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Travel to Italy (Including lessons) – Updated for COVID-19

Make the most of Your Travel to Italy. Includes Language guide and Downloadable PDFs with Italian words and phrases.

Created by Robert G - Global Entrepreneur


Students: 1817, Price: $49.99

Students: 1817, Price:  Paid

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has the Alps, it has desert, it has volcanos, it has beautiful coastlines and more ancient monuments than you can count. Home of the Roman Empire, Start of the Renaissance, it even contains two other sovereign countries within its borders! 

Italy is known for its shopping, its food, its wine, its coffee, its art, its fashion, its cars and its beautiful beautiful countryside. From the hustle and bustle of Milan, to the rolling hills of Tuscany, to the Sicilian coast and everywhere in between. 

In fact, Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world! 

But there can also be many problems with traveling to Italy. From being cheated at restaurants, to being literally taken for a ride by Taxi drivers, to strikes and delays and closures, to pickpocketing and petty crime, counterfeit products and plenty of reckless driving. 

This course was created so that you could enjoy the most beautiful country on earth and get the most out of your trip there. This course includes all the information you need for your trip: 

  • what to prepare before your travel

  • the best times of year to visit

  • visas and budgeting

  • housing

  • transportation

  • safety 

  • money

  • shopping

  • eating

  • internet

  • and tips and tricks

And then with an Italian vocab section at the end, to use in different situations, and a native speaker pronouncing all the words for you as well. This means you get an Italian audio guide, complete with meaning and correct pronunciation, as well as downloadable PDFs with the same Italian words and expressions, so you can improve your Italian language skills before your visit. 

In short, This course will provide everything you need when traveling to Italy and when conversing with new Italian friends. It also is filled with interesting information about Italy in general. 

See what other students have had to say:

"I learned some helpful tips in preparing for our trip to Italy. I enjoyed hearing the Italian words and phrases in two different voices." - Mary K Bradley

"Great information" - Albert Yemenian

"Good course!" - Kate Phillips

"Very informative. I love the vocab section!" - Lilly Raggio

Travel Hacking: How to Travel the World for Next to Nothing

A step-by-step system for using award travel to pay for all your future trips and vacations

Created by Huntly Mayo Malasky - Entrepreneur, Personal Finance Blogger, Travel Hacker


Students: 1766, Price: $29.99

Students: 1766, Price:  Paid

Would you like to be able to go on a relaxing beach getaway or an exciting adventure trip and pay for it with award travel instead of cash?

Here’s how:

Introducing Travel Hacking: An in-depth course on how to use award travel to eliminate your biggest travel expenses.

Being a travel hacker means having the ability to travel anywhere you want… without breaking the bank.

I’m Huntly Mayo – seasoned travel hacker, personal finance blogger, and lifestyle entrepreneur. Over the past few years I’ve enjoyed the immense benefits of travel hacking – mainly traveling the world for next to nothing.

Along the way I discovered some things you probably already know: there are so many great reasons to travel

  • Exposure to exciting and new experiences!
  • Escape from the stress of everyday life!
  • Build relationships with your loved ones and friends
  • Meet new, interesting people
  • Learn about new cultures (or more about your own!)
  • Enjoy authentic, delicious food
  • ...And more!

But traveling, especially to those far off, exotic places, usually costs a lot of cash. Unless you’re a travel hacker…

So... What’s Travel Hacking?

Put simply, it's a way to secure airlines tickets, hotel stays, and lodging, for far below market prices.

Travel Hacking involves leveraging loyalty programs, your own value as a consumer, and a variety of strategies and tactics to earn and redeem award travel.

Over the last couple of years I’ve spent hundreds of hours experimenting and optimizing to create a travel hacking system…

That’s brought me all over the globe, from Thailand to Paris, Argentina to Egypt, Greece, and more… AND it’s given me the opportunity to bring others along with me, and even send some of my own family members on trips of their own. All through travel hacking and at almost no out of pocket cost.

I’ve packed everything I’ve learned along the way into this course, including a proven system for travel hacking your way to any destination you can think of.

Here’s a taste of what you get with the course:

  • A Step by Step Framework for getting you to your dream destinations for next to nothing
  • Tested Strategies for finding and booking international flights with total cash costs of under $25
  • Advanced Travel Hacking Tactics for securing completely free flights
  • Detailed Video Walkthroughs of how to execute those tactics and strategies
  • Course Practical: You'll book your own practice trips during the class... Because experience is the BEST teacher
  • Continued Lecture Updates to cover major developments in the travel hacking landscape
  • ...And much more

So if you’re interested in experiencing all that travel has to offer, without paying all it “has” to cost, you’re ready to become a travel hacker…

But there is one piece of bad news…

This course is not available to everyone.

If you want to find out if you qualify, watch the free, short introduction video to the class.

One more thing…

This course comes with a rock-solid 30-day guarantee on your investment.

But wait, doesn’t Udemy already have that on all their classes?

Yes - And I’m adding mine as an extension to that, for an effective 60 day guarantee.

That’s how confident I am in the value this course delivers.

If you don’t benefit from the travel hacking system covered in this course, and it’s past the 30 day Udemy refund period and within 60 days of when you signed up, send me an email and show me you’re executing the material and not getting results. I’ll happily refund 100% of what you’ve paid for the course.

So watch the introduction video to see if you qualify, then sign up today risk free to start your travel hacking journey.

See you soon,

Huntly Mayo

P.S. The initial course price of $79 is a short term offering to build students and positive reviews.

I believe this system and collection of strategies is worth far more than that, so I plan on raising the price of the course soon... Sign up now to lock in the initial discounted rate!

Credit Analysis, Repair & Travel Hacking – Reward Points Way

Credit Analysis and Repair, Travel Hacking, Credit Cards Reward/Loyalty/Flex Points, Cash Flow, Finance, Passive Income

Created by Life Skills - Engineer By Profession, Evangelist At Heart


Students: 1753, Price: $19.99

Students: 1753, Price:  Paid

This course will not only help you analyze your credit and repair/improve it but also completely change your perspective about Credit Card Reward Programs. You will soon have you Credit Score soaring & find yourself taking advantage of the BEST shopping deals, Premium Hotel Stays and Handsome $$ Cashback. The techniques in this course will help anyone with reasonable monthly credit card spending to stretch every $$ they spend much further than they ever thought possible. Guaranteed!!!

Travel Hacking-How to Travel the Globe when Young and Broke!

Learn How to take an INEXPENSIVE Gap Year of Travel and work abroad to fund your trip!!

Created by Adam Bartnik - Digital Marketer and Professional Traveler


Students: 1734, Price: $19.99

Students: 1734, Price:  Paid

The mission of the Gap Year of Travel Course is to educate young adults, like yourself, that it is possible to live life on YOUR OWN terms, and to take a gap year of travel while you are still young. Even if you are broke!

The decision to travel has been the best decision I have ever made. So far I have met no-one that has regretted their decision to travel.

However, there were a lot of common and expensive mistakes that newbie travelers make, an I even made back in the day.

And I want to make sure YOU don't make the same mistakes that I did.

I break down the best practices that I have learned in my 3 years of inexpensive travel around Australia and South East Asia. Including how to WORK WHILE ABROAD to fund you trip.

On completion of this course, you:

*will have a better idea of what you are getting into with your Gap Year Experiences.

*You will be armed with tons of tricks and best practices for your trip.

*You will learn now to work while abroad.

*You will learn how to take a Gap Year of Travel while you are still young!

How to Live Abroad (Digital Nomad: The Future of Travel)

Whether Entrepreneur or Employee, Relocate & Move Abroad Stress-Free! - With Relocation Tips and Travel Hacks

Created by Robert G - Global Entrepreneur


Students: 1733, Price: $39.99

Students: 1733, Price:  Paid

Imagine you could pick a country and then relocate there and live there like a local. Imagine you could then decide, 6 months later, to pick another country to move to and do the same all over again. Imagine your professional life could continue as before. Imagine bringing your spouse along for this foreign adventure. 

This is the life I have been leading for the past 6 years. My wife and I have been living in 7 different cities on 3 different continents. And guess what, I am an entrepreneur, but my wife has worked exclusively in the corporate world (read: employee). We have still been able to make all this relocation and moving abroad work. And in this course I show you how. 


See what other students have had to say:

I watched the three first Videos and I loved the introduction so much , because it gives you the hope and the will to travel abroad , I hope that I will find my pursuit in this course thank you :)) ! - Bouchaib Charioui

I especially appreciate the sections for company employees, since they tend to be neglected in most of these "work for yourself" online type of courses. Thanks! -Mark

Great information! - May Thida

Lots of useful tips I am incorporating into my plan. - Francis Zariņš


This is for Anyone, Entrepreneur or Employee, who wishes to relocate and live in a foreign country.

This course will not tell you how to earn a living online and then tell you "Now Travel!". This concentrates on everything having to do with relocation, so it will walk you through the concrete steps you need to relocate to a new country, from deciding upon the country to move to, to figuring out what to do with your possessions, home, car, friends, and your life in general, to establishing a new life in the new country, with a new home, car, friends, etc. in your new city/country abroad. This relocation course will also walk you through the logistics (storage, visas, payment issues, etc.) that you are bound to encounter when relocating, whether to a foreign location or to another city. 

So if you would like to relocate, to move abroad, to live in a foreign city, or to just travel more, then this is for you. 

Introduction to Lifestyle Design and Digital Nomad Mindset

Concise intro course to building a digital nomad lifestyle, becoming location independent and traveling smart

Created by Jimmy Naraine - Teaching 240,000+ people & Winner of Udemy Innovation Award


Students: 1659, Price: $89.99

Students: 1659, Price:  Paid

  • Over 201,000 people from 194 countries enrolled in Jimmy's courses

  • Overall, 30,000+ TOP Reviews!

  • Featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, FoxNews, and Business Insider magazines

  • former Goldman Sachs and Allianz employee turned location independent entrepreneur

  • Winner of the first Udemy Innovation Award

  • Top-rated Speaker at prestigious stages such as DNX, MindvalleyU, and Digital|K

  • Explored 76 countries while running entrepreneurial ventures

Are you dreaming about working online while traveling the world? Perhaps, you are already on your path to becoming a digital nomad and would like to learn proven strategies to achieve your goals faster?
OR maybe you are already a digital nomad, but want to take your lifestyle to the next level?

This course will serve as an introduction to lifestyle design and becoming a digital nomad. Over the last few years, I've traveled to 59 countries while working from my laptop. My journey has been very fulfilling and I'm very grateful for the life I live now. However, it wasn't always like this. I still vividly remember the time when I was a broke foreign student in the UK. I was confused about life.

I always knew that I wanted to be free, to explore the world, run a business, and help people in the process. However, I had absolutely no idea how to get there.

I followed the traditional path and applied for corporate jobs. When I started working at Goldman Sachs my friends kept congratulating me on my "dream job". However, I quickly realized that the corporate environment made me feel trapped. It simply wasn't for me. Several years later I decided to burn all my bridges and pursue my real passion. I had enough money to survive just for a couple of months and simply had to make things work. It was challenging, but I kept pushing myself. Eventually, I managed to design the life I've always wanted to live. In this course, I will share with you what I've learned in the process.

In the next several hours I will introduce you to the concept of lifestyle design in the context of becoming a digital nomad. We will talk about defining your vision, setting powerful goals, and coming up with the right plan of action. We will discuss different paths you can take in order to start making your living online. I also put a big emphasis on travel hacking as I believe that exploring the world is one of the best things you can experience in life. This is why I will share with you over 20 travel strategies, hacks, and tools. Many people ask me: "you are traveling so much... how can you possibly stay productive?!" It's a natural concern and this is why I decided to create a separate section about increasing your productivity. For the full list of topics please have a look at the curriculum.

Please note: even though I will be discussing different paths you can take to become a digital nomad, I'm not delving deep into specific strategies for making money online. If you are looking for step by step blueprint to making money, this is not the right place. The purpose of this course is to give you a holistic introduction to the concept of lifestyle design and becoming a digital nomad. I will do my best to help you in getting started on your journey. 

How to Become a Successful Digital Nomad: The Complete Guide

Learn to work remotely while traveling the world. Taught by a Remote Year Alumni.

Created by Charles Du - Award-Winning Product Manager @ NASA, Apple, Ticketmaster


Students: 1652, Price: $89.99

Students: 1652, Price:  Paid

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could work from anywhere and travel the world? There are now more jobs than ever where all you need is access to the internet. With more tools than ever available at your disposal, traveling the world as a Digital Nomad is now a reality

I designed this class specifically for people who want to travel the world but don’t know how to make the leap. Whether you’re an employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur, you’ll learn how to strategically transition your job into a location-independent career so you can live and grow on your own terms. You’ll learn the different ways of making money. you’ll learn how to explore the city as a local and make friends. You’ll even learn how to find love while traveling. 

This is NOT a course that will tell you to quit your job tomorrow and start traveling. 

That is a pipe dream and is not sustainable. 

This is a course that will teach you how to use your strengths and passions to transform your career while keeping a steady income. In addition to getting a condensed knowledge transfer from me, you’ll get access to dozens of interviews of real people who have managed to escaped their cubicles and are now living their dream of traveling their world while working.

I’ve been an active Digital Nomad for years. I’ve traveled to over 30 countries was selected from over 50,000 applicants to be a participant in Remote Year, a program that brings together successful Digital Nomads from all over the world so we can work and travel together for a year. 

I also have a passion for teaching. I’ve taught for Stanford University, UCLA, and General Assembly and have launched 3 online classes on Udemy with over 5,000 students enrolled from all over the world. You can tell how much value I’ve given my students by the hundreds of 5 star ratings and satisfied reviews left by my students. 

Learn how to turn your dream into reality.

How to Plan a Walt Disney World Vacation

The Best Guide for Planning a Trip to Walt Disney World

Created by Justin Lawrie - Video Producer


Students: 1645, Price: $19.99

Students: 1645, Price:  Paid

A Godsend When It Comes To Planning Your First Visit in Disney World!

Gain precious FIRST-HAND insight on even the slightest details of your travel arrangements and embark on the most amazing travel to the world of imagination with our life-saving course!

Steer clear of perplexing, contradictory information coming from the mouth of unknowledgeable theoreticians and plan your trip to Magic with the help of real Disney World Addicts!

Leave Your Trip Plan To The Experts

Designed by passionate Disney World addicts to make your first trip in Disney World a one-in-a-lifetime thrilling experience, our instructive course will unlock the door to all essential clues or minor details of the trip of your dreams.

Our keen expert in travel planning will take you by the hand through a series of proven planning tools and strategies, to organize successfully your own PERSONALIZED TRIP to The World Of Your Dreams!

Sign Up NOW & Start Packing For The Travel Of Your Life!


Postcards From London

A Visitors and photographers guide to the best sites in London

Created by Nicholas Helliwell - Traveler and Photographer


Students: 1544, Price: Free

Students: 1544, Price:  Free

With this course, I will take you to the top sites of London and show you how to get the best value and take home the best memories, weather you are interested art, architecture, history or shopping I am sure that you will learn how to make this the best trip you have had to date. 

Work Effectively with Multi-cultural Clients


Created by Scott Paton - Executive Producer (42 Podcasts, 150+ Udemy courses)


Students: 1422, Price: $79.99

Students: 1422, Price:  Paid

Are you Traveling, working internationally or living abroad? You want to engage and create effective relationships with people from across the world?

This course will help you to build culture competence.

Being global means being able to deal with different cultures. Whether you are traveling abroad or living abroad or staying home but working with other cultures, this course will be beneficial for you.

Today, success is achieved by joint efforts of people from different cultural backgrounds, who have the will, skills and knowledge to effectively interact with each other.

The landscape of cultures is nothing new, but even so, it remains challenging to deal with other cultures.

Especially when communicating with other cultures, complications or embarrassing misunderstandings are still happening very frequently. A quick Google or YouTube search on cultural faux pas will give you tons of examples.

In our digital lifestyle nowadays, we’re only one click or like away from the other side of the world. Look around your neighbourhood, restaurant varieties, or colleagues at work, we see other cultures on a daily basis.

For each culture comes a set of rules and etiquette and preparing yourself with cultural courses, as this one, can help tremendously in your preparation and understanding of a new culture, both personal as professionally, whether you go abroad or stay home.

This course will help you to become more culturally sensitive, by creating awareness of your own culture identity as well as learning and understanding other cultures.

Being more culturally sensitive will help you to create great relationships with other cultures, whether at work, as a manager leading people, or working with people across the world or personally, trying to make friends anywhere in the world,

You will now know how to be culturally competent!

Switzerland – The FREE Course

Where to go, Traditional Food and Music

Created by Simone Christina - MAS Health Care Management, Nurse Practitioner


Students: 1341, Price: Free

Students: 1341, Price:  Free

In this course I will give you my personal recommendations what area you should see, what food you should try and what music you should listen to in and from Switzerland.

I will talk about:

- The Alpstein Area and Appenzell

- The Valais and tree lakes area

- Traditional Food

- Traditional Swiss Instruments (the Alphorn)

- Jodeling

If you are planning to come to Switzerland in the future or if you are just in love with my country then I recommend you to subscribe for this course.

Are you ready? I am!

Read Russian

Break the Secret Code and Learn Cyrillic

Created by Nancy Howland Walker - Instructor at Udemy


Students: 1331, Price: $39.99

Students: 1331, Price:  Paid

Who has time to learn a new language?! If you're planning a trip to Russia or any country using the Cyrillic alphabet, this course is for you! In just an hour and a half, you can be a master at reading Russian. Which means you will be able to read and understand hundreds of words, simply because they are the same as words you already know! Getting around will be much easier and way more interesting, as you will be able to translate many signs.

Nancy Howland Walker has been teaching nearly her entire life - topics from Russian and English as a Second Language, to Sailing and Improv Comedy. Her teaching style is easy going and fun.

How to be a Tour Guide in your Hometown Overnight

Deliver an engaging 1 hour walking tour around a local town or city and become a trusted tour guide for visitors

Created by Lita Doolan - Reviewer


Students: 1309, Price: $19.99

Students: 1309, Price:  Paid

Ever wondered how you can turn a city or town you love into an exciting experience for others?

As tourism increases with low cost travel deals you can turn your love of history, architecture or nature into a unique guided tour.

We’ll learn about how to find interesting stories and research local history fast.

I designed 5 modules plus resource sheets to be easily understood by absolute beginners.

We’ll learn about how stories about old buildings and famous visitors can be made into a great tour.

At the end of the course, you will be able to welcome visitors to your hometown with a one hour walking tour.

Travel The World

How To Create A Lifestyle Of World Travel And Adventure.

Created by Perlin Earth - Travel Blogger


Students: 1301, Price: $89.99

Students: 1301, Price:  Paid

Does this sound like you?

  • You dream of travelling the world, meeting new people, discovering new cultures and living the adventure.
  • You feel stuck in your current situation and you want to get out there and explore other countries and cultures. 
  • You find it difficult to organise your money, time and environment to be able to travel.
  • You want more flexibility in your life to be able to explore new destinations, cities, and people, whenever you want. 
  • You feel like your "missing out" on life by sitting at home and not travelling the world and having adventures. 

Have you been wanting to travel for ages but for whatever reason you haven't been able to make it happen? Maybe its a lack of money, not having the free time, not having a travel partner, or simply not knowing where to start or what to do.

This is where my 'Travel The World' course comes in.

I have travelled to over 90 cities, in 29 countries, across 5 continents.

Over my countless years of travelling around the world I have learnt the skills, tips and tricks of consistent, cheap, organised travel. 

I have been helping thousands of people to travel the world through my youtube channel and travel videos. Through this journey I have discovered how to get you from where you are now to where you want to be... travelling!

No matter what is holding you back from travelling right now, we will be able to get you on the road and discovering the world in no time at all. 

Visit Hungary – How to get around in Budapest

General travel information about Budapest that you might not even think of looking for!

Created by Dániel Csíkos - Mechanical engineer


Students: 1265, Price: $19.99

Students: 1265, Price:  Paid

This course is designed for getting you ready for a visit in Budapest. I'm always excited to take a walk in the city and I would love to give my help to you so you can discover Budapest, too!

As a resident of Budapest I've been amazed day by day. It is really a beautiful city, check it out! 

I'm going to tell you everything that you need to know generally if you want to visit Budapest or Hungary. I cover the important topics like airport transfer, money, weather and so on.

I'm not going to tell you which hotel to book or where you should eat. Instead of that I give you guidelines to make the right choice!

If you want to know more about the sights and activities to do in Budapest, you cannot find those information here. If you are looking for that kind of information, you should rather check out my other course about Budapest!

This is a unique collection of all information so take this chance and sign up!

If you still hesitate, watch some of the preview lectures and then join more than 1200 students in this course!

Travel Hacking: How I Travel Twice As Far For Nearly Nothing

Learn my SECRET travel hacking tips to travel on a tiny budget, while having amazing adventures around the world!

Created by Adrian Landsberg - Entrepreneur | Life Changer | Adventurer | Life Hacker


Students: 1191, Price: $19.99

Students: 1191, Price:  Paid

****** How to travel the world on less than $50 a day (usually less!)
and have amazing, life changing experiences! *****

Do you want to travel but think you don't have enough money? Maybe
you're a first time traveler and you're a little scared to travel
solo? Do you want to know how to get free accommodation?

If you want to travel the world on a budget and have the
most amazing experiences, then this course is for you.

You're getting all my knowledge from
years of experience. I've literally been mugged in China, I've
traveled Asia on under $30 a day
and had many crazy fun times, but
from each experience I've learned valuable lessons. Lessons that will
make your travelling journey 10X better, more
fulfilling, cheaper and fun.

In Travel Hacking I'm going to show you the exact techniques, tips
and tricks that I've used to travel the world ticking crazy
adventures off my bucket list...

Here's just some of the cool stuff you're going to learn;

  • How to MAKE MONEY on the road to fund your travels (priceless!)

  • How to get into cheap flight lounges all around the world

  • How you can skip airport lines and jump the queue!

  • The best apps (online and offline) to make your travels more fun,
    cheaper and easier

  • What vital equipment you should take with you to avoid stress, be
    more comfortable and have amazing travel experiences!

  • How to get FREE accommodation (even in amazing locations!)

  • Tricks and tips to avoid scams and stay safe nearly anywhere

  • How to keep track of your travel funds and actually stay within
    (so you can travel longer and further!)

  • How to find cheap, delicious food in any city

  • How to travel in some countries for under $30 a day (sometimes even

  • The best travel hacking tips, tricks and techniques I know


In this course I'm going to show you exactly what I've done to travel
around the world ticking numerous, amazing adventures off my bucket
list. Go ahead and check out my blog and youtube channel (search 'The
Lifestyle Compound
') for just some of the adventures I've been on.

I want to show you that's it's VERY possible to travel the world
, with probably less money than you think. Actually, in my
experiences, it's been cheaper to travel than to stay at home! So
what are you waiting for?


Of course you'll get full, lifetime access, updates for life and be
able to communicate directly with me, should you get stuck anywhere
or need some guidance! (I'm always here to help.)

If you want to finally take the step, leave home and explore the
amazing world out there, then scroll up and enroll now.

I guarantee that if you take this course and implement just a handful
of the travel hacking tips and strategies, then you will save a lot
of money, have more fun, be safer and have the absolute time of your

You'll get;

  • Full access to me via email through the Udemy platform (I answer
    every question I get!)

  • FULL 30 day money back guarantee, backed by Udemy

  • FREE updates and lifetime access!

  • Learn every little strategy, trick and the tools I've used to travel
    the world AND have amazing adventures along the way (and of course
    meet amazing people!)

=====> Take action and enroll in TRAVEL HACKING now <=====

Enroll and dive straight into the course right now. I know that this
course will help you save (and make) money, travel safe, have
amazing, fun experiences and give you a huge zest for life!

Don't forget Udemy's famous 30 day money back've got
nothing to lose!
Get ready to plan your trip, pack your bag, and book
those flights now! Amazing, worldly experiences await you!

I'll see you on the inside!


P.S. Don't forget to check out the preview videos so you know the
value you're getting!

Guide to visit the historical cities of Belgium

Which cities and places to visit during your short holiday in Belgium

Created by Guido Devos - Teacher


Students: 1189, Price: Free

Students: 1189, Price:  Free

If you plan a (short) holiday to Belgium this course offers you lots of information about its historical cities which will amaze you. It is a real travel guide to use several days in a row.

This course is for those who would like to spend some days in one of the most interesting countries in Europe, known for its historical cities and exciting culture.

I introduce the cities of Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges and in particular all the places that are essential to visit and its tourist attractions. A map will help you to find these places easily. I will give you all the necessary information so that you will not miss anything.

A map of the metro network of Brussels, the metro/tram network of Antwerp, the tram/bus network of Ghent and the bus network of Bruges is available as well as a price list for the public transport.

For each visit at a church, a museum or other activities (as boat trips) you will find the price of the tickets and how to get reductions with the city cards.

Moreover you will find all the information about the cities provided in the videos in a pdf document you can download for free for each section.

Course about Latvia: Learn basics about country and culture

Learn about Latvia (one from Baltic States) it's location, culture, climate, traditions, etc. and improve your knowledge

Created by Zane Bārbale - I'm globally minded and skilled in Teaching, Tourism & Sales


Students: 1181, Price: Free

Students: 1181, Price:  Free

The students will learn basic information about Latvia like:

  • the language (alphabet, phonetics)

  • geography (location, the biggest cities, rivers etc.)

  • cuisine

  • population (ethnicities, migration etc.)

  • religion and traditions

The students need to create a collage as a Formative assignment so they can use the information they have learned.

This course is or everyone, who is interested in learning about Latvia and want to improve their geography skills.

Explore Waterton National Park Before You Go

We are taking you on a typical Two Cowboys experience to Waterton National Park

Created by Two Cowboys - Travelers, Photographers, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers


Students: 1135, Price: Free

Students: 1135, Price:  Free

In this program, we invite you to an entertaining and informative online travel excursion. You go onsite and undercover with the Two Cowboys as we show you what to experience and expect in the underground of our favourite travel destination.

We aim to bring you specially-crafted, one-of-a-kind, Two Cowboys themed online travel experiences. If you know us, you will learn where to eat, what to drink, where the best photographic opportunities are, Ultimately, we will show you where to go and who to meet to make your travel experience memorable in every way.

Maybe you dream of making the trip but cannot afford it right now, or your work, family, and responsibilities are in the way of your travels. We aim to take you there through the informative and entertaining content of this course. It should be the next best thing to actually being there and experiencing it with the Two Cowboys.

Maybe you are planning a visit and don't know what to expect. Won't it be great to have a local guide to show you around before you arrive? This material should introduce you to the people we know and the experiences we enjoy. We give you the inside track with tips and tricks so that you can make the most of your travels and avoid costly and timely travel mistakes.

Travel! The Ultimate Crash Course to Living on the Road

How You Can Afford a Life of Travel and Adventure!

Created by Bob Wells CheapRVLiving - YouTube Personality & Co-Founder of Homes On Wheels Alliance


Students: 1073, Price: $19.99

Students: 1073, Price:  Paid

How to Lead a Life of Travel and Adventure while Living in a Car, Van or RV. Learn How You Can Get Out of Debt, Travel and Find True Freedom!

There are 3 main reasons you might be interested in living on the road: 1) You're being forced into it by a bad economy, divorce, or unemployment, or 2) The "American Dream" has become a nightmare for you and you are tired of the rat race.3) It is something you have always thought about doing and you are now ready to see if it is the right lifestyle for you! Additionally, you might just love to travel and camp and be out on the open road

Whatever your reason, this class will tell you everything you need to make it the best possible experience it can be. We'll cover details like: which vehicle to live in and how to find it, where to park, staying clean, going to the bathroom, how to cook in a van, get out of debt, get a job, survive any bad economy, travel on a budget, how to get your mail, how to stay comfortable in the heat and cold, how to get electrical power, choose a solar option and so much more.

You may be asking yourself, does this guy know what he is talking about? That fact that I've been living in a vehicle for over 18 years should ease your mind. But you can find out for yourself by going to my website and YouTube Channel to see if I have information you may want: cheaprvliving website and the CheapRVLiving YouTube Channel.

My concern isn't that I've given you too little information, but too MUCH! I hope I don't overwhelm you with it all. I tried to remember back to my first few months living in van, and answer every question you may have. I think I have, but let me assure you that if anything isn't clear I will do everything in my power to make it clear to you by answering your comments for each of the videos.

Let me apologize for the long length of the class. I know it is very detailed and longer then most Skill Share classes. I wanted to give all of my expertise in one place. So that you can easily make a wonderful life for yourself on the road and be assured you have all of the tools you need.

What I am, is a guy with a huge passion for van life and a strong sense of empathy for anyone trapped in our society who wants to break out. I'm also a guy who, in the last 18 years, has made just about every possible mistake pertaining to living in a vehicle and would like to help you avoid them. By dogged persistence, and lots of study on the Internet, I have learned how to make my life as a vandweller into a wonderful life I want to share that with you.

"Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone."

Billy Cox

In this class, you will learn:

  • Class 1 Introduction

  • Class 2 Class Project Details

  • Class 3 How Do I Make Money on the Road?

  • Class 4 Dealing with Fears

  • Class 5 How to Get Rid of Your Stuff

  • Class 6 The Three Types of Camping

  • Class 7 Which Type of Vehicle to Choose

  • Class 8 How to Find Boon Docking and RV Parks

  • Class 9 Stealth Parking

  • Class 10 Should I Do an Interior Van Build?

  • Class 11 How Do I Cook in a Vehicle?

  • Class 12 All About Bathroom and Hygiene

  • Class 13 Creating the Living Room and Bedroom

  • Class 14 How to Find a Job on the Road

  • Class 15 Where Do I Get My Mail?

  • Class 16 How Do I Get Solar and Electricity?

  • Class 17 Dealing with Heat and Cold

  • Class 18 How Do I Get Internet?

  • Class 19 Closing

Visit Hungary – A sightseeing weekend in Budapest

Everything that you must discover in a wonderful city

Created by Dániel Csíkos - Mechanical engineer


Students: 1033, Price: $19.99

Students: 1033, Price:  Paid

This course is designed for getting you ready for a short visit in Budapest. I'm always excited to take a walk in the city and I hope I can share my enthusiasm towards Budapest with you!

I show you every place that you must visit and I tell you everything that you need to know about them. This course offers a huge collection of information but don't worry! I skip the boring information and I concentrate on the interesting facts.

As a resident of Budapest I've been amazed day by day. It is really a beautiful city, check it out! I hope I can be with you when you discover the secrets of Budapest as I dedicated myself to do a great course for you!

You can get a course which has already helped more than 1000 students so don't hesitate to sign up for the course and let me guide you through a memorable weekend in Budapest!

How to Move Abroad: Immigration as an Expat Abroad A to Z

Travel Hacks for digital nomads, professionals & expats interested in working abroad, studying abroad & living overseas

Created by Krystal Kelly - Public Speaker, FEI Coach, Author & Equestrian Adventuress


Students: 1033, Price: $49.99

Students: 1033, Price:  Paid

Do you have plans to live abroad to work, study, retire, buy a home or even settle down?

Wouldn't it be great if you had a step by step guide on all the travel hacks, travel tips and travel advice to save you TIME, MONEY & ENERGY on researching all the answers to your living abroad questions?

Are you tired of sifting through generic internet data with "statistics" but no real helpful information from someone whose actually BEEN THERE DONE THAT?

Introducing the Moving Abroad Travel Hacking e-Course!

Moving abroad and taking on life as an expatriate can be challenging, but with this easy to follow video course,  we take you through step-by-step to make your journey easy. (Well, easier!)


  • Whether you're a digital nomad heading off into the horizon, or traveling internationally to work or study, we have something for you in this course!

  • Anyone looking for shortcuts & FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE AND TOOLS which can help you handle all the technicalities and difficulties which moving abroad can bring.

  • If your planning to move to another country permanently or temporarily for any length of time

  • ANY PASSPORT HOLDER can benefit from this course! We won't cover visa specific regulations (because there's plenty of government sites for that) however we will cover lifestyle tips and travel hacks which are UNIVERSAL and can apply to a variety of situations and countries all around the world including the USA, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East etc. The sky is the limit!


  • What to do about the Language Barriers

  • Travel Insurance... Do you need it?

  • What to do with all your STUFF?!

  • Research, preparation and planning tips

  • How to deal with Culture Shock!

  • Overcoming Homesickness

  • Phone plans and International Calling, how not to get overcharged!

  • Surviving Public Transportation and commuting to your new job

  • Apartment / House Hunting Tips

  • What to do about Visas

  • How to meet new people and make new friends

  • The Formula to adjust to any new country

  • Travel tips and hacks from REAL expats who've been there, done that!

And more!


Join Tedx Speaker, Expat Expert, Cultural Trainer and Author, Rachel Smets and CEO of Krys Kolumbus Travel and Equestrian Adventuress, Krystal Kelly, as they walk you step-by-step through the various obstacles and challenges to overcome when making the leap abroad. Combined, they have lived and worked in 22 different countries! Their knowledge and experiences will help you simplify things in easy to duplicate methods to make the move that much easier. Both Rachel and Krystal are travel entrepreneurs and specialists in the topic of living abroad! Their stories and experiences make this course relatable, simple and enjoyable.

So what are you waiting for?! Enroll now and START YOUR JOURNEY ABROAD!

Discover Italy – A Two-Week Vacation

Enjoy Italy's culture & architecture from the comfort of your home, and easily plan your next vacation

Created by Shay Online Services - Helping you plan your next vacation


Students: 891, Price: $19.99

Students: 891, Price:  Paid

Italy is an amazing country, that offers its visitors spectacular views, beautiful landscapes, an infinite amount of culture, and a long, profound history.

Our itinerary will take you from North to South, guiding you to the discovery of a country that is full of different traditions

At the end of this course, you will know much more about Italy and its most popular travel destinations: 

  • Rome
  • Milan
  • Florence
  • Verona
  • Venice
  • and many more cities!

Based on the content of our course, the videos and the detailed documents, you will be able to easily plan your own enjoyable vacation, and make the most of it.

Take your time and take everything in: the churches, the museums, the streets, the boutiques, the restaurants, the pizzerias, the people around you. It will be a long journey, and it will be unforgettable.

Travel Hacking for Free Flights: Finally See the World!

Fly Anywhere for Free using Free Airline Miles - US ONLY

Created by Derek Pankaew - World Traveler and Digital Nomad


Students: 757, Price: $19.99

Students: 757, Price:  Paid

Visit penguins in the Galapagos, sip wine in Barcenlona, or swim through a shipwreck in Bali. Travel the world without spending a dime on flights.
In this course, you'll learn how to master the art of getting free airline miles, and using those airline miles to book free flights. 

You don't need to be a big spender, or a frequent traveler to do this. All it takes is an hour or two per month, and you'll be able to travel anywhere you want for next to nothing.

IMPORTANT: These strategies only work for US Citizens. You need to have at least OK credit, meaning no bankruptcies or delinquencies in the last 2-3 years.

How to Move Abroad as a Skilled Professional: Work Abroad

This course will talk about how you can move abroad as a skilled professional and take you through their journey

Created by Vipul Chaudhari - Digital Content Creator


Students: 703, Price: $19.99

Students: 703, Price:  Paid

By this course, I would like to share the journey of migrant professional, how they move abroad. And also encourage others to get benefited from these migration programs run by many developed countries.

However, due to lack of information, uncertainty and complex visa process, many of my friends and colleagues do not want to take any risk to immigrate these countries.

Moving abroad itself is a challenging and long process and many are not aware or prepare for it.

If you are one of these highly in demanded skill professional, you will surely want to know possible options to migrate to these countries for yours's and your family’s for a better future. So, if you want to know more, please join the journey.

Basic Compass Navigation

Finding your way

Created by Dave Canterbury - WIlderness Skills Instructor


Students: 692, Price: $19.99

Students: 692, Price:  Paid

This course will teach you the basic parts of a compass, how to identify a Northern Direction, correctly set a travel bearing, use your compass to travel over distance leap frogging to avoid lateral drift and to find you way back to know point of origin. We will discuss how to negotiate an obstacle and get back on your correct line of travel, as well as how to factor in how far you have actually walked using a pace count method. The basics of Compass navigation can give you a new sense of confidence when traveling in the outdoors, and allow you to leave the beaten path to discover the wonders of nature that others may not see.

ADV-101 An Introduction to Adventure Motorcycle Riding

You'll learn the ground rules, goals and configuration needed to best suit your style of Adventure Motorcycle riding.

Created by Charles Edwards - Enterprise Architect / Adventure Motorcycler


Students: 686, Price: Free

Students: 686, Price:  Free

This is an introductory course aimed at anyone interested in Adventure Motorcycling, from someone who has never ridden a motorcycle, through to those who own one and want to get more out of it in terms of skills and knowledge, through to those people who are relatively advanced. We are never too old to learn new things! The introductory course will explore the Rules of Adventure Motorcycle riding, It will cover off the lecturers background experience so you can see the knowledge is coming from enough experience. The course will help you understand what your own personal goals are for doing Adventure Motorcycle riding, as there are many different reasons people like doing it. Based on that information you will then understand the best Motorcycle Configuration for your own needs, comfort and enjoyment. Adventure Motorcycle riding is an awesome experience and takes you to places and adventures you'd never normally have. Join the fun, get involved and lets explore Adventure Motorcycling together. If you like this free course, there will be more to come, where we will dive into great detail on all aspects of Adventure Motorcycling.

Amtrak Across America | How to Ride the Train Across America

The Complete Guide to Long-Distance Train Travel in America

Created by Phil Lin - Traveler


Students: 648, Price: Free

Students: 648, Price:  Free

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to this course! In this course I'm going to share my passion of traveling by rail with you and help you plan your own Amtrak journey. I will also discuss the onboard amenities and experience onboard Amtrak. This course will also cover many other topics such as rolling stock, Amtrak's route network, and challenges that Amtrak is facing. This course is the complete guide to traveling in the US by rail. I hope this course will inspire you to plan your next journey by rail!

This course mainly focuses on Amtrak's Long-Distance route network and information on planning your next trip onboard Amtrak.

Course Features

  • 1 Hour of On-Demand Video Content

  • Interactive and  Detailed Video Lectures

  • Multiple Resources to Improve Your Amtrak Journey

Course Image By Sean Valk: Used With Permission

A weekend in Warsaw

A video course guide about the capital of Poland

Created by Anna Kozioł - Your eyes and ears in Warsaw


Students: 621, Price: $19.99

Students: 621, Price:  Paid

The course is a video guide showing the capital of Poland.
What to see? How to get around? What to eat? What is its history?
We answer all these questions and a lot more.

The course has special bonuses like:

- an interactive map layer for Google maps

- a mini dictionary

- a list of useful links

- a list of handy apps for mobile phones

We will be honoured to be your guide!

How to Immigrate to Canada Using Express Entry

Apply for Canadian Permanent Residence via the Express Entry system

Created by Deanne Acres-Lans - Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)


Students: 619, Price: $34.99

Students: 619, Price:  Paid

  • This course is for anyone who is considering immigrating to Canada

  • This course is designed to allow you to know with confidence that you are eligible to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence via the Express Entry System

  • This course includes an overview of the Express Entry system, the eligible immigration streams (including Federal Skilled Worker), the related terminology, the required documentation for your specific type of application and how to obtain them, your required English language scores, and acceptable tests for both French and English speakers

  • This course will also review the different ways that you can increase your Comprehensive Ranking System score as well as the different provincial nominee programs that exist for Express Entry applicants

  • By the end of this course, you will know which immigration stream you fall within, what your National Occupation Code is, how to obtain the required documents for your application, how to create your Express Entry Profile, and what the next steps are to achieving your goal of living in Canada

  • This course consists of instructional videos, downloadable checklists and useful links to the most up to date information

  • This course is taught by a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and is updated any time changes are made to the Canadian Immigration System