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Unreal Engine 4 FPS Tutorial

How to make a Basic FPS game in Unreal Engine 4 from Scratch!

Created by Weston Huett - Entrepreneur, Developer, Designer


Students: 24732, Price: Free

This Course is So Amazing! For the first time on Udemy, There is a Course that shows you how to make a True First Person Shooter from Scratch. From Start to Finish!! In Unreal Engine 4, The Free to use Game development platform used by AAA game developers!

 I will start of super simple so you don't really need prior experience! With my online lectures, you will be on the path of achieving amazing results, along with your own creativity. You will lean how to use the Blueprint system to your advantage making games. if you're a complete beginner, I will teach you all the Blueprinting principles you will need!

 You will enjoy learning with me! Get this Course, sit back, relax and lets make a game together!!

Unreal Engine 4 for Architecture – Fundamentals Course

Use the Unreal Engine to create beautiful Arch Viz walkthroughs for Virtual Reality

Created by Hardy Hutajaya - Ordinary Guy with a passion for Archviz


Students: 24563, Price: Free

At the end of my

  1. Students will be able to take
    their Archviz work in 3ds max and transfer them into Unreal Engine 4 to
    make it 'Playable'.
  2. Students will be able to
    understand the general workflow of using the unreal engine 4 for their
    Archviz work.
  3. Understand how to use the
    unreal engine material editor
  4. Students will know the
    different lightings available in Unreal Engine 4


Who should take my

  1. 3d Artists, Environment
    Artists, Interior Designers, Architects, Game developers getting started
    with UE4.
  2. Not for Advanced Level Unreal
    Arcvhiz Artists.



  1. Basic 3d Modelling using 3ds

Blender To Substance Painter To Unreal Engine 4

Blender to UE4

Created by Weston Huett - Entrepreneur, Developer, Designer


Students: 11765, Price: Free

This Course will teach you how to create assets in Blender, the world most use 3D Modeling software!

Next you will learn how to bring that asset into Substance Painter, AAA quality texturing software used by many Game Studios across the world!

Finally you will learn how to bring that asset into Unreal Engine 4 and the textures you created!

All and all this is a great opportunity for you how to create you very own asset for games and bring them into Unreal Engine 4!

Unreal Engine C++ Primer

A Beginner's Look at C++ in Unreal Engine

Created by Sonicworkflow LLC - Software Engineer


Students: 6166, Price: Free

If you are an absolute beginner at Unreal Engine C++ you will Level Up your Unreal Engine C++ skills by the end of this course. You will leave this course with a basic understanding of how C++ works in Unreal Engine. Some of the topics covered in the course are:

  • What exactly is Unreal Engine?

  • What exactly is C++ in Unreal Engine?

  • Unreal Engine C++ Setup

  • Variables, Operators, Selection Statements etc.

You should look at my new Indie Video Game Marketing courses here on Udemy. You are here to get the skills and abilities you need to make games. I’m sure passion for C++ and Unreal Engine may be the driving force for you now. But What about when you want to sell your games? That is where the knowledge of indie game marketing comes in handy. Anyone with a little money can buy ads, but that is not the most effective long-term solution for you to be rewarded for your C++ and Unreal Engine work you complete here.

While this course is not the end all, be all for Unreal Engine C++. It is a great start to a great and challenging adventure into Unreal Engine C++. I’m excited to go on this journey of learning and discovery with you.

Unreal Engine 4: Introduction to Blueprints

An introduction to the Blueprints in Unreal Engine

Created by Ian Griffiths - Teacher of Games Development


Students: 6029, Price: Free

In these lessons you will start by learning at a beginner level in programming within Blueprints, finding out the basic information needed within all programming development. From this you will start to move into building in more advanced mechanics in an easy to follow step by step approach which will allow you to play around and build your own content to eventually build your own game.

Blueprints are the in house programming tool used by Unreal as a visual programming. This allows for fast development of systems and mechanics within a game environment. This can be used for rapid prototyping of games development system which might be useful to an new developer, or that of someone looking to transfer from one programming language to Unreal.

Hopefully this series will be able to help you develop your own mechanics and systems and will lead you to have a greater knowledge of how to use the Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint system.

Any questions, feel free to ask them, please note I am aware of the audio quality on the videos and this is something that I am looking to address in future videos. Though if you have any questions regarding how to program feel free to ask away.

Unreal Engine 4 – Create a Standard Megascans Shader

Learn how to create a standard shader for Megascans library

Created by Michael Gerard - Level Artist


Students: 5355, Price: Free

Since a few months Megascans has become free for Unreal Engine 4 users, for this occasion and with this course learn how to create a step-by-step standard shader for Quixel Megascans.

You will be able to apply this material to any rocks, branches, trunks, stumps, debris, mushrooms, assemblages but also any other 3d models available in the library (except "Plants" type models).

Create a Subway scene in Unreal Engine 4

learn how to design level in Unreal engine 4 Using Autodesk Maya ,substance designer ,Substance Painter

Created by Ayoub12 ali - Self taught CGI artist,Programmer and a Gamer


Students: 5293, Price: Free

In this course, i will teach you how to create a subway level in unreal engine 4 using Autodesk Maya 2017 ,substance designer and Substance Painter ,there will be Assignments to make sure the course more interesting

More about the Instructor:

Ayoub Ali is a self taught CGI ARTIST and Software engineer  who  loves games and movies since   long time ago ,although  he didn't work on huge projects but he keeps doing what he loves .

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to design a level in unreal engine 4

  • learn how to design and model

  • learn how to paint models using substance painter

  • learn how to create materials in unreal engine 4

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • be able to know the interface of Substance designer

  • be able to know the interface of Substance painter

  • basic understanding of modeling using Autodesk Maya

  • be able to know the interface of Unreal engine 4

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to Intermediate

Unreal Engine 101 – 3D Game Creation

Begin developing 3D games using the powerful Unreal Engine, with no coding required.

Created by Pablo Farias Navarro - Certified Game Developer and Founder of ZENVA


Students: 5183, Price: Free

Learn to develop photorealistic, lifelike 3D games using the Unreal Engine!

The Unreal Engine, which was created by Epic Games, is a powerful engine capable of amazing graphics and efficiency to run even the most complex games. Not only is the engine a top choice for indie developers, but it is used extensively by AAA game studios as well – making skills with Unreal highly in-demand throughout the industry.

In this course, you will explore the fundamentals of working with both the Unreal Engine itself as well as the popular Blueprints Visual Scripting system – which allows developers to create their games with no prior coding knowledge needed. In doing so, you’ll gain integral skills that will help you to begin developing your own 3D game projects.

You will learn how to:

  • Set up the Unreal Engine for development

  • Understand the engine’s editor and tools

  • Create assets that can be scaled, rotated, and moved

  • Utilize various blueprints to contain players

  • Use visual scripting for variables, functions, and more

  • Test games right in the engine