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Triathlon For Beginners

Master swim, bike, run, nutrition, psychology and everything you need to know to race with confidence

Created by Chris Worfolk - Psychologist and software consultant


Students: 432, Price: $49.99

Students: 432, Price:  Paid

This course will teach you everything you need to know to complete your first triathlon with confidence. Taught by Ironman triathlete and British Triathlon-certified coach Chris Worfolk.

We’ll start right from the basics and build up to advanced techniques. We’ll cover swim, bike and run, of course, but also all of the bits that connect triathlon together and the strategies and secrets that will allow you to complete the entire event. Including:   

  • How transition works

  • Building a training schedule with brick sessions

  • Strength, stretching and recovery

  • What nutrition and kit you need   

  • How to use sport psychology to your advantage

  • Everything you need to know for race day

We’ll get into the details of each part so that you can arrive at your first event feeling confident that you know what you are doing and can focus on enjoying the day. For example:

  • How to set up your transition area   

  • How to get your wetsuit off in a hurry   

  • How to keep your goggles fog-free   

  • What time should I arrive?

  • What about bathroom breaks?   

  • What should I do with my keys?

We’ll have video lessons, slides, downloadable resources and step-by-step practical exercises for you to follow along with. And, if you get stuck, I’m on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Whether you have signed up for a race, done a mini-triathlon, or just thinking about giving it a go at some point, there is no better time than now to start learning. Click buy now to get started. I can’t wait to see you inside the course!

Complete Nutrition for Competitive Triathlon

Learn how to supercharge your training, never bonk again, and PR your next race!

Created by Jeffrey Rothschild - Sports Dietitian


Students: 226, Price: $89.99

Students: 226, Price:  Paid

Imagine, knowing exactly how you should be fueling your body before, during, and after every workout in order to  optimize your training and PR your next race.

  • You wouldn’t have to guess about what the best pre-exercise meal is. Instead, you would know when you should be eating more carbs, and when you should be eating less carbs or even exercising in the fasted state.

  • You wouldn’t bonk during long workouts. Instead, you would have a clear plan that tells you exactly what and when to be eating and drinking.

  • You wouldn’t have to scramble around for food and end up eating some random thing. Instead, you would know what foods you need to rebuild your body after a workout.

If you are ready to start achieving your goal of owning your nutrition without being affected by doubt or uncertainty, this course will help you make that happen.

In this course you will:

  • Create detailed fueling plans for your training and racing

  • Get the exact templates I use for determining calorie needs, hydration needs, and creating race fueling plans

  • Understand the different types of carbohydrate and how they are best absorbed

  • Take a deeper look into the various sports drinks

  • Fluid and electrolyte needs

  • Learn how to calculate your sweat rate

  • Supplements for training and performance 

  • Heat acclimation protocols

  • Fueling for optimal training adaptations (which can often be quite different than your race fueling plan)

  • Strategic use of caffeine

  • Low carb vs. high carb for endurance athletes

The Triathlon Swimming Blueprint

The Web's # 1 Way To Master Triathlon Swimming

Created by Brent Majcher - Swimming Instructor


Students: 64, Price: $19.99

Students: 64, Price:  Paid

Welcome to The Triathlon Swimming Blueprint!

The Triathlon Swimming Blueprint is an ALL-INCLUSIVE system for learning how to swim properly, improve swimming technique, and train your fitness in the pool so that you can dominate any triathlon you want from a Sprint to an Ironman.

The program includes over an hour and a half of 1080p video instruction as well as over twenty of the most advanced and effective swimming drills that the experts are using to improve their front crawl.

Inside, we dive into:

-   The reason why most swimmers try to learn to swim for triathlons and fail miserably

-   The real reason you’re so sluggish in the water

-   Why the top 10% of swimmers aren’t grinding out a thousand laps every time they hit the pool deck

-   The scientifically proven "Swimming Fearless" method of learning to swim that has worked for hundreds of swimmers before you

-   Advanced technique ANYONE can use to master front crawl

-   Over two dozen professionally designed workouts for training, no matter the skill level

-   Access to our private Facebook Group where you can harness the power of a community of athletes learning to improve their stroke

-   And much, much more...

The program is composed of four parts.

The Basics: The A-Z Method for any non-swimmer to learn how to swim and for beginners to review swimming basics.

The Technique: Over 20+ advanced drills and techniques for front crawl mastery.

The Fitness: The most efficient method to gaining triathlon level endurance in the water.

The Workouts: Over two dozen professionally designed swimming workouts for and triathlon training level.

If you have any questions... message us using the Udemy Direct Messaging utility and we will see if we can answer any questions you have about the program!

Hope to see you inside the group!

Disclaimer of results:

Results require hard work and dedication to the program.

Should you struggle to achieve results or are not happy with the product, Udemy does offer a 30 day money back guarantee. I encourage you to contact me within the Udemy messaging platform first however, so that I may provide you with additional guidance if you are having any difficulties with the course material.

Triathlon Nutrition: Learn how to fuel!

Eat for success in triathlon and life

Created by Jeffrey Rothschild - Sports Dietitian


Students: 61, Price: $29.99

Students: 61, Price:  Paid

Imagine crossing the finish line, but this time instead of being in agony you have a smile, a shout, and that feeling that comes with smashing a PR.

Triathletes - do you know exactly what you should be eating and drinking before, during, and after every workout and race? 

This course will teach you how to eat and drink in order feel great, power your workouts, and avoid the dreaded bonk!

As a sports dietitian I've helped athletes complete over 100 full and half-Ironman races, and hundreds of sprint and Olympic distance races. Together we will figure out your calorie and fluid needs, measure your sweat rate, and create a fueling plan for your training and racing, all without going too deep into the science. 

This course is all about providing a solid foundation without getting bogged down with nuance... "Just tell me what works!"

Don't be fooled by the low price of this course, you will receive a tremendous value from taking it. For the price of a few drinks, you will be able to improve your training, recovery, and racing performance not just for your upcoming race, but for every race you do!

For those that want more in-depth, and nuanced details, see my advanced course on Udemy "Complete Nutrition for Competitive Triathlon".

The Ultimate Triathlon Swimming Course

Develop an efficient, fast swim that uses less energy and gets better results

Created by Jordan M Edwards - Triathlon Coach


Students: 29, Price: $34.99

Students: 29, Price:  Paid

If you do want to reach your personal bests, if you want to have fun, challenging, but rewarding races, it's going to take a little hard work. But much more importantly, you're going to have to be smart. Triathlon isn't a sport for dummies. Learn from the combined experience and work of coaches who have competed and trained for decades.

We've created the "Ultimate Triathlon Swimming" course., which includes 2 hours of 4k video modules. We've studied the fine details of elite swimmers from around the world, and throughout time. We've examined the science, and tested out conventional wisdom. We discovered some surprising things that make big differences. We found things some coaches still teach are modern-day myths. Our team includes a former Olympian, and 12 time medalist at elite Triathlon races.

We've wrapped it all into one, comprehensive course that covers the technique and strategy designed to get you the best results, using the least energy.

Our course is divided up into the following sections:

Anatomy of Freestyle Technique:

  • The Stroke Cycle

  • Entry and Extension

  • The Catch

  • The Pull

  • Recovery

  • Breathing Technique

  • The Triathlon Kick

  • Stroke Cadence

How to Correct Common Problems:

  • Pitch

  • Yaw

  • Roll


  • Sculling

  • Side Glide

  • One Arm Stroke

  • Alternating Arms w/Kickboard

  • Tarzan

  • Shark Fin

  • Fingertip Drag

Adapting to Open Water:

  • What are the Challenges?

  • How to Swim Safely

  • The Reset

  • Adapting to Cold Water

  • Dealing with Traffic and Learning how to Draft

  • Dealing with Waves and the Sun

  • Pacing

  • Water Exit

  • Transition


  • Equipment Checklist

  • What you need to know about Wetsuits

  • How to choose goggles

  • Training equipment