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Beginners guide to RPA – Automation Anywhere

Learn how RPA is revolutionizing today's Businesses!

Created by Automation Anywhere - Instructor


Students: 43903, Price: Free

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a game-changing technology that streamlines and automates repetitive tasks, and thereby minimizing errors to zero level and increasing productivity to a new level. The goal of this course is to help you see the big picture of RPA and prepare you for building software robots using Automation Anywhere, the global leader in Robotic Process Automation and the pioneers of the Digital Workforce.

How to Scrape any Website with UiPath

RPA developer

Created by Frank Boakye - My courses will improve your life and income!


Students: 3636, Price: Free

In this course, we'll take a deeper dive into the data scraping with UiPath, taking your Robot Framework test automation skills to the next level:

  • Many quick tips to turbocharge your UiPath skills

  • Creating activities

  • A "TODO" script review process to improve collaboration with team members

  • How to keep your open source tools up to date

  • A deep dive into web locators

  • Conditionals & loops to make your scripts more logical

  • Advanced data handling with Dictionaries

  • Data-driven testing

  • A complete end to end example

  • More!

By the end of the course, you should feel confident to pursue a role with any company who needs to data scrape any website.

UiPath RPA – Data Scraping and Excel Application Scope

UiPath Studio Fundamentals with Smartbridge

Created by Smartbridge LLC - Simplifying Business Transformation


Students: 3402, Price: Free

Learn the fundamentals of Data Scraping and Excel Application Scope in the UiPath Studio!

Robotic Process Automation is impacting organizations at break-neck speed. UiPath is on the forefront of RPA technology with their user-friendly creator studio, designed for both beginner, intermediate, and advanced RPA developers.

Course Takeaways - Here are the components covered in this lesson:

  • UiPath Studio Open Browser Activity: Opens a web browser and navigates specifically where you indicate.

  • UiPath Studio Data Scraper: Learn how to extract structured data with the Data Scrapping Wizard.

  • UiPath Studio Excel Application Scope: Learn to generate a new work file that capable of data-driven activities.

  • UiPath Studio Close Tab Activity: Learn how to properly close a UiPath project, especially when active web browsers are involved.

  • See it in Action: Immediately following the course, see the impact of UiPath through a real use case.

Robotic Process Automation – UiPath StudioX

Make a Robot by yourself. A guided development of a Robot by using the RPA - UiPath StudioX.

Created by Somnath Mukherjee - Consultant for Digital Transformation


Students: 2863, Price: Free

The training is aimed to make a workable robot by explaining the underneath technology.  The main objective of the course is to encourage the learner to get rid of routinely logical jobs by creating Robots by themselves. The basic requisites to learn and practice UiPath StudioX :

  • Computer​

  • Windows Operating System​

  • Dot Net Framework 4.5​

  • UiPath StudioX​

  • Microsoft Excel​

  • Data.xlsx - Datasource​

  • DoubleUI.exe - Application

UiPath RPA – Variables and Studio Recording

Learn and see the full functionalities of Variables and Studio Recording in UiPath

Created by Smartbridge LLC - Simplifying Business Transformation


Students: 2271, Price: Free

Learn the Fundamentals of Variables and Studio Recording in UiPath

Creating/running Variables and recording processes are two major features in the UiPath Studio. In this lesson, we'll cover the full spectrum of what Variables are, what they do, how to create them, and how to plug them into a process. We'll also cover the basic functionalities of Recording, what you can/cannot record within the UiPath Studio parameters, and how to actually execute a web browser-based recording.

PDF solutions for UiPath

Understand how to automate common PDF related functionalities with UiPath

Created by Bytescout Academy - Bytescout Learning Academy


Students: 2149, Price: Free

UiPath is market leader with RPA solutions. UiPath provides various extensions to work with different solutions such as files, emails, services etc.

PDF co is market leader in providing PDF related features. PDF co has developed free UiPath extension to automate basic PDF related features such as converting PDF or extract particular portion of PDF and convert it to different formats. Whether it's merging or splitting PDF, or any advanced PDF related feature by directly consuming PDF co API; PDF co extension for UiPath provides it all.

In this course users will learn how to work with this extension primarily.  Apart from this extension, users will learn how to work with UiPath in general.

Let's get started!

Implement projects using Enhanced REFramewok in UiPath

Simplified guide with demo project to implement Enhanced Robotic Enterprise Framework in your projects

Created by Rajaneesh Balakrishnan - RPA Consultant at AMP


Students: 1258, Price: Free

1.Understand about the overview of Enhanced Robotic Enterprise Framework

2. Interact with Enhanced Robotic Enterprise Framework components such as Config Files, Orchestrator, JSON and Transaction objects

2.Learn about Work blocks, State Transitions and Try Catch to achieve end to end transaction automation

3.Interacting with Config files and Orchestrator (Queues and Assets) from the framework

4.Understand the implementation of Exception handling and Logging messages

5.Learn to automate any windows and web applications right from scratch using UiPath Enhanced REFramework

6.Demo of implemented framework and verifying Results

Note: A simple Currency Conversion project using a Desktop application, Web-application and Excel files are  implemented for Demo purposes

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