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HP QTP/UFT with VBscript – Basic to Advance

Automation testing with HP Unified Functional Testing with Vb Script and Framework

Created by sachin jindal - Trainer


Students: 10266, Price: $19.99

Students: 10266, Price:  Paid

In these videos you will learn about a functional regression testing tool by HP Company named as HP UFT i.e HP Unified Functional Testing . Previously known as HP QTP i.e Quick Test Professional.

14.02 version of the tool is used to make the vedios and that is currently the latest verion in market.

This course is designed in such a fashon that after going through all the vedios the participants will not just have the complete understanding of the tool but also will be interview ready.

The magical part in this couse is that, maximum portion of this course is in Q&A format, where we will discuss very basic to abvance level concepts. The participants will learn what kind of questions are asked in interview and will be able to perform much better in the interviews

We will be discussing 100+ questions about vbscript, UFT and at the same time will go through all the important concepts.

We will also be looking at how to create the automation framework from scratch.

Towards the end of course we will be discussion how to design the framework and various kinds of frameworks.

Note : API Automation testing will not be covered in this video series

VBScripting Fundamentals (Updated 2021)

Simplest Form of Automation

Created by Coding Gears | Train Your Brain - Technology Architect


Students: 4911, Price: $74.99

Students: 4911, Price:  Paid


  2021 Update

  • Most of the content is re-recorded using VSCode Editor

  • Added a module on WSH (Windows Scripting Host)

  • Added a module on ADO (Working with MS SQL Server)


VBScript is an Active Scripting language developed by Microsoft. VB scripting allows users to automate tasks in a Windows environment. The concepts from this course benefit regular users (wanting to experiment) and QTP/UFT professionals. VBSkills enables QA Engineers to move their efficiency to a NEXT LEVEL.    QA Engineers, QTP/UFT engineers, System Administrators, and Network Administrators use VBScripting skills to automate simple to complex daily tasks.

We will start from the basics and walk you through a learning journey to master the skills.

The course begins with variables, arrays, operates, and error handling. After you learn these basic skills, we jump into the conditional statements and loops. We have included a module to help you master the built-in functions. These built-in functions come real handy as you don't have to code that functionality.

You will also learn to work with Files, Folders, Excel Documents, and MS SQL Server.

The projects at the end of the course help you to move to the next level by pushing you to most of the skills gained in this course.

There is no replacement for hands-on coding. You will learn to code like a professional developing reusable code.

The Sample Scripts included helps students to learn quickly and experiment by modifying them. The course is well organized with High-Quality Videos, and sample scripts!!

Introduction to Manifold GIS (v.6.5) Scripting

Learning how to use VBScript in Manifold GIS to automate geospatial tasks.

Created by Arthur Lembo - Professor


Students: 60, Price: $39.99

Students: 60, Price:  Paid

Course Overview

Do you want to learn how to automate tasks in Manifold GIS?

Based on overwhelming requests to learn how to write scripts for Manifold GIS, I developed a "2 day"* training course in customizing Manifold GIS 6.5 with VBScript.

Users of the training have indicated they were able to save THOUSANDS of dollars in consulting costs within the first day of using the training.

The course does not require any programming knowledge to follow along. Although, we recommend you pick up a good book on VBScript to have as a reference.

The best way to use this training is to do the following:

  • Watch the video in one window, while working alongside the instructor in another window with Manifold GIS.
  • Use a good pair of headphones in order to listen to the material

When you complete this course, you will be able to write your own scripts to automate GIS tasks. Many of our users started generating revenue by consulting on Manifold GIS projects within a week of taking this course.

Course Outline

Part I - Overview of the Object Model

Part II – Getting a hold of the Object Model

Finding the Components

The Drawing Object

The Table Object

The Surface Object

The Map Object

The Analyzer Object

The Query Object

Part III – Examples of Automating Tasks with VBScript

Coordinate Systems

Shortest Path between cities

Separating State from County Borders

Part IV – Bonus Features

Integrating ActiveX with VBScript

Creating an Add-in

*with over 4 hours of video lectures, this course will equate to a two-day training course if you spend time typing in the code and running the programs.