personality! 

In this training you will discover the secret of your voice power. I am absolutely sure that you know, your key to success for your business and personality lies in your voice. 

Your voice shows your personality and during your daily life you are using your voice all the time.

Your voice is strongly connected with your personality so if your voice sounds to quiet or weak it can makes you feel uncertainly. How is your voice created and what you can do now to feel and hear the best results of your new, powerful voice. If you want people to listen to your ideas, if you want to be successful and if you want to get what you want: You need to take it with the power of your voice. You need the voice to make all that happen, to get all the charisma and confidence you want. And that will happen much faster than you maybe think right know.

First tips to learn how to speak confidently.

The basics for your daily voice training.

The Perfect Podcasting Voice

Improve Your Speaking Voice - Rapid Vocal Training for Podcasts and Public Speaking

Created by Salvador Briggman - Author, Coach, Blogger, Podcaster, YouTuber


Students: 156, Price: $94.99

Students: 156, Price:  Paid

Imagine if you could unlock the hidden charisma in your voice.

What would that do for your career, business, or job?

If you want to go from sounding boring and monotone to confident and powerful, listen up.

I've gone through the painstaking process of improving my podcasting voice. Literally, it's taken years.

I used to be shy, meek, uncertain, and I kinda wondered if I was really cut out for this podcasting thing. I tried learning a bit about how to improve my voice, but all the techniques were hokey or didn't work.

Man, I was frustrated. But, simply from sheer determination (and out of spite for one of my competitors), I kept at podcasting. It took a while, but slowly, I began to see a bit of progress.

I could hardly believe it, but I started to have people say to me “wow, you have a great podcasting voice,” and I even got invited to speak at dozens of seminars and workshops.

Somehow, I went from a soft-spoken blogger to a powerful podcaster.

I made sure to write down everything I was doing, from the vocal exercises to the strategies I was using. What accumulated was a war chest of strategies that are proven to work to enhance your voice, no matter how you sound.

I still use them to this day, and they never fail to cause a virtually instant change in my speaking patterns.

In my life, I’m a quiet, introverted guy who enjoys a good book, some strong coffee, and a dog curled around my feet. But, put a microphone in front of me, and I’ll transform into a speaking wizard. I now control my voice and can turn the charisma “on” whenever I want. It’s a blessing.

What I’ve done is I’ve put all of these strategies (and more) into a course that will take anyone, whether you’re a soft-spoken rookie, or a fairly decent podcaster, and give you the tools to completely transform your voice.

This is the course that I wish was available to me. It’s a turnkey solution for rapid vocal transformation.

Voice-Over Training: Advanced Voice-Over Techniques and Tips

Discover Advanced Voice-Over Marketing Techniques to Boost Your Efficiency, Get More Clients and Maximise Your Income!

Created by Peter Baker - Professional Voice Over & Presenter


Students: 144, Price: $99.99

Students: 144, Price:  Paid

Have you ever felt frustrated having set yourself up as a voiceover artist, also invested in decent home recording equipment, but finding very little voice work coming in? You know you have a good voice and a basic understanding of performance and recording techniques, but you really would like to boost your success? Would you like to learn the insider secrets of the Voiceover Masterclass team, knowing how to beat the competition and play the field to the maximum efficiency?

Are you spending ages editing when you wish you knew faster ways to get recordings done and invoiced?

And how about the best ways to deal with clients who are often annoying to work with and don’t understand the needs of the voice artist?!

Imagine having 40 years of professional voiceover experience in an easy to follow video based course to help you get on the fast-track to success!

Presented and written by veteran voice actor Peter Baker, here are all the things you won’t learn from books or YouTube videos about all the sometime small but incredibly important things to boost your voiceover career to the next level.

- Learn the only four times a voice artist’s mouth should be closed, and why.

- How never to lose audition files again when weeks later the client needs a read just like it urgently!

-How to find production companies that very few other voice artists think of targeting to get work.

-Why the generally considered “best” way to deal with pickups in recording is actually the worst and will waste you time!

-The main reason why voiceovers in their first directed session with a client don’t get asked again.

-How to fully understand “difficult” clients may offer a far better outcome than just getting angry with them!

-The main reason why voiceovers fail to invoice for jobs.

-The ways you can “future-proof” yourself against the threat of AI “computer voices” taking over our work

-The main ways you can speed up your editing considerably over and above the obvious keyboard short cuts.

-A huge tip to save both you and the client’s time when you need to ask for a pronunciation guide.

-How you can vastly increase your “hire-ability” in the voice market.

-The best ways to tackle voice fatigue in the booth.

- And so much more...

With 25,500+ students, a consistent rating of 4.5 out of 5-star reviews and THOUSANDS of 5-star reviews.. you can rest assured you'll be in good hands with a course from VoiceoverMasterclass!

About the Instructor:

Peter Baker (Writer and main presenter) has a Voice Actor for over 40 years, with hundreds of game, animation and audiobook credits and thousands of jobs for TV and radio commercials and promos for clients round the world. Peter is the author and presenter of many best-selling courses on Udemy and other platforms, featuring voice improvement, the voiceover business, presentation techniques for video, business writing, freelance working and corporate conference presentation

By the end of this course...

You will have so much more ammunition in your arsenal to win more auditions, be more organised in your voice studio, build stronger bonds with your clients and to boost your income.

Includes the “10 Commandments” of client etiquette, Top 10 Advanced Voiceover Tips, an invoicing template, and a full word-for-word transcript of all the videos as a downloadable PDF file.

So, are YOU excited about taking your voiceover or voice acting skills and business to the next level

If you're ready to get started -- then sign up to this new course today! No other course offers the same learning style, actionable steps and real-world examples that you'll find here!

(Don't forget Udemy offers a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee - so there's no risk involved if it's not for you).

Thank you for your time!

Effective Voice Projection and Vocal Variety

Voice training to discover your true voice and engage any audience with power and presence.

Created by Stewart Theobald - Head trainer at Talking Shop Training Ltd.


Students: 128, Price: $34.99

Students: 128, Price:  Paid

This course will share techniques in voice projection studied by actors. You will discover how and why you sound the way you do and learn exercises to develop greater power and variety safely. You will have a more authoritative tone and vocal variety to gain credibility and engage an audience. There are videos on building strength in your voice; adding vocal colour to gain and hold an audience attention. You will practice exercises for relaxation, breathing and resonance. You will find videos on articulation for clarity and tips for freeing your voice and finding its full potential.

This course is particularly helpful for anyone who gives presentations, teaches or lectures.

Beginners Course for Voice Training and Singing

It's time for you to make your dream come true- and start training your voice!

Created by Hadar Oppenheimer - Singing Coach, Singer and Songwriter


Students: 62, Price: $89.99

Students: 62, Price:  Paid

This course shows techniques and different practices that are important for anyone who would like to sing- from beginners who would like to get to know their voice to people who have backround in singing but have not studied voice lessons..

The topics we will learn are: warm ups, breathing, getting to know your chest voice and head voice and being able to distinguish between them, knowing how to use your body, tongue facilitator and face expressions to match the voice you would like to produce.

By the end of the course you will have all the basic tools to practice at home, gain control over your voice and start to sing!

Tame Your Critical Brain

Inner Voice Training for Confidence and Happiness

Created by Heru Sankofa - Confidence Coach at Super Self Image


Students: 12, Price: $29.99

Students: 12, Price:  Paid

Do you criticise yourself way too much? Would you like your inner voice to be your inner cheerleader? Well this quick and simple course shows you how to make that happen.  

A harsh inner voice is not something you have to live with, and by changing it, you can increase your confidence, motivation, and happiness.