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Introduction to Game Development with Unity

Quick and simple video guide to get you up and running with Unity game development

Created by Yohann Taieb - Apps Games Unity iOS Android Apple Watch TV Development


Students: 107663, Price: Free

This course is the fastest way to get into making games. We will be using the Unity engine because it's powerful and free. 

We'll start learning how to download and install Unity on your computer. Then we will get familiar with the user interface.

We will then go over building levels by adding 3d objects of all shapes, such as spheres, cubes and cylinders.

Then we'll go over the different lighting effects and cameras to make the game look fantastic.

Finally, we'll go over physics and materials to have the game behave like in the real world

Enough said, let's get started.

Important: This course is part of a the world's one and one series on Unity professional multiplayer games.

Learn Unity 3D for Absolute Beginners

Learn How to Develop 3D Games from Scratch

Created by Learn Everything - Happiness is, finding your Mojo


Students: 68343, Price: Free

In this course. I will teach Unity 3D for absolute beginners. No prior knowledge of Unity is required in order to take this course. You will learn Unity from scratch. If you want to learn how to do 3D game programming in unity this course if for you. 

I will start teaching from scratch like how to download Unity IDE, how to use unity IDE and even what are the tips and tricks for using Unity IDE more efficiently. After that I will introduce you to 3D models and how you can manage those 3D models with scripting. At the end of this course you will get strong knowledge about unity 3d and you will be able to develop games in unity. Below are the some of the tasks that you will learn in this course.

  • Unity 3D Introduction
  • Unity Editor Introduction
  • Scene View Navigation
  • Import 3D Models into Unity
  • Creating and Using Materials in Unity
  • Importing and Using Textures in Unity
  • Introduction to Unity Scripting
  • Introduction to Unity Sound
  • Introduction to Physics in Unity 3D
  • Introduction to Collision and Triggers
  • Introduction to Prefabs in Unity
  • Moving the Player Using Rigidbody Physics
  • Introduction to Unity UI
  • How to Shoot Bullet & Kill Enemy In Unity3d
  • Introduction to AR augmented reality in Unity

and many more. I will also show you most of the common tasks in unity and will provide you the source code as well. So if you want to learn how to make games in unity 3D start learning this course.

Unity Game Development – Build a Basketball Game

Get started with Unity and game development

Created by Pablo Farias Navarro - Certified Game Developer and Founder of ZENVA


Students: 54315, Price: Free

Interested in learning Unity game development? This course will teach you how to create a simple basketball shooting game. The main goal of this training is to give you an overview of game development with Unity by introducing some of it’s main components.

You will get a first exposure to working with game objects, transforms, materials and physics. We will be doing some coding as well! No prior experience with C# or Unity is required, although some exposure to programming in general is strongly recommended.

Some of the learning goals of this course include:

  • Working with game objects and transforms, both from the Unity Editor and from scripts.
  • Physics and collision
  • First person controller
  • Particle effects
  • Scripting a basic game using the Unity API
  • Putting it all together in a fun project!

Unity: 2D Game Development

Make your Dream 2D Sprite Game Inside the Powerful Unity Editor

Created by Chris Navarre - Software Tutorial Expert and Author


Students: 32689, Price: Free

This course will teach you what you need to know in order
to make a 2D sprite based game in Unity editor version 5.6 (Latest Beta
version at this time). The techniques used in this series are the same
ones I used to make my own game Heart Battle for PC and mobile devices.
Currently the course in in progress, it will be completed in the coming
month and should be updated from time to time with new relevant content
after that as well. The rough finished course list should look something
like this when done.

2D Sprite Game Development in Unity

Understanding the Scene and Game Interface 

  • Scene Hierachy 
  • What kinds of assets will you need to make a game (PNG Sprites, MP3 / WAV Audio) 
  • Organizing Your Project 
  • GameObjects and Transforms 
  • Tags and Layers 
  • Camera 
  • Canvas
    Box / Circle / Polygon Colliders & Rigid Bodies (in action too) 
  • Controlling Canvas Positioning (Anchors etc)
    Text Components
    Menu Screens
    Canvas Groups and Scalers
  • Audio Sources and Audio Listeners


  • Cutting Sprites for Use in Game
  • Animation Controllers
  • Override Animation Controllers 
  • Player Animation (Animation / Animator)
    Animation Trees) 


  • Setting Up Scripter of Choice for Unity (Visual Studio etc)
  • MonoBehaviours and Unity Lifecycl
  • Player Control Scripting 
  • Instantiating Game Objects through Script 
  • Raycasts and Collision Detection 
  • Send / Broadcast Message 
  • Building a Screen Fader (probably include my script) 
  • Save / Load System (Check Asset Store for Example) 
  • Coroutines 
  • Defining and Activating Events 
  • UnityEvents and Reorderable Event Lists 
  • Editor Menu Items
    Changing Scenes


  • Adding Ads to Game 
  • Enabling Collaboration 
  • Cloud Build

Configuring for Export

  • Building
    Project Settings
  • Mobile / Other Exports

 Extra Scripts

  • OpenGameArt and Using Creative Commons Assets
  • Importing Materials through the Asset Store
  • Pixel Perfect Camera Scripts 
  • Vexe Package 
  • Pause Button 
  • Tiled2Unity 
  • Unity IAP

External Tools that May Help 

  • Pyxel Edit
  • Sprite Illuminator
  • GIMP / Photoshop
  • Audacity

Unity 3d | Using Light and Shadow in Game Development

Learn how to use light and shadow to create amazing game levels and scenes.

Created by Stone River eLearning - 500,000+ Happy Students


Students: 30356, Price: Free

This course discusses how to work with lights and shadows in game development, including processing posts, light mapping and illumination are taught in-depth.

You will learn by creating real game scenes light the Unity Airlock scene. You will also venture out to Mars and light the Red Planet in stunning ways.

* This course teaches Unity version 4.x

Unity Beginners | Learning The Basics

Quickly & easily learn what Unity can do by building a strong understanding of its interface, tools and resources.

Created by [ School of Game Design ] - Real world training from game design experts!


Students: 28242, Price: Free

Welcome to your first lessons in Unity created by experts here at the School of Game Design. The School of Game Design is an industry leader in game design education. We only create training videos which have been carefully produced by game design experts currently working in the game industry. With years of experience in both game development and teaching our expert team make these complex tools simple and fun to learn.

In this series, you will be learning the basics of the Unity game engine which is used by everyone from indie game developers to major game studios all over the world. Anyone who is serious about becoming a game designer should take the time to learn this user-friendly yet powerful 2D and 3D game development platform. Unity can be used to develop games, apps, and interactive content which can then be published to Mac, PC, gaming consoles like PS4, Nintendo, and Xbox, as well as all mobile devices.

Getting the right start with any software makes learning more advanced features down the road that much easier. This course takes the fear and frustration out of learning this powerful game development program by keeping things simple and to the point. You will quickly learn the fundamentals needed to have a strong base and the confidence to move on to the many more advanced Unity training tutorials we offer.

You should take this Unity course if you

  • Are completely new to Unity or game design

  • Want to learn how to make your own games or work in the game industry

  • Want a great understanding of the basics so you can easily follow along in later courses

By the end of this Unity training series you will:

  • Know how to properly install, setup, and launch Unity 5

  • Know how to navigate around your 3D scene

  • Know how to add 3D objects to your scene

  • How to organize your workspace and customize windows

  • Learn more about the online Unity community and assets store

  • Know how to open and view complex game projects

  • Have a excellent understanding of the tool bar and inspector panel

  • Be prepared to move on to the next series : Learning to code in C#

If you are completely new to Unity, then this course is exactly what you need to build a strong foundation and start your journey into  the exciting field of game design.

Learn the Unity 3D Shuriken Particle System

Learn how to create game effects with the famous Shuriken Particle System on Unity 3D.

Created by Stone River eLearning - 500,000+ Happy Udemy Students


Students: 22430, Price: Free

Create awesome particle effects with Unity 3Ds Shuriken Particle system. Send rockets blazing into space, create muzzle blast shooting effects, create particle emitters and much more.

This course seeks to teach students how to work with the Shuriken Particle System in Game development. The lectures include working with textures and voxels, emitters, modules, smoke plumes and muzzle flashes; all of which are crucial to the success of any game development projects.

* This course teaches Unity version 4.x

Unity Game Development – Build a First Person Shooter

Master Unity by building your version of Doom or Call of Duty

Created by Pablo Farias Navarro - Certified Game Developer and Founder of ZENVA


Students: 21569, Price: Free

Have you ever wanted to create your own version of Doom, Call of Duty or Half-Life?

Join us in this new course and have lots of fun building a first-person shooter game with Unity!

course is project-based and covers all the main elements of games of
this genre. After completing this course, you will have all the tools
needed to program amazing games. These are some of the important skills
you'll be acquiring:

  • Implement and customize the Unity Standard Assets First Person Controller.
  • Kill enemies before running out of bullets.
  • Understand collision detection.
  • Save memory and CPU by implementing a reusable pool of objects.
  • Survive by finding health kits and ammo for you gun.
  • Enemy path finding AI using Nav Mesh.
  • Integrate external models and audio files.
  • Game workflow: Main menu, resetting game, game over and victory screens.

note that this course assumes basic familiarity with the Unity engine
and C#. It might not be suitable (for the time being!) on it's own for
those with zero knowledge of Unity.

The main author of this course is Glauco Pires, game developer with experience in different engines such as Unity, Unreal and Spritekit. Glauco has worked creating both mobile, desktop and Virtual Reality games for the main platforms currently in use, and has experience training both offline and online.

This course is co-authored by, and Pablo Farias Navarro, founder of ZENVA. Pablo is the author of +40 online courses in game, web and mobile app development, which have been taken by over 200,000 students from +200 countries. Pablo's main areas of work at the moment are Unity and Virtual Reality.

source code and game assets are included in the course.

There is also a
discussion area where you can ask questions, meet other students and
showcase your work!

Complete Guide to 2D and 3D Game Development with Unity

Get ahead in 2D and 3D game development with this comprehensive Unity course

Created by Pablo Farias Navarro - Certified Game Developer and Founder of ZENVA


Students: 21249, Price: Free

Learn the latest in 3D game development as you create your very first 3D multi-level platformer game. Learn C# and Unity as you are guided through this step-by-step guide. 

Next, rocket into a blast from the past as you use the latest techniques to recreate the classic Atari hit Space Invaders. Learn how this groundbreaking title functions and create your own responsive and intuitive version of the game that captured the hearts of millions. 

Learn To Create A Complete Menu System in Unity

Game development made easy. Learn Unity's UI and create your very own menu system!

Created by James Doyle - Teaching The Basics of Making Games


Students: 20111, Price: Free

Learn how to create and program a complete UI Menu System in Unity, an industry-standard game development program used by many large gaming studios and indie developers across the world.

In this course you won’t just be learning programming concepts, but tying these concepts to real game development uses. You will have access to a course forum where you can discuss the topics covered in the course as well as the next steps to take once the course is complete.

At the end of this course you will have developed the ability to create such elements as:

  • Title Screen

  • Options Menu

  • Complete Audio Control System

  • Adjust Graphics Settings in your games

  • Pause Menu

  • Animated Loading screens

Start learning today and let me help you become a game developer!

Boost Your Game Performance in Unity 3D

Optimise and Increase Game Performance in Unity3D

Created by Learn Everything - Happiness is, finding your Mojo


Students: 19618, Price: Free

In this course you will learn how to optimise and increase game performance in unity 3d. I am going to teach you several techniques through which you can improve the performance of your game play. Below are the major topics in this course.

  • Occlusion Culling
  • Audio Import Settings, WAV or MP3
  • Reduce Scene Load Time 
  • Improving Game Performance with Object Pooling
  • Introduction to the Profiler
  • Introduction to the Quality Settings
  • CPU Optimisation
  • Texture Size Best Practice Power of 2
  • Make Your Game Faster Check List

With the help of above topics you will be able to improve your game performance on several devices like PC, Mobile, Tablet etc. There's also an Extra section in the course in this section you will find several bonus videos that will help you boost your Unity 3D game development. You will also have five free game source code in the course. If you want to learn how to achieve maximum game performance this course is for you.

Practical Game Development in Unity 4: Level 1

A beginner-friendly, pragmatic approach to building video games in the Unity game engine!

Created by 3D BUZZ Programming and Digital Art training - 


Students: 17772, Price: Free

This video series is all about the practical approach to using the tools made available to us in Unity 4 to create our very own video game! We will be creating a Missile Commander clone; which allows us to explore many of the techniques we can employ in our own projects: such as collision detection, asset management, level management, basic GUI implementation, particle effects and more!

The purpose of this series is to lead by example; and as a result, everything we discuss will be put to immediate use in the form of completing our game.

Unity Game Dev for Beginners | Build a 3D Ball Runner Game

Understand the basic principles of game development inside Unity by building a 3D Ball runner.

Created by Dinesh Tavasalkar - Engineer, Developer, Technical Trainer


Students: 17615, Price: Free

Do you want to make a carrier in Gaming industry or are you interested in building your own games. If the answer to both the questions is YES, then you have come to the right place. This course is for students who are somewhat familiar to C++ or C# programming language and want to develop computer games using unity. The following topics will be covered in this course.

  • Position, rotate and scale gamobjects inside Unity

  • Add colors and background textures to gameobjects

  • Understand the programming logic for taking input from the keyboard arrow keys and move the sphere in different direction.

  • Making the Ball jump (over the hurdles)

  • Creating golden coins and rotating them

  • Collecting the coins and decrementing the score once each coind is collected

  • Switching the scene once all the coins are collected

  • Working with 2D Components such as 2D Text, Background textures and 2D  Buttons for developing the Menu scene and End scene.

  • Adding Onclick event to the buttons for switching between scenes when button is pressed

  • Exiting the game once exit button is pressed. 

So guys what are you waiting for, there are a lot of new things that you will learn from this course. Enroll now and start building your first 3D game inside unity.

VR in Unity: A Beginner’s Guide

Go from "I've no idea what I'm doing" to "I've very little idea what I'm doing", for FREE.

Created by Mark Suter - High School Teacher


Students: 17583, Price: Free


Intended for absolute beginners, this is a guerrilla-style approach to getting a VR app up and running quickly, with very little peripheral teaching of WHY were doing any of it. Sections 1 + 2 don't involve any actual coding, and get you started quickly. Coding takes place in the (in students co-producing with me left for summer break! The nerve!) section 3 and beyond.

I teach a high school "Intro to Programming" class, and I'm making this to help them, and maybe others at the same time. This is all recorded in my classroom, March, April, May of 2018.

I planned to resume adding to this course in Sept 2018 and Spring 2019 with more Graphical User Interface (GUI) development and some beginner level coding, but have shifted effort into making a more polished version of this course for Unity itself. It will also be free, and published on the Unity site around May 2019.

You should dabble in Unity beforehand, maybe try the "Roll-a-Ball" tutorial on Unity's website just to familiarize yourself with the Unity interface.

I will be using Unity software, version 2017.3.

Unity 3D – Create a Top Down Camera with Editor Tools

Learn to create a Camera for your Top Down Games

Created by Indie - Pixel - Technical Artist / Programmer / 3D Artist


Students: 16682, Price: Free

Welcome to the Top Down Camera Course! Brought to you by Indie-Pixel. In this course we will walk through the process of creating a Top Down Camera like those seen in orthographic games. We will walk through the code logic, step by step. We will then Create a basic editor tool to make it easier for anyone to edit. Finally we will look at ways to automate the setup of the camera and how to make the code more re-usable by basing our classes. By the end you will have your very own Top Down Camera components that you can use in any Unity project!  Best thing is that its free!

Unity Game Development For Complete Beginners

A Complete Beginner Guide in getting started with Unity 3D, C# and making games.

Created by Aqsa Nadeem - Software Engineer at Comsats Institute of IT


Students: 13546, Price: Free

In this course, you will how to get started with unity. This covers the basic functionalities of Unity editor. This course is using totally new features and coding practices and is compatible to work with all the newer versions of unity.

Learn how to small and big video games using Unity, the world-leading free-to-use game development tool. With our online tutorials, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to create a game.

You will get full lifetime access to this course. You will learn to create 3Dand 2D games.

Anyone who wants to learn to create games: Unity is a fantastic platform that enables you to make production-quality games. Furthermore, these games can be created for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Web from a single source!

Dive in and learn Unity now, you won't be disappointed!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and Intermediate level unity Developers.

  • Some programming experience required.

  • Artists who want to learn to bring their assets into games.

  • Developers who want to enhance their basic game development skills according to new practices.

You probably already have everything you need to get started but we will guide you from the basics. Unity is a free download. With regular access to an internet connection, you'll be able to engage in our thriving community. Even if you have no experience with coding, or with 3D packages, we will guide you through everything from first principles. Starting slow, then building on what you learn, you'll soon have a very solid working knowledge of Unity.

Self-driving go-kart with Unity-ML

Deep learning applied to a self-driving car simulation

Created by Fabrizio Frigeni - Engineer


Students: 10780, Price: Free

WARNING: take this class as a gentle introduction to machine learning, with particular focus on machine vision and reinforcement learning. The Unity project provided in this course is now obsolete because the Unity ML agents library is still in its beta version and the interface keeps changing all the time! Some of the implementation details you will find in this course will look different if you are using the latest release, but the key concepts and the background theory are still valid. Please refer to the official migrating documentation on the ml-agents github for the latest updates.

Learn how to combine the beauty of Unity with the power of Tensorflow to solve physical problems in a simulated environment with state-of-the-art machine learning techniques.

We study the problem of a go-kart racing around a simple track and try three different approaches to control it: a simple PID controller; a neural network trained via imitation (supervised) learning; and a neural network trained via deep reinforcement learning.

Each technique has its strengths and weaknesses, which we first show in a theoretical way at simple conceptual level, and then apply in a practical way. In all three cases the go-kart will be able to complete a lap without crashing.

We provide the Unity template and the files for all three solutions. Then see if you can build on it and improve performance further more.

Buckle up and have fun! 

Unity from Zero to Proficiency (Foundations)

A step-by-step guide to creating your first game with Unity

Created by Patrick Felicia - Lecturer and Researcher


Students: 7615, Price: Free

Unity is a great software to create video games; however, it includes so many options and features that getting started can feel overwhelming.

Without my course, most people spend too long trying to learn how to use Unity the hard way. This course is the only one that will get you to learn Unity fast without wasting so much time. This course is the first course in the series "Unity from Zero to Proficiency" where you will learn to code fast and be able to create your own video games with Unity in no time.

What you will learn

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Know and master the features that you need to create 2D and 3D environments for your games.

  • Quickly create (and navigate through) realistic 3D indoors and outdoors environments.

  • Create a 3D Maze with lights, walls, and textures.

  • Use ProBuilder to create a house.

  • Create an island with trees, sandy beaches, mountains, and water.

  • Include and control a car and a plane.

  • Create a 2D platform game (with no scripting needed).

  • Export your games to the web.

Who this course is for

This course is for:

  • Hobbyists who need a book that gets them started with Unity and game development easily.

  • Parents looking for a course that introduces their children to game programming painlessly.

  • Teachers looking for a complete and clear resource on programming through the creation of games.

  • Aspiring indie game developers.

How this course is different

This is the only course that you need to get started with Unity fast and to enjoy the journey without frustration. This course includes tutorials that painlessly guide you through the necessary skills to master Unity's interface, use its core features, and create and navigate through realistic 2D and 3D environments. It assumes no prior knowledge on your part and ensures that you have all the information and explanations that you need every step of the way.

What this course offers

This book includes all the features that you need to get started with Unity and game development:

  • Learn without the headaches: This course assumes that you can't be expected to learn everything at once; this is why you will build all your skills incrementally.

  • Make your dream of creating your own games come true: This course ensures that you stay motivated by giving you the right amount of information and challenge in each chapter; we all know that it's hard to keep motivated when learning a new skill, so this course always contextualizes the knowledge with an example (so that you feel it's relevant), and also makes sure that you get to challenge yourself, if you need to, with optional challenges present at the end of each chapter.

  • Progress and feel confident in your skills: You will have the opportunity to learn and to use Unity at your own pace and to become comfortable with its interface. This is because every single new concept introduced will be explained in great detail so that you never feel lost. All the concepts are introduced progressively so that you don't feel overwhelmed.

  • Create your own games and feel awesome: With this course, you will build your own 2D and 3D environments and you will spend more time creating than reading, to ensure that you can apply the concepts covered in each section. All chapters include step-by-step instructions with examples that you can use straight-away

Learn Magica Voxel – Create 3D Game Models For Unity3D

Use Magica Voxel to create amazing 3D models for video games , to sell , 3D world , etc. No prior knowledge required.

Created by Swapnil Rane - Game Developer , Game Art Designer


Students: 7400, Price: Free

Magica Voxel is amazing software which enables you to create amazing 3D Voxel Art which can be used in any game engines.

Why you must learn Magica Voxel:-

  • Create asset for video games.

  • Design amazing 3D houses and cars.

  • Make money by selling arts.

Learn how to create voxel art for games using Magica Voxel , the free to use software.

We will start my getting basics of magica voxel. You will be amazed what you can achieve with this course.

You will get full lifetime access for a single one-off fee. 

If you are complete beginner , I’ll teach you all the modelling fundamentals you’ll need. If you are programmer I’ll teach you how to make amazing models with less time for your games.

A Crash Course in Unity’s Entity Component System

Create a First Person Shooter which covers Unity's ECS, Parallel Processing and Entity Physics in a Nutshell.

Created by Penny de Byl - International Award Winning Professor & Best Selling Author


Students: 7350, Price: Free

Unity's new Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS) and Entity Component System (ECS) programming paradigm have been developed to optimize game development and open up new ways of accessing memory and parallel processing for developing high-performance C# code that takes advantage of contemporary multicore computers. Through the use of the Burst Compiler, your game programs become native code, able to run faster on multiple threads thus pushing the boundaries of the size of your virtual environments and the simultaneous processing of tens of thousands of game objects.

In this free course, Penny zooms through the development of a basic physics-based DOTS First Person Shooter. Using her internationally acclaimed teaching style and knowledge from over 25 years working with games, graphics and having written two award-winning books on games AI, Penny will take you from familiar object-oriented programming and upgrade your skill to the more memory efficient and optimized entity component architecture. Throughout, you will follow along with hands-on workshops designed to show you the potential of Unity's ECS programming through the new DOTS-specific math and physics libraries.

This course requires Unity 2019.3.8. and the Hybrid Renderer Package 0.4.1

Learn how to program and work with:

  • Entities and Components

  • The C# Job Systems

  • Collision Systems

What people are saying about Penny's courses:

  • Dr.Penny is a wonderful person and a true expert. All of her courses I've taken have been top notch and in my opinion there is no better teacher out there.

  • Allow me to say how hugely important this is for a person who is interested in certain type of game design. Creating games where you can create AI behaviours that supports emergent situations.

  • I honestly love Holistic's teaching approach and I've never learned so much within a few hours about coding effectively with such detailed explanations!

Basic of unity

Learn how to get started with unity.

Created by Moneeb Arif - Game Developer ,online Entrepreneur


Students: 6111, Price: Free

Till 2020 revenue from game development will become 79 billion dollars so it is huge market and to enter this market this course will help you. It will teach you basic of game development tool unity in easy way. This course will help you to get started and make your way to the great opportunity present in game development market. 

For this course you should have some basic knowledge of programming. And it is very shot course to get you quickly adopt to interface of unity.

This course teaches you some basic interface of unity, then about game objects, rigid bodies , unity physics and then scripting.

So take this course if you want to be in this future market of game development. 

Complete Introduction to Unity Engine 2021

Want to develop games, but don't know where to start? Then this course is for you!

Created by Matas Vaidelauskas - Game Developer


Students: 5424, Price: Free

Are you looking for an entryway to creating your own games?

Many people feel overwhelmed when starting out developing games, many people quit because of the huge amount of new knowledge flowing in rapid succession. With this course, I want to help you succeed in starting your own game developer career by providing you with the tools to properly start using the Unity Engine and master it in the shortest time possible.

Unity is a cross-platform game engine publicly available for use. It is used in game production, film production, and various industries that require some sort of 3D interactivity or visualization. Unity Engine was launched in 2005 with the vision to "democratize" game development by making it accessible to more developers. This year, 50% of the games that were launched on major platforms were made with Unity Engine. As of today, Unity Engine supports over 20 platforms, placing itself as the leader in terms of flexibility and availability.

In this FREE course, we will be going through everything you need to know to get started with the Unity Engine in 2020. From licensing to creating a project to navigating the Editor environment. This course has everything you need to hit the ground running when it comes to learning how to make your own games.

Learn to create a 2D Racing car game for FREE PART 1.

Learn how to create a cool 2D top down racing car game with the unity game engine.

Created by Games 2Play - Video Game Design


Students: 5173, Price: Free


In my course we will start at the bottom and work our way up to advanced game design like AI path finding, we will be creating a car controller and many features with in our game.

This course is designed for beginner level and up as i will explain everything in best detail as i can, at the end of the course we will have made a racing car game like micro machines which in the 1980's was an amazing car game.

In this part of the course you will learn

Installing the unity engine and also installing visual studio

Explaining how the unity engine works

Cutting up car sprite sheet

Adding the car to scene with its components

Moving the car using c# script

Making the front wheels rotate using c# script

Creating the exhaust smoke with the particle system

And a mixed quiz

Make a 2D game in Unity3D

Code your own Unity Game!

Created by Matthew Mills - Nerd of many things


Students: 4945, Price: Free

We will make a game based on an old Apple II game called Sabotage. In the process we will cover several helpful skills in Unity.

  • Learn the coordinate system for GameObjects

  • Turn images into Sprites and control them on the screen

  • Read the mouse position and convert it into rotational value

  • Change the pivot point for sprites (images)

  • Creating Sprite prefabs and Instantiating them

  • Creating smooth movements using Time.deltaTime

  • Using Tags to organize GameObjects and overcoming limitations of prefabs

  • Creating child GameObjects to join Sprites together

  • Creating particle systems and sub-emmiters

  • Creating UI text fields for keeping score

  • Adjusting UI canvas to fit the game area

  • Adding sounds to GameObjects

  • Creating stand-alone game sound objects

You won't even realize you learned these things because you will be having so much fun!

Learn to create a 2D Racing car game for FREE PART 2.

Learn how to create a cool 2D top down racing car game with the unity game engine.

Created by Games 2Play - Video Game Design


Students: 4416, Price: Free


In my course we will start at the bottom and work our way up to advanced game design like AI path finding, we will be creating a car controller and many features with in our game.

This course is designed for beginner level and up as i will explain everything in best detail as i can, at the end of the course we will have made a racing car game like micro machines which in the 1980's was an amazing car game.

In this part of the course you will learn

Fixing the exhaust smoke effect and explaining the sorting layers

Setting up the cars speedometer

Using c# code to move the speedometer

Adjusting our camera

Creating the cars dust trail effect

Coding our dust trail

Creating our race track

Adding tool sprites to build our track with edge colliders

Fixing car collision and showing my track

Creating lap time & best time in the UI

Fixing common errors in Unity C#

Fix C# errors quickly and easily for beginners

Created by Pete Jepson - Game Design Tutor


Students: 4163, Price: Free

If you are new to scripting in Unity then you are bound to encounter at least one of the common errors of Unity C#

In this course I am going to show you how to fix a wide variety of the most common errors you will encounter when using Unity C#

By the end of this course you should have developed the confidence to begin identifying and fixing errors in C# scripts quickly and easily

Learn to create a 2D Racing car game for FREE PART 3.

Learn how to create a cool 2D top down racing car game with the unity game engine.

Created by Games 2Play - Video Game Design


Students: 4117, Price: Free


In my course we will start at the bottom and work our way up to advanced game design like AI path finding, we will be creating a car controller and many features with in our game.

This course is designed for beginner level and up as i will explain everything in best detail as i can, at the end of the course we will have made a racing car game like micro machines which in the 1980's was an amazing car game.

In this part of the course you will learn

Setting the trigger for our lap timer

Adding code for our lap timer

Activating our best time using code

Adding health and damage to our car

Creating two ways to do an explosion effect

Creating a lives system to blow up the car

Fixing our car explosion sound.

Unity 3D – Procedural Mesh Generation – The Basics

Learn all the basics of generating procedural mesh using C#

Created by Digital Touches - Game Developer


Students: 3162, Price: Free

In this course you will learn the following skills:

1-Understand the concept of the Meshes at Unity 3D.

2-You will learn how to build your first Mesh using the minimum required code.

3-You will learn to create the basic 2D shapes (Triangles/Quad) using C#.

4-You will be introduced to the basic concepts of Mesh visualization.

5-You will learn the concept of the UVs and how to apply it in your code;

6-You will learn the concept of the Normals and how to apply it in your code.

Create a modular dungeon in Unity

Modular level design for games

Created by Pete Jepson - Game Design Tutor


Students: 1092, Price: Free

In this course I will be showing you how to create a dungeon level using modular game objects such as walls, floors and doorways. Modular game objects are designed so that you can arrange them in any order you like, almost like Lego bricks. They simply snap together, making it very easy to create hundreds of unique layouts.

We will be covering snapping techniques to build unique dungeon designs very quickly and easily.

We will also be covering lightmaps and prop placements.

By the end of this course you will have developed the skills to create your own levels using modular game objects from any asset packs available on the Unity asset store.

Modular level design is a key skill when creating video games and it will improve your ability to quickly create impressive levels for your own games.

All of the assets used in this course are available to download for free from the Unity asset store.

You don't need any previous experience as I will be showing you how to create everything from a blank canvas through to completed design. This course does not contain any scripting or coding and is designed with beginner learners in mind, although the techniques can be useful for people who already use Unity for their projects.

Facebook Leaderboard Development for Unity Android & IOS

Learn the basics of building Facebook Leaderboards

Created by Waqas Ahmad Bhatti - Game Developer


Students: 470, Price: Free

This course will enable developers to implement Facebook leaderboard for Unity games published on Play Store and App Store. I will briefly explain Facebook Leaderboard implementation by breaking it down into smaller and comprehensible parts. After the completion, students will have a basic architecture for Facebook leaderboard to begin with and will be able to easily develop Facebook Leaderboard for their Games.