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UAE Value Added Tax (VAT) Practice Test

Learn UAE UAE Value Added Tax (VAT)

Created by CA. Rajkumar Agrawal - Chartered Accountant (CA), PACA, (Hons) ABST


Students: 147, Price: $49.99

Students: 147, Price:  Paid

This practice test is designed to practice of important questions of UAE Value Added Tax (VAT). This question helps in learning of UAE VAT with explanation of the answers. This practice test contains unique multiple choice question of the UAE VAT including of Introduction of VAT, Registrations , Tax Groups, Taxable supplies under VAT, Zero Rated and exempted supplies, Place of supply, Date of supply, Import of Goods and VAT recovery, Return and Payments, Tax Invoices and Record keeping and other important points of the UAE VAT.

This course is prepared under the guidance of the practicing chartered accountant in UAE. It is very useful in various examination conducted in UAE like accountant, tax consultants etc.

Every question has four multiple choice answers in which one or two answer is correct with explanations. This practice test is designed to help improving knowledge of UAE VAT in very quick time period. Over the period, we include more questions. Feedback and suggestion also requested for the improvement of the courses. Remain in touch our team regularly update the course.

Before joining the course, please make sure that question are very less. Enroll in the course and enhance your knowledge and best of luck for your future. Thanks

Happy Learning !!!!!!!!!

Value Added Tax – Oman, KSA, UAE & Bahrain

All you need to know for VAT in Oman, KSA, UAE & Bahrain

Created by Muhammad Naved - Finance & Tax Professional (Ex-Big 4)


Students: 25, Price: $39.99

Students: 25, Price:  Paid

VAT is introduced in GCC, and 4 of the member countries already implemented Value Added Tax (VAT); however, the remaining are planning to implement it in the near future.

This course will help you to understand VAT basics and techniques. Knowledge of VAT not only helps you stand out from others in your organization, but it will get you ready for the next level. If you are looking for a career, this course will definitely be a plus over your academic and professional qualifications.

By the end of this course, you will be able to understand the VAT mechanism, VAT terms, their operations and accounting with practical examples. Once you get the basics right, you can apply the specific VAT laws and regulations to any organization or business.

VAT (Value added tax) made Easy! (UAE)

What is VAT? And how to apply it in UAE?

Created by TP Anand - Chief Strategist at Leap Business Excellence


Students: 17, Price: $99.99

Students: 17, Price:  Paid

In this course, we cover Value Added Tax (VAT) laws and applications in United Arab Emirates (UAE). You will learn what VAT is, what the various provisions of VAT in UAE are and how to apply them. Some of the concepts that we will look into are:

  • Levy of tax

  • Rate and responsibility of tax

  • Tax group

  • Supply

  • Deemed supply

  • Imports

  • Types of supply

  • Designated zones

  • Recoverable input tax

  • Capital Asset Scheme

  • Specific disallowance

  • Tax invoice

  • and much much more.....

In addition to the theoretical knowledge, we have talked about real life challenges that have taken place while dealing with VAT laws. This will give you the knowledge required to go out and solve VAT related challenges that may come up wherever you come across it.