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Video Conferencing Zoom Skype WebEX Tech Presentation Skills

Improve your presentation skills and tech skills for all your online video meetings, conferences, and webinars

Created by TJ Walker - BestSelling Personal Development & Habits Expert


Students: 28523, Price: $124.99

Students: 28523, Price:  Paid

Best Presentation skills and Tech skills and practices for Video Conferencing - Zoom, Skype, WebEX and Google Hangouts

Become an effective communicator and leader in all your online video meetings, conferences, and webinars

Teleconferencing, telecommuting, remote meetings - these are the new normal.

Social Distancing has resulted in a need for all skilled workers to be able to communicate digitally through video platforms like ZOOM, WebEx, Skype, and Google Hangouts. It’s no longer a luxury to be able to telecommute; it is a basic necessity. And you must have strong presentation skills and tech savvy for all online video-based meetings.

If the idea of having to speak to a little camera in a room all by yourself seems strange or alien, you are not alone. Communicating virtually through video platforms is uncomfortable for everyone at first. But once you know the secrets of communicating on live video conferencing platforms, it will be as easy as riding a bike or driving a car for you.

Instructor TJ Walker has taught thousands of executives like you how to speak effectively in front of a video camera. He will walk you through, step-by-step, on everything you need to do in order to communicate effectively during video meetings.

After finishing this course, you will know how to look comfortable confident relaxed on camera, you’ll be able to communicate a message and have The other participants in your meetings understand you and remember your messages.

You will learn the ins and outs of the technology you will need and the platforms you will use. Most important, you’ll learn how to save time and focus only on what is most essential for you to communicate effectively using virtual teleconferencing technology.

This course is designed to improve your Presentation skills, Communication skills, Remote speaking skills, Virtual meeting planning, Zoom conferences, Skype meetings, and Webex calls.

There are clients, customers, prospects and colleagues who need to not only hear from you, but see your face today. Video teleconferencing is the way to do that. Enroll in this course now to upgrade your presentation skills and tech know-how for all of you online video meetings, conferences and calls.

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

"Hi TJ, this is very useful course i have ever attend, its covering all aspect, for me the whole course was useful especially for a person lives in a complicated conflict zone which is middle east, specifically Syria, by this course am confident to say that i have learned new techniques which will help me a lot" Azad Murad

"This goes beyond video conferencing, this is everything I needed in regards to presentation. Have a presentation to make, be it academic, politic, marketing, social or otherwise, this is the go-to course for you. Thank you TJ for this." Bashiru Sani

Mastering Video Conferencing

Simple tips and tricks to improve the video conferencing experience.

Created by Russell Bacon - Services Consulting Engineer


Students: 874, Price: $24.99

Students: 874, Price:  Paid

Learn skills to use on any video conferencing platform. In this course, you will learn to: set the stage right by finding and creating the perfect conference area, select the right equipment without breaking the bank, and prepare yourself for the meeting. Learn how to avoid common mistakes related to preparing for the meeting, conference etiquette, and post-meeting steps to maximize the benefits of video-teleconferencing.

This class is for non-technical people who join video teleconferences regularly.

Twilio Video – Create Zoom Clone Video Conference App

Learn how you can create Group Video Chat with Twilio and React with maximum of 50 users connected to the same room.

Created by Marek Gryszkiewicz - Web Developer


Students: 147, Price: $89.99

Students: 147, Price:  Paid

Create an amazing video conference application. We will start with quick theory introduction and we will jump straight to creating app. Basic knowledge of JavaScript and React is required.

To establish connection with other users and exchange with them media, we will use Twilio Programmable Video. That solution is based on WebRTC and media servers. For creating client side UI we will go for React which is most popular library to creating front-end in JavaScript. Also we will connect with serverless functions which we will host on Twilio Platform. Our created rooms will be able to handle even 50 participants connected to the same room.

In our app we will add functionalities:

  • Connect to existing room

  • Create new room

  • Mute / Unmute

  • Start / Stop Video

  • Screen Sharing

  • Exchanging messages using data tracks

More about Twilio:

Twilio is a communications platform that allows software engineers to build Voice, Video and SMS capabilities into applications. Twilio does this by providing APIs that let you send and receive text messages, phone calls and establish video calls; and build more advanced systems like redirecting phone calls during certain hours.

Twilio can be used when you have any of the following needs:

  • to create video chat applications on web and mobile devices

  • To integrate voice or text message capabilities into your software.

  • To build a call center, with menu systems, queuing, hours of operation etc.

  • To create a cheap burner phone number.

  • To provide separate phone numbers that redirect to a single phone number (to provide country/region specific local numbers or to track different marketing campaigns etc.)

  • To build text message chat bots or customer service systems.

  • To integrate voice communications with 3rd party tools.

Video Conference Calls – Leadership through Communication

Effective online English communication & web meetings can improve your productivity & reputation

Created by Danielle Saunders - Education Designer


Students: 22, Price: $19.99

Students: 22, Price:  Paid

Stand out at work! The English communication skills (soft skills) you learn in this course are in high demand by employers across industries. We will help you make an impact and grow relationships during online meetings - like Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, and Zoom. Web conferences are often more challenging than in-person meetings, but allow you to work with people all over the world. Learn to use roles, stages, agendas, interjections, and meeting technologies. Specific phrases are suggested for important moments in the call. We provide transcripts for offline reading. This course is delivered by an actor to maximize clarity. 

Matthew Vendryes, founder of Eclasstic professional communications courses, created this course with Danielle Saunders, Learning Experience Designer. We draw on experience working on the California State University Chancellor's Office Course Redesign with Technology Team, running an online tutoring company, and directing a startup team. These projects rely on a high degree of organization and meet predominantly over web conference. 

Directed by Matthew Vendryes, written by Danielle Saunders, produced by Stacy Han, presented by actor Sara Matsui-Colby, edited by Rael Hanus & Jill Janairo, graphics by Jada Miller, film crew: Priscilla Zambrano, David Le, Genie Obina, Joseph Wu, Cindy Sun, & Benjamin Gau. 

Zoom Conferencing: Simple Techniques for Better Video Calls

This course is ideal for professionals working from home, teachers leading remote classes, or remote job interviews.

Created by Erin Booth - Virtual Assistant Mentor


Students: 21, Price: $19.99

Students: 21, Price:  Paid

Whether you've been using video for years or have only just signed up, there are actually a number of ways to be better at video conferencing.

*Although this course features the ZOOM platform, the body language / lighting techniques and sound etiquette can be applied to any platform.*

This course will take you from looking like an uninterested, detached amateur to a professional, fully engaged participant and presenter. This course is less than one hour, meaning you can implement the lessons learned towards your next video call - immediately.


This course covers all the tips and tricks to get the most out of your next Zoom meeting. We'll cover how to

  • Fake eye contact to deepen connections with colleagues, clients, or students

  • Blur or add a virtual background

  • Present your most professional side

  • Test video and sound quality before the start of the call

  • Achieve the best angles and lighting for video calls

  • Mute distracting participants

  • Share your screen

  • Explore hidden features like "pause screen share"

  • Avoid "Zoom fatigue"


  • Freelancers who work remotely with clients

  • Employees who are currently working from home

  • Teachers who are leading remote learning environments

  • People who are interviewing for new jobs online


Although topics on body language, eye contact, optimal lighting / background etc. can be applied to any video platform, we do not specifically cover the creation of Skype, WebEx, Google Meet, or Facetime platforms.


I'm Erin, I've been a remote freelancer since 2012 and have grown my business to high 5-figures by engaging with my clients via video. Video conferencing can deepen connections, help make remote work feel less "lonely," and land new business - but only if it's done correctly. Bad sound, lighting, or misusing the mute button can break a call. I created this course to help you put your best foot forward and look your most professional self.