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Find the best online Typography Courses for you. The courses are sorted based on popularity and user ratings. We do not allow paid placements in any of our rankings. We also have a separate page listing only the Free Typography Courses.

Web Design for Web Developers: Build Beautiful Websites!

Learn web design in 1 hour with 25+ simple-to-use rules and guidelines — tons of amazing web design resources included!

Created by Jonas Schmedtmann - Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher


Students: 496376, Price: Free

Students: 496376, Price:  Free

IMPORTANT NOTE: The material of this course is also covered in my other course about web design and development with HTML5 & CSS3. Scroll to the bottom of this page to check out that course, too! If you're already taking my other course, you already have all it takes to start designing beautiful websites today!

"Best web design course on Udemy: If you're interested in web design, but want more than just a "how to use WordPress" course, I highly recommend this one." — Florian Giusti

"Very helpful to us left-brained people: I am familiar with HTML, CSS, JQuery, and Twitter Bootstrap, but I needed instruction in web design. This course gave me practical, impactful techniques for making websites more beautiful and engaging." — Susan Darlene Cain

"The most educational instructor ever!: Everything is good about this course, you learn a lot, the instructor are excellent and the production is flawless. Love this course, simple as that!" — Lovisa

Did you know that beautiful websites convert better than ones that don't stand out at all? This means more sales, more signups, and ultimately more money for you. Do you want to learn how to do exactly that?

If you wonder how you can make your next website really good-looking, then you've come to the right place!

In this course, I will show you 25+ guidelines of amazing web design in less than 1 hour. No boring theory, no unnecessary stuff. You will learn dead simple web design rules and guidelines that go straight to the point — you can use them to improve your websites today!

In this course, we will use beautiful web design examples together with my 25+ guidelines of amazing web design to learn:

• How to make text look professionally designed

• How to correctly use the power of colors

• How to get and use amazing images, fonts, and icons to make your website shine — all for FREE.

• How to create a layout using whitespace and visual hierarchy

• How to keep yourself inspired to learn more and more about web design

• How to make your websites convert better using 8 simple-to-use techniques

But there is even more: I provide you with tons of useful web design resources to get you started for your next web design project! These are real-world resources used by real professionals in the web design industry!

You can use the rules and guidelines you'll learn in this course for everything you want: design your own WordPress theme, personalize a Bootstrap website, start from scratch with HTML and CSS, or mockup a website in Figma. The 25+ guidelines of amazing web design are universal and ready-to-use for any project.

This course is perfect for experienced web developers who want to learn how to make their websites look beautiful and professionally designed.

Illustrator CC 2020 for beginners : Basics & Tricks

Familiarize with Adobe illustrator and get to know the the essentials

Created by Khalil Ibrahim - Chief Design Officer & Wordpress Expert


Students: 78592, Price: Free

Students: 78592, Price:  Free

Adobe Illustrator is a very powerful application and it's the standard vector application in the design field.

& if you are new to illustrator this course could be a great intro for you to get familiar and know the basics of this program from scratch all the way to get you to know about the important tools & panels and the main mechanism of how to operate this application easily and do most of the common regular design work you might be thinking of.

the best way for you if you are completely new to illustrator is to watch each lecture then start applying right away on your illustrator and keep the lecture nearby to refer to any step if needed. 

hope you enjoy this course and feel free to contact me for any support.

Kinetic Typography in After Effects: Motion Graphics Course

Start creating your own kinetic typography videos, titles, and motion graphics in Adobe After Effects in just minutes!

Created by Phil Ebiner - Top-Rated Instructor, 2 Million+ Students


Students: 66137, Price: $99.99

Students: 66137, Price:  Paid

Ever wanted to add motion to your video titles and text?

Kinetic typography is everywhere nowadays - in films, commercials, music videos, online courses. This 'motion typography' makes your videos look more professional and engaging. While it seems complicated, creating your own kinetic typography videos in Adobe After Effects is quite simple when broken down into the basic animations that are actually happening.

That's what this course is all about - breaking down a complicated motion graphics video, and teaching you how to animate each type of text animation.

What will you be able to do with this course?

  • Use traditional cuts to introduce new words
  • Reveal text with scale and position animation
  • Rotate and flip text onto the screen
  • Revolve text onto the screen (like they do in so many commercials!)
  • Improve animations with motion blur, easy ease, and graph editing
  • Export and upload your videos
  • Much more!

If you've ever wanted to jump right into creating kinetic typography videos, but didn't know how - this is the perfect course for you.

How does this course work?

This course is taught using Adobe After Effects. We used the latest Creative Cloud version of After Effects, but you can use any previous version (CS6 or earlier) because the process is the same. In this course, we dive right into creating kinetic typography in After Effects. While it will be easier to follow along if you have some experience with After Effects, it is not a requirement. If this course goes too quickly or seems too advanced for you, try enrolling in our full Kinetic Typography or Complete Adobe After Effects courses, which are for complete After Effects beginners.

Throughout this course, you will be working on your own kinetic typography project. Each lesson breaks down one scene from the sample video, going over a new technique in revealing text (cut, scale, position, and rotation animations).

What bonuses are included in this course?

Follow along by using the downloadable After Effects project file. This way, you can follow along with everything we do in the course.

Why should you enroll?

You should enroll if you want to quickly learn the basic building blocks of creating advanced and intricate text animations. Phil, the instructor, is always available to help out - as if you were in a live course. So if you ever get stuck or need something explained, you will find an answer. By the way, Phil has taught over 100,000 students here on Udemy and really knows how to explain complex ideas - like motion typography - to beginners like you.

We can't wait to see you in the course!

Become a HTML and CSS Developer – Build a Responsive Site

Take the first step to becoming a professional web developer

Created by Pablo Farias Navarro - Certified Game Developer and Founder of ZENVA


Students: 35637, Price: Free

Students: 35637, Price:  Free

In this course you'll learn the basics of HTML, CSS and responsive web design. Throughout the course, you'll be building a professional looking company website, designed for both desktop computer and mobile phones.

This is a complete re-make of our hugely popular course created in 2013 and taken by over 40,000 students “Programming for Entrepreneurs - HTML and CSS”.

Why is learning HTML so important?

1. Learning HTML and CSS are good first steps on the road to become a software developer. A rewarding and high demand profession in the innovation economy.

2. If you are not interested in becoming a professional coder, this course will help you improve your communication skills and understanding software developers.

3. It's fun. To me, there are few things more rewarding than being able to create my own websites, mobile apps and games.

What you will learn in this course:

  • How to create a stunning, responsive company website
  • Understanding the role of HTML and CSS in web development
  • HTML tags to make sleek static web pages with links and images
  • Creating forms, the most popular way to capture user input on the web
  • HTML lists
  • Display your data with tables
  • Selecting and modifying elements with CSS
  • Arrange your content with the CSS Box Model
  • Typography and Google Fonts to make professional websites
  • Responsive web design principles to create a responsive page

Bootstrap 4 Website Built from scratch in 1 hour

Explore how to Create amazing Fully Responsive websites from scratch step by step how to add Bootstrap to your webpages

Created by Laurence Svekis - Instructor, GDE, Application Developer


Students: 33208, Price: Free

Students: 33208, Price:  Free

Create your own Mobile Ready : Fully Responsive websites from Scratch!

Rapid web development with Bootstrap starting from scratch with a blank web page.  This course will show you how to take this blank file and create a website.  Best of all once you become familiar with Bootstrap you can create websites like the one in the course in under 1 hour!  Source code is included so you too can follow along with the course content and create a website upon completion of the course.  

Learn why Bootstrap is so popular, guaranteed that once you start using Bootstrap you will love it!!!!

Single page websites are super popular, web visitors like to interact with the content and have it all presented in one place.   Add in jQuery animation for scrolling making it fun for web visitors to interact and see more of your content!  

This course covers Bootstrap 4 - overviews changes that are new from Bootstrap 3.

Explore what Bootstrap can do!!!!!  Everything is included

  • Links and resources are included
  • Create a Bootstrap template
  • Find out how to add a Navbar
  • Create sections within the page
  • Add backgrounds and colors
  • customise Bootstrap components
  • How to use Bootstrap Scrollspy 
  • Add jQuery animation for scrolling
  • and much more.....

I'm here to help you learn more about using Bootstrap and ready to answer any questions you may have.

By the end of the course you will be able to build your own custom website from scratch.

Enroll now and see what you can do with Bootstrap.

Animatron University – Beginner Course

Animation for the rest of us!

Created by Jesse Bray - Owner/Creative Director @ Mr.Bray Studios


Students: 25596, Price: Free

Students: 25596, Price:  Free

Course Description

This Animatron University "Beginner" course is specifically designed for the beginner in mind. In this in depth course you'll learn how make animations with absolutely zero background in animation or design or coding. Learn HOW TO use this FREE Online tool, ANIMATRON to create fun, easy, and exciting HTML5,gifs and short animations that you can share with the WORLD!

With FIVE super comprehensive courses covering everything from "Concept to Completion" learning how to create animation like they do in the biz, to "Social Media", "Editing", "Interactivity" to "Explainer Videos". This beginner course is not only your first steps towards bringing your GREAT IDEAS to LIFE, but also becoming a ROCKSTAR: presenter, animator, marketer, teacher, content creating wiz and more!

Learn and Master "Animatron " in this Comprehensive Course.

  • Create an Animated Selfie card
  • Animated class presentations
  • Tell a three act story
  • Learn online tools to turn your creative ideas to life

Contents and Overview
In over 6 hours of content including 16 lectures and 16 assignments

What are the requirements?

  • A computer with a steady internet connection
  • A free Animatron account
  • A creative mind ready to learn

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn how to use and create HTML5 animations in the cloud
  • Learn history of animation
  • Learn history of branding
  • Learn how to create a logo
  • Learn how to design social media ready animations and designs

What is the target audience?

  • The absolute beginner
  • People wanting to learning animation and design

Bootstrap unleash the power Rapid web development

Complete Guide to using Bootstrap and creating mobile first responsive web pages. Future of web development is here.

Created by Laurence Svekis - Instructor, GDE, Application Developer


Students: 23997, Price: Free

Students: 23997, Price:  Free

How to IMPROVE your website and make it responsive to be viewed on any device. Mobile first web development. We show you how to create and utilize Twitter Bootstrap to effectively make AMAZING websites.

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Let us help you learn Bootstrap!

This Twitter Bootstrap course is exclusive on Udemy we build web development courses since 2002. Learn to create AWESOME web pages using Twitter Bootstrap .

Everything you need to learn about Bootstrap is provided within this course.

  • exclusive download PDF resource ebook
  • efficient training material
  • no wasted time watching someone type we get right to the point
  • quick lessons get right to the point
  • fully covered topics with real world examples
  • over 10 source files downloadable to work along
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • new course material added regularly
  • trusted name in education since 2002
  • full HD easy to read source coding
  • proven effective method to learn and retain the information

This course will walk you through all the basic building blocks of Bootstrap.

Designed for everyone, everywhere.

Bootstrap makes front-end web development faster and easier. It's made for folks of all skill levels, devices of all shapes, and projects of all sizes.

This course covers all the components you will need to create your own bootstrap websites.

  1. Bootstrap introduction
  2. Web development Resources PDF Bootstrap
  3. Introduction to Bootstrap
  4. Creating a Bootstrap Website
  5. Adding Bootstrap to your webpage
  6. Bootstrap Grid System Explained
  7. More about responsive and the grid stacking
  8. Bootstrap JumboTron
  9. Bootstrap Buttons
  10. Bootstrap glyphicons
  11. Bootstrap Nav bar with dropdown
  12. Bootstrap Nav Bar Menu
  13. Bootstrap Spacing Typography
  14. Bootstrap all about tables
  15. Bootstrap images responsive design
  16. Bootstrap using panels wells
  17. Bootstrap alert messages
  18. Bootstrap forms
  19. Bootstrap amazing components
  20. Bootstrap modal plugin
  21. Bootstrap hide show content
  22. Bootstrap Carousel
  23. Bootstrap more JavaScript Components
  24. Bootstrap review

One framework, every device.

Bootstrap easily and efficiently scales your websites and applications with a single code base, from phones to tablets to desktops with CSS media queries.

Full of features

With Bootstrap, you get extensive and beautiful documentation for common HTML elements, dozens of custom HTML and CSS components, and awesome jQuery plugins.

Introduction to X Theme and Cornerstone for Wordpress

Create beautiful websites using X Theme and Cornerstone with Wordpress.

Created by Jerad Hill - Photography, Web Designer, Online Marketer, Husband, Father


Students: 21432, Price: Free

Students: 21432, Price:  Free

Learn how to build amazing websites in Wordpress using X Theme and Cornerstone. X Theme is a powerful theme framework that allows you to create an unlimited amount design variations all from within one theme. Cornerstone adds additional power to X Theme by giving you the ability to generate beautiful page layouts without writing a single line of code.

If you are looking to build a website for yourself, your business or you want a more flexible framework for designing websites for others, X Theme can get you there.

Who am I? - I'm a website designer with over 15 years of experience. Over the past 10 years, I have been designing websites around Wordpress. It used to take me weeks to code up a template and page layouts. In X Theme with Cornerstone, I can build a deploy amazing websites in a fraction of that time.

This course is going to teach you the following:

  • How to install X Theme and Cornerstone
  • How to configure X Theme using Customizer
  • How to create amazing website page layouts
  • Much more...

We will look at some of the websites I have created using X Theme and discuss other resources available to X Theme users.

Having a website that is attractive to viewers and keeps them engaged as they learn more about what your website is offering them is important. Nothing sends people away faster than bad design. X Theme and Cornerstone help you create engaging websites that convert traffic into sales. The best part is that you can do all of this without knowing how to code.

Join me as we go through X Theme and Cornerstone one section at a time and then build some awesome pages together.

Why X Theme? - I have met the folks behind X Theme and they are really good people. Their goal is to deliver a great product that we can use to produce quality websites and they have done just that. X Theme is well supported and maintained. I feel confident building my clients websites in X Theme and Cornerstone knowing that their sites will continue to receive updates.

Why is this course free? - I believe in giving back. Most of my introductory level courses are free because I believe in sharing knowledge with each other. I taught myself how to code by reading articles and by dissecting opensource code. If it was not for this free information, I most likely would not be running Hill Media Group, my online marketing agency.

What's Next? - Now that this course is live, I will be completing my Advanced X Theme course soon, which will teach you how to build extremely dynamic websites using X Theme, Cornerstone, and other plugins that help with user experience and conversion.

Build eCommerce and Brand Sites to Start Working from Home

Master a simple, fast, step by step system building branded & eCommerce websites for customers from scratch. No coding!

Created by Cory Adamson - Business Application Developer and IT Manager


Students: 16948, Price: Free

Students: 16948, Price:  Free

Take control and work to organically move from working an 8-5 to working your own hours from home building websites for others! 

In this build along course, we will work together on building a practical website of your choosing (like your own business website) starting from scratch and learning the in's and out's of domains, website hosts and of course Wordpress and WooCommerce.  These free platforms are by which the foundation of magic will happen!  We will also learn other highly valuable and mostly free industry flexible tools, themes and plugins, etcetera, to get you stared on a path of breaking free!   We will be building a fully fledged branded eCommerce site and I will be explaining it through each and every step.  This is not a 3 hour course but a full fledged 20+ hour walk-through of an entire site build and the nuances and challenges along the way.   

Lastly, but certainly not least, there will be a plethora of bonus content being added periodically which includes many extra features and web building business related topics to help you know how to get started and get off the ground faster and continue giving you skills marketable above the rest. 

Who is this course for?

This course is namely for those knowing nothing about website design and want to learn everything needed to get started professionally and being confident without coding; Or, you are an existing developer and want to master WordPress and eCommerce platforms as a means of building faster and more economical solutions for your clients.  Weather you are just wanting to break free of a boss, expand your skills, are incapable of working a labor job anymore or are retired and want to supplement your retirement income, you can do this course!  

Are you?

  • A stay at home mom or dad
  • An entrepreneur
  • An existing web developer
  • An aspiring web developer
  • A business owner
  • An employee
  • A student
  • A retiree
  • A person who loves to learn and loves the internet

This course is for you! 

Regardless of your experience, we not only offer support over the Udemy built in community, you can also join the instructors's private Facebook group to also socialize and bounce questions off the instructor Cory and other eager students.

What you will learn?

You will go from knowing nothing about websites to being able to build a fully fledged branded eCommerce site that is easy for you and your customers to manage, is marketable and even gain skills necessary to improve your own employer's web presence!   The reason why we will do an eCommerce site is that it covers the majority of what you will need to tackle in any other situation as well as how to deal with variation.  No two websites taste the same but the recipe is the same each and every time.   This step by step, rinse and repeat system, includes planning, setup, configure all the way through go live.  We leave no stone unturned, all without touching any coding!   We will also touch on some common online marketing tips you can pass off to your customers with Amazon integration, social media and others.  This will ultimately help make your skill and offers stand above others!     You aren't going to find a more detailed and easy to follow course then this.   Similar, more difficult to follow courses, are generally aimed at people with experience or, due to sheer cost, are too risky!  

This course being easy, can be used by anyone and is priced for easy access no matter what budget you have!  Finally, and most importantly, we are always developing and improving our content as student or industry needs change!  If you love it, it will be the "gateway drug" to future web development skills such as coding!   

Udemy support for lifetime access is excellent!   Don't hold back!  Learn the skills that will open the door into the world of internet business and make you more effective in our day in age.  Let's rescue the internet from business that don't understand the value of websites and online marketing in the 21st century!  Remember, the skills learned here will benefit you in your own business and help you earn extra revenue to a goal of financial freedom; moreover, it will also boost your employability with future or existing companies you work for by adding valuable web skills to your resume!  Wordpress makes up a vast majority of websites today! Learn it! Don't hesitate!  Jump on board now and we will see you in the course.  

Fundamentals of User Interface Design

Learn to create slick UI's as you learn the fundamentals of design such as typography, color theory, design principles.

Created by Ahmet Efeoğlu - UI/UX Designer


Students: 14959, Price: Free

Students: 14959, Price:  Free

Learn the fundamentals of user interface design as you master the following topics:

  1. Typography

  2. Color Theory

  3. Design Principles

  4. Basics Of AdobeXD

Once we get you to master each topic with assignments and some rules of thumb, we will build a  hands-on practice project where we will design a design agency website.   After this course, you will never be confused about which fonts work well together or what kind of color schema you should use. 

Apple Watch UX: Design Beautiful UI and User Experiences

Learn how to design and prototype smooth user experiences and beautiful interfaces for the Apple Watch in less than 2hrs

Created by Pablo Stanley - Product Designer


Students: 14626, Price: Free

Students: 14626, Price:  Free

Hello, my name is Pablo Stanley and I want to teach you how to design beautiful and functional apps for the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is the most hyped product of the year and it's on track to be in the hands of more than 25 million people. Take this course to prepare yourself to design smooth experiences and beautiful interfaces in less than a couple of hours.

In this course, we'll go through the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines so we can understand the themes, anatomy, actionable notifications, glances, animations, and general interface principles.

I'll teach you how to think for the Apple Watch using simplicity and functionality. Stripping down an app to its core benefits and write user stories around it. After that, we'll design three different apps: a music player, a messaging platform, and a Udemy app for the apple watch.

And that's not all. Once our designs are ready, we'll create interactive prototypes to test our creations.

What makes me a good teacher?

  • Over 2,000 other students have already enjoyed two highly rated Udemy courses
  • Keeping the course engaging and relevant so you can have fun taking it is my main priority.
  • More than 15 years of experience in Design.
  • I just freaking love Design. It's my passion and I want to pass along my love for it.

Who is this class for?

  • Beginners welcome! No programming experience required. I want you to quickly understand the basics and get practicing.
  • Creators. Makers. People who want to design apps. I will be teaching you how to design and prototype apps that you can share and play with.
  • UX and Mobile Designers who are new to Apple Watch and want to design for the Apple Watch like a boss.
  • Freelancers and career development professionals who want to earn money via contract work, consulting or full-time employment.
  • Entrepreneurs who have the next big idea for an app but want to first see how it feels and show it to potential partners


  • Music App Design section available in May 2015
  • Messaging App Design section available in May 2015

So, are you excited? Let's do this.

Typographic Logos: Typography and Lettering for Logo Design

Learn the beginning to end process for creating your own custom type-based logo.

Created by Ray Dombroski - Graphic Designer


Students: 10328, Price: $24.99

Students: 10328, Price:  Paid

Learning and improving upon your type-based logo designs is one of the most important investments you can make in your design career. In this course we'll go over the entire process of creating a type-based logo, from idea to implementation. Let's get started!

In this course we'll cover:

  • How to find and apply inspiration
  • Learn the Digital and Analog Tools you'll need to create your logos
  • Use both Traditional and Untraditional tools to create your logo
  • Special techniques to refine your design
  • How to structure letterforms and overall composition
  • Sketch design thumbnails
  • Create a clean vector design
  • Implement color theory, shading, and add a 3D effect
  • How to add texture in Photoshop and Illustrator

Then it's up to you to take these methods and create something incredible!

As a bonus, you will also receive:

  • 26 Bitmap Textures to use in Illustrator
  • 26 Photoshop Brushes to add texture to your own designs
  • A collection of vector halftone gradients
  • The finished "Typographic Logos" design in vector format

WordPress Website 2019 HTTPS, Elementor & Futurio Free Theme

How to create an HTTPS WordPress website with Elementor 2019 and Free Futurio Theme properly in 1,5 Hours

Created by Kim Muellner - WordPress user and video tutorial creator since 2010


Students: 9198, Price: Free

Students: 9198, Price:  Free

Hello there! Thank you so much for visiting this WordPress Website 2019 HTTPS, Elementor & Futurio Free Theme course. We will learn how to create an HTTPS WordPress website with Elementor 2019 and Free Futurio Theme, with no coding, in 1,5 hours. Except for the domain and the web host, the tools that are used in this course are all free.  The theme and the plugin that we will use are all free. If you already have the domain and the web host, just skip the first sections to follow along.

In this WordPress Website 2019 course, we will learn how to create WordPress website using Futurio free WordPress theme and Elementor free plugin. We will have a cool trending self-typing text effect on your website's front page. At the end of this video, you will have a full functional website. In the homepage we will have the self-typing text that is currently trending in the web design world.

We will start by learning how to get a domain name, that has free domain info protection to protect your private information. Once your private information is out, there is no coming back. This is very crucial if you for example, want to build a website for clients.

We'll also choose a good web host that is affordable and has free SSL certificate to setup HTTPS version of your website that will not flag your website as "not Secure" on modern browsers. We'll learn how to automatically renew this SSL certificate so that you won't have to renew it monthly or in specific period of time.

Then we'll also learn how to set up HTTPS badge on your WP website properly in 5 minutes. This 5 minutes time, is worth your investment. This is also apart of this WordPress Website 2019 course.

Why? Because we will set up HTTPS without using a plugin. A plugin in WordPress is a 3rd party tool in your website's structure. In your WordPress website's journey, it is most likely that you'll eventually install many useful and cool plugins. However, having many different plugins can cause incompatibilities between these plugins. So to troubleshoot your website, you'll eventually need to disable one, many or even all of your plugins. And your WordPress website's address or URL is the very crucial part of your website. If you disable the plugin to setup your site's HTTPS badge, then your site HTTPS version will not be available, this can cause appearance errors due to the theme files, or even some URL errors that will cause you a headache.

So set up HTTPS properly from the beginning without a plugin, and this 5-minutes investment will save your website from unnecessary problems in the future.

Furthermore, HTTPS plugins will do more redirections and this can slow down your website. It does not make sense to have beautiful websites, yet slow loading speed, so that your visitors will just go away without even bothering to wait for your site to load. So let's setup HTTPS properly from the beginning when it is only 5 minutes to do it. Let's get started with this WordPress Website 2019 course!

Learn Adobe XD essentials for UI/UX Design (2020)

Learn the Essentials of Adobe XD from a Sr. UI UX Designer with 8+ Years of Experience

Created by Pierluigi Giglio - Senior UI/UX Designer


Students: 7686, Price: Free

Students: 7686, Price:  Free

In this Adobe XD UI UX essentials course for beginners you will learn how to use Adobe XD from the ground up.

You don’t need any prior experience with Adobe XD as this course will cover all the basics during the first section of the course.

You will learn everything you need to know to create any design project in Adobe XD, as well as ways to collaborate with team members and clients through Adobe XD using a clean and efficient workflow (suitable for both remote and local designers).

In just around 1 hour and a half you will be able to learn everything you need to start creating beautiful designs in Adobe XD, turning your ideas into reality and being able to perform efficiently at your job or in your freelance practice.

Most of these advanced techniques are the same used in large companies and will give you an edge as a designer so that you can work smart and not hard.

The best part about this is that Adobe XD’s essentials don’t take a long time to learn, and it’s quite the opposite!

But why should you learn Adobe XD UI UX from me?

I’ll briefly introduce myself: my name is Pierluigi and I’m a full-time designer with over 8 years of experience.

After graduating with a BA Graphic Design from one of the top Design Universities in London I worked and managed hundreds of design projects for companies of all sizes and tech backgrounds, from Fortune 500 companies to Million-Dollar Companies that needed to raise their next round of funding.

On the side, I have also designed over 20 design products and my designs have been downloaded over 50000+ times.

I also have a design channel on Youtube with over 300 videos and I’m active on Dribbble and Instagram with over 30000 followers.

I had a deep passion for design ever since I was in high school and since this industry gave me so much, I want to give back by sharing the knowledge I gathered as a designer over all these years.

So join me today in this course and let's learn Adobe XD, so that you can bring your designs to the next level.

Bitfountain iOS Design Foundations

Use Sketch to design real iOS apps. We'll teach you the typography, color, UI interaction and icon design.

Created by John Omar - Designer, developer, teacher at Bitfountain


Students: 7066, Price: Free

Students: 7066, Price:  Free

The Bitfountain iOS Design Foundations is an immersive course teaching the basics of iOS Design using Bohemian Coding's Sketch as the primary tool.

  • Sketch Basics: Learn the basics of using Bohemian Coding's Sketch by completing three simple but unique design projects.
  • Sketch Reference: Short video lessons explaining the important Sketch functionalities.

After Completing Sketch Basics and Sketch Reference you will know everything you need to know to start creating beautiful designs in Sketch.

  • UI Foundations: Learn how to design a complete application from start to finish in Sketch.
  • Color: Learn the basics of color and color psychology in UI/UX design
  • Typography: Learn the basics of typography in UI/UX design

Create a Wordpress Website – The Ultimate Complete Guide

Join our complete Step by Step Ultimate Guide to easily Create a professional Wordpress Website that looks like you paid

Created by Karl Oftebro - Digital Marketer @


Students: 6689, Price: Free

Students: 6689, Price:  Free

Do you want to create a website that looks like you paid a professional to do it?

Then you came to the right place.

We can’t wait for you to join this course and get started right away.

Build your very own professional website from scratch by following our step by step videos

No Prior Experience with Wordpress or Web Design Needed

No Prior experience with Coding Needed

The objective of this course is to show you how to setup and create a complete, amazing and professional modern looking website using Wordpress.

We show you exactly how to do everything in our demo videos.

In this Course you will learn

  1. How to set up Web Hosting for 0.01$

  2. How to get a domain name or add your current domain name

  3. How to Install Wordpress on your own domain name

  4. How to log in to Wordpress

  5. How to Install Updates on Wordpress

  6. How to Install a New Theme on Wordpress

  7. How to Delete Sample Pages

  8. How to Add New Pages

  9. How to Customize your Website

  10. How to make your home page static

  11. How to change the Typography of your website

  12. How to Build a Modern looking Home Page

  13. How to make your website responsive

  14. How to Build your About Page

By the end of this course you will have an amazing professional looking Wordpress website and it will take you less than 1 hour

The best way to learn something new is by doing it and YOU are in the right place right now

Lets do this together

We ready to build your site with you! Are You Ready?

See you inside the course

Desktop Publishing for You

Designing in a simple way

Created by MKCL India - Creating a Knowledge Lit World


Students: 6672, Price: Free

Students: 6672, Price:  Free

Marketing of yourself, product and thinking is necessary in todays world. This can be done by making a brochure or printing a newspaper article etc. For doing this it is necessary that we know the basics of designing these items so that we can get the output as desired by us. By using CorelDraw we can design these items easily.

CorelDraw is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Corel Corporation. CorelDraw is designed to edit two-dimensional images such as logos and posters.  In this course you will learn designing visiting cards, flyers with coupons, brochures, product box package, book cover, newspaper advertisements and magazine innerpage. 

Typography for Designers & Developers – Don’t suck at design

Shift your boring designs to Dribbble level by learning Font Pairing, Web Typography, App Typography & Vertical Rhythm

Created by Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz - UI UX Designer + Freelancer + Web Developer


Students: 5344, Price: $99.99

Students: 5344, Price:  Paid

Last UPDATED on → 25th September 2020

Added New Resources → 3 New Lectures about Mobile Typography


Have you ever wondered that Why the designs of Dribbble and Behance looks so elegant. One of the secrets behind those great Web and Mobile App Designs is perfect use of Font Combinations, powerful usage of white space and grids.    

To learn this Super Power of Typography and use of Time and Space, Take this course   

This course main focus is on Typography for Designers and Developers. All great designers possess the skill of Typography and their usage of white space is always out class.   

Take Away For Designers :-   

In this course we will convert your boring designs to Dribbble level designs by learning   

  • Basics of Typography Classes and Anatomy

  • Learn how to make your text look interesting by using variation techniques   

  • Create elegant web & Mobile app design by selecting and pairing meaningful fonts

  • How different Moods or Voices of Fonts works

  • Master Font pairing and learn tons of online resources to automatically pair fonts

  • How to use white space effectively by using Vertical Rhythm and Modular Grid 

  • Learn about IOS App Typography and understand different IPhone Screen sizs 

  • Learn Google Android Typography, its scale and its SP unit of type 

  • Use Free Apps to connect your Photoshop Screen to IPhone or Android Device

  • How to balance your design using LEGO Blocks method

  • Dribbble Styled Design Exercises to improve your designs

Take Away For Developers :-   

  • How to use padding, margins and other elements to create Vertical Rhythm in CSS

  • How to use Vertical Rhythm in Bootstrap

  • What are absolute & relative font-size units e.g em, rem, vm, % and when to use them?   

  • Step by Step coding exercises to apply Baseline Grid for Developers 

  • How to show baseline grid in HTML page with just one line of code   

  • What font sizes are best standards as Base font Size

  • How to set up Typography Scale using online tools easily

  • A lot of quizzes to test your knowledge 

So if you really want to step ahead of your fellow Designers & want to get out of the crowd.    

Requirements to take this Course :-   

Must have good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (For Designers) 

  • Must know HTML and CSS (For Developers)

  • Download and Install Adobe Photoshop CC latest version

Take this course now and I will see you inside the course

InDesign CC Essentials for Beginners – Basics & Tricks

Graphic designers can learn Handling: InDesign Fundamentals, Minimal Designs, Typography, Design Grid system & Exporting

Created by Khalil Ibrahim - Chief Design Officer & Wordpress Expert


Students: 4507, Price: Free

Students: 4507, Price:  Free

Learn Adobe Indesign Essentials & basics in one single Project!

(Practical minimal clean real-world brochure design)

What you will learn in this course?

- Familiarize with InDesign.

- Indesign Templates, how to get free templates & how to use them for different measurement systems (A4 sizes or US letter size for example)

- Creating Documents in Indesign while understanding Bleed & Margin.

- How to present your Indesign designs using free mock-ups for best client presentation.

- Placing Graphics & design elements from Photoshop & Illustrator.

- Integrating Indesign with Photoshop & Illustrator to design strong solid graphic designs

- Using CC Libraries for maximum adobe's design applications integration.

- Handling Frames in Indesign & understanding their Concept.

- Handling Colors, Palettes & Swatches to meet the CMYK technical Printing aspect.

- Handling Text, Text Frames, Paragraph styles & Text Styles.

- Creating Precise Grid Systems to follow like Rule of Thirds or Golden ratio while maintaining our measurements using rules & X, Y coordinates.

-How to create a strong Minimal design while Managing Positive & Negative Space to achieve an Aesthetic & beautiful design.

- Dealing with Indesign Pages & Handling covers & Spreads.

- Preflight checks for final export.

- Exporting Designs from Indesign & creating Packages while considering the Printing Technicals for CMYK.

The Instructor is What Makes the course so special, Right?

Khalil Ibrahim is a Chief designer who promoted to that title after working in many international advertising agencies with experience over 15 years in the design field and using Adobe Photoshop. Besides traveling around the world learning about different Design Schools, Trends & Art Directions. and who really cared to not only make sure you understand Photoshop's tools, technicals & concepts but Also to really learn it in a creative way and to use it Artistically like a Creative professional.

Let's start that amazing journey together!

Making a Social Media Gameday Advertisement

Developing Eye-Catching Designs

Created by Jamal A - Graphic Design Tutor


Students: 4442, Price: Free

Students: 4442, Price:  Free

Students will learn how to develop a small social media advertisement for college football. They will begin by creating a new document and selecting a subject. Then, they will set up the background of the document. Next, students will add type to the document, add shapes and develop a hierarchy of information. After that, they will add images to the background and export the files.

World of Graphic Design

All about basics of Graphical designing

Created by MKCL India - Creating a Knowledge Lit World


Students: 4167, Price: Free

Students: 4167, Price:  Free

Graphic design is a craft where professionals create visual content to communicate messages. By applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, designers use typography and pictures to meet users' specific needs and focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs, to optimize the user experience.

Graphic design can be used by companies to promote and sell products through advertising, by websites to convey complicated information in a digestible way through infographics, or by businesses to develop an identity through branding, among other things.

To better understand the meaning of graphic design, it is important to be aware of the elements and principles that make up design. Elements are used in conjunction or opposition with each other to create visually striking and impactful designs.

These graphic design elements include:

  • Color

  • Form

  • Line

  • Shape

  • Size

  • Space

  • Texture

Graphic designers also adhere to the principles of design, which are essentially a set of guidelines that help a design achieve effective composition. With technological advancements introducing new types of graphic design, there has also been an emergence of new graphic design jobs. This evolution has changed the entire landscape of careers in this field.

The most common job titles related are:

  • Graphic designer

  • User experience (UX) designer

  • Web designer

  • Art director

  • Creative director

    In this course you will learn the basics of graphical designing as well the applications of them.

Photoshop Graphic Design | Build Your Portfolio

Photoshop graphic design for beginners!

Created by Chris Parker - Photography | Photoshop | Lightroom | GIMP | Taught by a Pro


Students: 1782, Price: Free

Students: 1782, Price:  Free

Graphic Design Projects for Photoshop Beginners

Yes, you'll learn Photoshop and graphic design by doing.  This Photoshop course will teach you how to use Adobe Photoshop & graphic design by doing actual, practical, real-world graphic design projects!

I'll share my pro tips for starting your graphic design freelance business by creating a variety of designs to start building your design portfolio. 

If you're ready to jumpstart your graphic design career I'm here to help you achieve your dream.  Let's do it!  To get started click on the "Add to Cart" button (to the right or bottom - depending on your device).

Are you ready to build your graphic design portfolio and launch your graphic design career?  If so, let's do it!  Get started by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button and I'll talk to you soon!

Thank you and have an awesome day!!

Oh, and one more thing!! Included in this class, I'm here to answer your questions.  Make sure to post them in the Q&A section.  Also, this course is free for a limited time.  In the near future, I'll switch this course from free to premium (paid).

So, sign up today before I yank the free status.  I look forward to helping you achieve your design goals.

Draw Creative Vectors and Designs with Adobe Illustrator

By mastering some Advanced tools and Techniques for vector graphics.

Created by Harshit Srivastava - SME on Cloud, Bluemix


Students: 1226, Price: Free

Students: 1226, Price:  Free

In this course, you will be learning to create creative designs and illustrations in Adobe Illustrator using various tools and techniques with practical lessons right from the beginning. You could be a Student, Creative Artist, Graphics Designer or anyone looking to advance your skills and start creating Vector Graphics and Digital Art or Illustrations. Don't worry if you just a beginner, you will be learning everything right from the scratch. You will also learn some advanced tools and techniques with in-depth practical lessons on Shape Builder Tool, Image Tracing, Typography, Masking, Perspective Illustration and Gradient.

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and design program developed by Adobe Systems and used by Creative Artists, Graphics Designers, Vector Artists, Animators, Students and others. But it is also widely used by Hobbyists and Illustrator enthusiasts.

What you will be learning in this course?

In this course you will be learning the following Illustrator tools and techniques-

  • Creating Complex Shapes

  • Joining and combining different shapes with Shape builder

  • Creating Mechanical Tools, Flowers, and other objects

  • Various image tracing techniques

  • Recolor Artwork

  • Designing Posters with Clipping Mask and Tracing

  • Typography and text design

  • Envelop distort

  • Type on Path

  • Area Type

  • Knife tool

  • Clipping and Photo Masks

  • Perspective Illustrations

  • Embedding images

  • Gradient

This course is designed specially for people who are desperate to learn significant and useful tools and techniques in Illustrator as soon as possible without wasting time on long bogus walkthroughs about dashboard, options and tools you would probably never use.

Keep Learning!

Typography in UX/UI Design

The Complete Designer Guide to Typography Online (+ Figma Typescale File)

Created by Christine Vallaure - moonlearning


Students: 56, Price: $24.99

Students: 56, Price:  Paid

In this class, you'll learn everything about how typography works online. I will cover all the basics from what web typography is and where to fonts as well as an in-depth understanding of design & technical decision-making when it comes to typography in UX/UI Design.

If you are switching over from graphic design or already designing online but never quite understood what sizes you should use why there is this box around your text and what on earth happens on different screen sizes, then this the course for you.

Online typography is one of the crucial elements of your Design and the place where things tend to get wrong if you don't have your basics right. So to make you a pro will dive into:

  • Typefaces & Fonts, and what's the difference?

  • Serif, Sans Serif & Superfamilies

  • Where to find typefaces?

  • How many fonts do you need in your UI Design?

  • Setting up a type scale. I will show you two different approaches to get the font size right.

  • Why we use rem and not px. Crucial for accessible UI Design!

  • Font weight, line height, and line length. The little details that will make your Webdesign shine.

  • Contrast, and why you are legally required to get this right.

  • Responsive typography, this is where the magic happens!

Set up your own typography scale: 

In the course, I will tell you everything about typography in UI Design. You can either set up your own type scale independently or use my preset Figma files and customize them with the typeface and settings you choose. Please note that I only teach in Figma and thus only provide Figma files (no Sketch, no AdobeXD). By the way, you can set up a Figma account for free (limited to a certain amount of projects) and view the file for free.

The font I am using is a Poppins, a google font. If you have the Figma App installed it should show automatically. If you are working with Figma in the browser please make sure to download the free font beforehand via google fonts.