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Introduction to Windows Server 2012 & Linux for Beginners

Enroll in this course and get VALUABLE IT experience right from your house! Based on Windows Server 2012r2 and Ubuntu

Created by Paul Hill - Expert IT Instructor: 129k Students, 16k Reviews, 17 Courses


Students: 69050, Price: Free

Learn the basics of managing Windows Server 2012r2 and Ubuntu Server.

In this course I am going to give you a foundation of Windows Server 2012 and Ubuntu Server 14.  The goal of this course is to get your feet wet with both of these operating systems and help you understand the contrasts between them.

Many people would like to get into the computer field because of the lure of high-paying jobs but they do not know where to start - this course will point you down the right path!

This is an introductory course and you will be able to follow each step easily as my instructions are clear and concise!  I will walk you through everything you need to do in order to get your Windows Server 2012 and Ubuntu Server 14 virtual machines setup and running!

Also there is no cost for the software you will be using in this course - it is all free!  What are you waiting for? Enroll now! 

Learning Linux with Ubuntu and CentOS: The Easy Way

Why not give Linux a try, its Free, Fun, Highly Stable and Free Of Viruses

Created by Ahmad Nadeem - Independent Network & Telecom Consultant


Students: 41177, Price: Free

In 2001, when I started my career as Telecom Professional, I could barely manage MS Windows. All I knew was how to Power it on and do basic tasks like making Presentation, Word Document and take print outs. Oh Yea! I could also make my way into putting on Video CDs and playing occasional games (NFS, FIFA). Since then, a lot has changed in the world of Operating Systems and in turn for me as well. After my first interaction with Linux in 2002, I've continued on this path and every day, my passion for Linux just gets deeper.

If you are also searching for an alternate Operating System with decades of developments, a system that does not do funny things (read annoying), where ending a process really mean killing it, which is extremely fast to boot and shutdown, which does not invite world of malwares, viruses and Trojans, a system that has got a highly thriving and vibrant community,  and which is Free to use and distribute, then my friends Welcome! to the World of Linux.

In this course, I will show you two major flavors (distributions) of Linux, Ubuntu and CentOS. You will be able to:

1. Install and Manage Ubuntu

2. Install and Manage CentOS

3. How to update your system

4. Use everyday / common applications

5. Become a NIX user in just couple of hours

6. Just have fun with your new OS

((First step towards LPIC-1 certification training course that I've uploaded here on Udemy ))

This course is general purpose and is suitable for anyone and everyone. Whether you are a student, a techie or a businessman with little to nil knowledge of Operating Systems, I will take your hand and help you in your journey to the Awesome World of Linux that operates “From wristwatches to supercomputers,”. So, without further delay, click on take this course and join the ride.

Storage Area Network with Oracle ZFS on Centos Linux : L1

oracle ZFS storage area network & network attached storage accessed by windows linux VMware redhat centos ubuntu

Created by Muhamad Elkenany - Unix/Linux System Engineer, Teaching Linux & Storage


Students: 12519, Price: Free

This course delivers Oracle ZFS leading technology to build advanced, professional and efficient storage that meets modern business needs and reduce the complexity and risk.

By using ZFS which becomes an open source technology now, you can build your own professional storage, which has almost the same features found in any commercial hardware storage.

In order to get benefit from this course, you should have some background about Linux administration since this course is completely built on open source Linux.

By the end of this course you will have a strong knowledge about ZFS and how you can build and administrate your professional storage box.

Learn Ubuntu Desktop from scratch

Ubuntu Desktop (Linux) Tutorials Level 0

Created by Mohamed Elnmr - Computer and Systems Engineer


Students: 822, Price: Free

ubuntu online training - Ubuntu Desktop Course - Level 0 - ubuntu course for beginners


Hello everybody,

Welcome in this series of lessons about the Ubuntu desktop operating system

-Presented by: SystemAC Channel

-Eng: Mohamed Elnmr


The course Audience:

- All IT, computer Students

- All operating systems Students

- Who desire learning Ubuntu OS

- Who desire operating systems

- Who like linux systems

- beginners in Ubuntu

- beginners in linux

- Who search for windows alternatives

- Who want another operating system besides windows


The Course Contents:

Intro: Overview about Ubuntu

Lesson 1: download ubuntu desktop

Lesson 2: install ubuntu desktop

Lesson 3: the basic tasks insdide ubuntu

Lesson 4: the online accounts inside ubuntu

Lesson 5: ubuntu gnome GUI user interface explained

Lesson 6: how to customize ubuntu desktop

Lesson 7: how to deal with applications and windows

Lesson 8: all about networks and web inside ubuntu

Lesson 9: explanation of media files

Lesson 10: files and folder inside ubuntu desktop


About Author:

- Peace be upon you

- I am Muhammad Al-Nmr, a computer and systems engineer

- I graduated from the College of Engineering

- Department of Computers and Systems

- Mansoura University, 2012

- I worked for several years as a teacher and trainer

- For computers and IT

- After that, I specialized in

- The field of computer operating systems

- I decided to set up my own channel

- To offer computer systems courses

- I aim to facilitate the provision of

- Educational and training services in computer systems

- For all students of information technology

- And computer science and others who desire the field

- Thank you


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