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Travel Hacking Basics – How To Travel Longer & Better!

Learn how to easily save thousands on flights, accommodation, food & tours!

Created by Kian Radojewski - Educator, Hotelier & Ultra Runner


Students: 16612, Price: Free

Do you want to save hundreds or even thousands on your next holiday?

Travel hacking is no science. It all comes down to proper preparation. If you want to learn how to easily travel longer and better, then this course is perfect for you.

Understand easy travel hacks that actually work

After this course you will know how to easily save on 

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Tours & Excursions
  • Food & Beverages

I will also show you how to plan and save for your upcoming trips.

Who is your instructor?

My name is Kian Radojewski and I have been working in the hotel and tourism industry for over decade - from Germany over Dubai to Indonesia, I have lived, worked and studied in Europe, the Middle East and Asia plus travelled to 50+ countries.

I wanted to create this course for absolute beginners who simply want to know more about basic travel hacking in order to travel longer and often.

I hope you enjoy this little course!

- Kian

Secrets to Finding Cheap Flights

Learn proven strategies to find and book great flight deals

Created by Justin Bachus - Flight Deal Expert


Students: 14080, Price: Free

Whether you have a specific trip in mind or just want to fit more travel into your busy life and limited budget, this course will provide detailed instructions for finding and booking the best flight deals for your trip.

We will start off with easy tips and tools that you can put to use immediately to cut the cost of your airfare. After that, we will dive deeper into the technical components of airfare pricing, decode the terminology, and apply this knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Detailed screencasts with step-by-step instructions to specific scenarios will provide a template for you to apply to your specific trip idea. I will even uncover some controversial techniques that airlines don't want you to know, and the possible pitfalls of these techniques.

No prior knowledge is needed to begin this course, and after completion, you will know more than many travel and airline agents! But be careful - after applying these strategies and sharing your results with friends and family, they may demand your help!

You don’t have to be rich to travel, but you have to start!

Learn all necessary things you should know, before you start travelling without a travel agency.

Created by Lukas Brazdil - IT projet manager & traveler


Students: 10396, Price: Free

My target is to encourage you to start travelling or travel more. I know many people who want to travel and they are excited about all the beautiful places around the world but they are still waiting for the right moment. These people are losing so many great life opportunities and in a few years they will regret it. I want to show you how to change a course and be happier.

REMEMBER: "In the end we only regret chances we didn't take."

This course is for:

Everybody who wants to start travelling but also for people who love traveling and want to learn something new.

What you will learn:

  • how to get rid of excuses NOT to travel
  • what are the most popular travel websites
  • where to buy plane tickets
  • where to book accommodation
  • how to get accommodation abroad for free
  • how you can save money by traveling
  • how to stay safe abroad
  • and a lot more

This course will be constantly updated so if I learn something new I will be glad to share it with you:)

The Ultimate Free Accommodation Guide – Travel for Free

Learn how to find a free place to stay - wherever you find yourself!

Created by Elias Limitless - Digital Nomad & Adventure Seeker


Students: 9961, Price: Free

This video course will teach you everything about finding a free place to stay on your travels. From finding hosts on the internet (via couchsurfing or social media), to approaching strangers for place stay, and wild-camping... and so much more! This will help you to cut the costs of your travel and have an epic adventure. Sit back and enjoy.

Cheap Travel – Travel the World on 15 a day

I travel cheap & permanently on 15 a day. I've done it through most of Europe and Asia - you can easily do the same.

Created by Justin Light - Business Owner, Video Trainer & Consultant


Students: 9080, Price: Free

Welcome to the course!

I used to yearn for travel but was always too afraid to try it.

I always thought that travelling was only affordable 4 weeks of the year. 

What's worse is that I thought that travelling was something that could only be done as a holiday and not a full time lifestyle.. But after several trips across the globe, I now know the truth.

I realised, this was because I didn't you could travel on 15 a day

Do you want to leave your boring job and travel full time?

- Travel for free?

- Travel with next to no money?

- Spend less travelling then what you would spend back home?

The biggest reason why people never travel is because they think they need money, but that is a lie!

Simply KNOWING how and where to spend your money overseas will be all you need to live on 15 a day. 

Most people in their lifetime don't travel full-time because:

  • They think they need a full-time job to support themselves
  • They are afraid of loosing everything or going bankrupt
  • They don't think they can travel with a family or mortgage
  • They think travelling is boring without spending a lot of money

If you don't take this course, you continue to think and feel just like those people.

But how can you learn how to travel full-time if so many other people don't?

I'm Justin light and I have been living the wildest travel lifestyle since 2014. 

In this comprehensive video course, I take you gently by the hand as I show you not only how to travel the world on 15 a day, but I also show you do it in 1 foundational course.

You do not need an expert lonely planet writer or guide book.

If you just make a few changes to your spending while overseas, the huge debt that you would usually accumulate travelling, will be non existent. 

You won't have to work and save as frequently.

You will have more, longer lasting trips and deeper memories. 

You will have less worry about your depleting funds.

And, if you're smart you might even be able to save money. (WHILE TRAVELLING)

Use my experience, my knowledge from 3 years of serious travelling, researching and lived experience. I wake up everyday so incredibly grateful that I can wake up on a beach in Thailand, or snowboard in the alps, or have sushi in Japan without commenting to a 9-5 job. But I could only make this travel reality true by learning how to spend less.

Follow my videos and exercises - and soon you'll be waking up everyday doing exactly what I do. You might even be teaching others to do it too ;)

I have actually caught myself (many times) saying:

"How have I made this my life? Is this real? I am so lucky..."


A minimalist once told me. In order to become richer - don't earn more, spend less. 


  • If you want a life of travel, this course is for you.
  • If you want more knowledge, more advice on awesome travel destinations for dirt cheap, this course is for you.
  • If you want to travel the world with next to no money, this course is for you.

It doesn't matter whether you're old, young, no previous experience poor, family or single – anyone can travel the world on 15 a day, and I show you how to do this.

As with all of my training and future courses:

  • you have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs, ever
  • all future additional lectures, bonuses, etc in this course are always free
  • there's an unconditional, never any questions asked 30 day money-back-in-full guarantee
  • my help is always available to you if you get stuck or have a question

Take this course now, before anymore time not doing what you desire, travelling. The sooner you take this course, the sooner your time can start wandering... the beautiful globe.

Travel Tips: Travel Free without ruining yourself

Free Travel Tips: Learn How to Travel & Enrich your Life. Discover, wonder, use Travel creative energy!

Created by Olivier Rebiere - Auteur indé & Facilitateur / indie Author & Facilitator


Students: 8055, Price: Free

Wanna have a smart, cheap & inspiring travel experience?

Welcome to this free course, it will help you travel and make your dream come true!

  • Do you think that travel is not for you: too expensive or over-complicated?
  • Make no mistake: this is possible!
  • This free course will definitely change your mind.
  • Discover simple and easy tips to make you travel and energize your life :-)

Hi, we are Cristina & Olivier, a couple of life adventurers and entrepreneurs. We have thousands of students and readers all around the world enjoying our english, french & spanish ebooks and courses. Join our community :-)

We have been traveling all around the world since our studenthood and have visited more than 45 countries so far. We love to find convenient and affordable travel solutions in order to maximize our touristic budget and discover hidden treasures during the journey, just like you!

We have published a "Travel eGuide" collection that you may want to read for free with Kindle Premium and we are happy to offer you this FREE COURSE with our tips & tricks to travel free without ruining yourself.

Prepare and live your holidays... differently!

In this course, we will explain to you our tips that helped us travel, and catch creative energy to launch our companies and a useful Travel eGuide collection. Each of this eGuide is a vitaminized additive to other tourist books: we will share with you our passion for travel and our discoveries made on the road.

With this responsive Travel eGuide, use your smartphone or tablet without internet connection and browse throughout all the data, choosing one of the 3 intuitive methods available:

  1. By location: use a “classical” geographical display with high-resolution maps
  2. By photograph: pick-up one of the hundreds of photos and jump to the corresponding section
  3. By affinity or passion: tap on one of the colored icons illustrating your interests during a trip and get a list of the matching locations!

What is the used terminology?

In this course, we will cover: traveling tips, plan, save money, pass / coupon, plane, accommodation, insurance, vaccination, luggages

What are you going to get from this free course?

  • high-quality videos including "talking heads"
  • presentations and commented slideshows, photographs
  • Link to the course syllabus containing all resources
  • Link to a zipped html bookmarks file easily usable on your preferred internet browser
  • Links to useful and free resources to prepare your next travel experience
  • special for tight budget
  • tested and validated methods & trips

What other people say about this free course (2000+ students):

  • "I felt like the course was a fantastic refresher! Even though I've traveled before, usually within the US, and some of the tips and lectures seemed common sense to me, it has inspired me to begin my research again and reinvigorate me to experience the world. Thank you." - James Stewart
  • "The course is very helpful & beneficial for new travelers who are interested in visiting new places in the world. I've enjoyed the organized sections & the detailed information." - Kamel Halabi
  • "very informative and knowledgeable on travel" - Rudra Toulon
  • "This was an informative course with actionable information." - Sheryl M Malzkuhn

So, are you ready for ALL OF THIS?! Yes?

Buckle up and Bon voyage!

Cristina & Olivier Rebiere

How To Easily Start A Blog Today [FREE Guide Included]

Beginners Guide To Start A Blog Now!

Created by Michael Rush - World Traveler, Entrepreneur, Author, and Digital Expert


Students: 7548, Price: Free

Do you want to start a blog, but not sure how? Maybe you've tried and it's too difficult, you got confused or frustrated and gave up. Imagine if creating a blog was quick and easy... This course is designed for beginners that are looking to start a blog now. You will learn 7 easy steps that will help you go from start to finish and create a blog now. You will learn how to pick out a name (important), how to set up your blog easily, how your blog works, how to make it look beautiful for your visitors, how to easily create a beautiful logo, the best plugins to save you time and money, and how to make money!


Digital Nomad: How to be an entrepreneur anywhere on earth

Learn how to set up and monetize your own blog, travel hacks and become location independent.

Created by David Landau - Founder of Opti: Customized and optimized education paths.


Students: 7116, Price: Free

Hey guys! Thanks so much for taking a look at my course. It really means the world to me :)

For those that don't know me, during the past 5 years, I traveled to over 60 countries, financing my adventures through many location independent streams of income. After many years of exploring the world, emptying my bucket list and building profound happiness, I realized that there must be many like-minded people, who would like to build a similar lifestyle.

This course is designed for those who want to explore a different area, learn new skills or experiment in order to find their dream job. If you are thinking about making a major shift in your life to finally start doing what you love, exploring the world and building an audience of passionate supporters, this course is for you!

The objectives of this course are to introduce you to the world of blogs in order to prepare you for your adventure. The course will save you hundreds of hours by guiding you along the entire process of creating a profitable blog and preparing yourself for your travels.

Becoming a digital nomad is no easy task. If you end up selling all of your possessions in orders to fund your travels, it means you must keep constant track of your earnings, spending and much more! You will need to develop a good source of location independent income to afford your travels. We will teach you basic budgeting and travel hacks to sustain your lifelong adventure.

You will learn how to create a professionally looking blog on WordPress and format posts and add handy widgets and plugins. In order to survive, your blog will need good content. By the end of the course, you will understand how to come up with lots of good ideas to write about and learn how to create good looking posts so you can keep your visitors reading.

You will also learn how to establish an online presence, build an engaged audience and develop relationships with them. We will teach you how to create and manage a social media page to communicate effectively with your readers and basic marketing techniques such as email marketing using MailChimp so that you can send reminders, promotions and blog post updates.

Imagine backpacking through Southeast Asia or motorcycling across europe. There is nothing in the world that stops you from starting your own journey today. Sign up for this class to take a leap and live your dream life today.

You MIGHT be a digital nomad if:

  • You’re not happy in your current environment
  • You know that - if free - you could achieve more professionally
  • You want more excitement in what you do, and want to focus on your passion.
  • You don’t have the best fit in your current company.
  • You want to learn how to make a pivot in your life

Why aren’t you a digital nomad yet? It could be:

  • You need an extra push
  • Your current environment [friends, family, coworkers] might not understand how to support you.
  • You know you can work digitally, or off-and-on, and be free from a specific geographic location
  • You want to become part of a strong network of people who are travelers, explorers and adventurers

Credit Card Rewards 101: How to Earn Free Travel and More

Improve your lifestyle and your bottom line just by spending how you normally would!

Created by Nick Loper - Entrepreneur, Author, Chief Side Hustler at SideHustleNation


Students: 4514, Price: Free

Over the last 10+ years, credit card rewards have earned my wife and I thousands of dollars in free money — in the form of cash, gift cards, and travel — just for buying the stuff we would have bought anyway.

It’s not hard. We just put as much of our spending as possible on credit cards, and strategically sign up for new ones with attractive bonus offers.

And because we pay our balance in full every month, it’s all been at 0% interest.

Some say banks and credit card companies are evil.

I think they’re awesome.

You just have to be smart about how you use them.

In this free course, you'll learn:

  1. Why You Should Care About Credit Card Rewards

  2. How Credit Card Rewards Work (and why 1% cash back isn’t a great deal)

  3. How to Pick Which Cards to Apply For (and how often)

  4. How to Qualify for Business Credit Cards

  5. Credit Score Myths and Realities

  6. What’s in My Wallet and How I Track Cards

  7. Legit Ways to Meet Your Minimum Spending Requirements

You might not think of credit card rewards as a side hustle, but it’s been a profitable hobby of mine for years.

After all, every dollar counts!

Avoid Travel Scams in India

Get Prepared To Ensure You Aren't A Victim

Created by Roman Lillie - Solo Traveler


Students: 3289, Price: Free

Travel scams are common. And that's especially true in India.  So it's important to know what types of scams you can expect to encounter and what you need to do to avoid them.  From rickshaws & taxis to hotels and even  shopping and bargaining, I'll help you understand when and where scams are likely to play-out. This isn't meant to get you paranoid, only to make you confident and prepared for your trip. 

Airplane Crosswind Landings

How To: Mastering Crosswind Landings

Created by Jon Kotwicki - FAA Flight Instructor


Students: 2366, Price: Free

This course is laid out in three parts, Text, Video, and Quiz.

You will read about how to make proper approaches and landings with crosswinds, then watch a short video inside of each section, At the end of the three sections, you will watch a slightly longer video putting it all together, then take a short quiz. The videos not only shows how to use the controls to maneuver the aircraft, but also talks you through how to properly plan out your approach and landing, as well as getting set up for takeoff. The approximate course time is 30-45mins.

(Free Course) New Normal Abroad

Life/Travel Under Lockdown

Created by Kingston Lim - World Nomad


Students: 2064, Price: Free

(Please note that this is the free version that does not contain all the content described below)

The travel industry is dead it is said. Fear and lockdowns have grounded most international flights as most air travel has come to a halt. Many think it is impossible to travel during times like these. As for me, I've travelled to Asia, Latin America and Africa during these times of global lockdowns. It is absolutely possible. Things are obviously much more difficult then they were in the past. But it is going to be what it is. I'm a living testimony that going out and seeing the world is still something that can be done. One merely needs to have the will and determination to do what it is that they want to do.

Folks that aren't convinced like to tell me how lucky I am for being able to travel to all of these different places. I smile politely. But what I don't tell passing acquaintances is that I grew up in a low income household and qualified for US Federal Aid to help me through college.

I've lived like a pauper at times, but the places I've been and the people met has made it all worth it.

This course will be us walking through the process of making that happen for you. And this is all personal, hard earned experience which I have learned over the past few years living and traveling in East Asia to North America, South America & Africa.

And yes, even during the lockdown ridden post Covid Pandemic world. I muddled my way through university. If I can do it, why can't you?

The New Normal Abroad

Those that have done any international travel will likely look back on those times with nostalgia because they aren't coming back for a long time (think years).

There is already plenty of blogs, articles, podcasts and the like related to the travel/overseas-living sector. But most of it has been made irrelevant by the upheaval of 2020.

But I have been on the ground moving and living country to country, continent to continent since this mess all started. This wild ride has taken me from Asia to N. America, S. America & Africa.

To Give You A Better Understanding of What You'll Be Getting, here is a course overview (please note that this course overview is for the full course, not the free version):

Module 1: Preplanning: Steps to take before your departure

Folks worry about not having money to make the leap. I'll walk you through what I did when I was a corporate cog. From alternative FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) to "Travel Hacking" techniques I haven't found anywhere else.

Module 2: Picking Your Destination: COL (Cost of Living) Arbitrage

Life abroad doesn't mean a glamourous "makin' it rain" lifestyle (though it can be). Being an accountant, I'll break down costs to expect as well as my own personal P/L statements across 3 continents (in Thailand, Mexico & Tanzania)

Module 3: West Meets the World: Adjusting to Living Overseas

Culture shock is real. From safety to banking, culture and language with everything in between, I'll show you everything I've learned on how to insert yourself into a foreign country.

Module 4: Covid Travels (Movement in the Age of Travel Restrictions)

If you think culture shock is rough, think of adjusting from the 2010's travel to the 2020's is an electrocution. Face palm misadventures. I'll take you through adjusting and adapting to a new type of international citizenship.

What You Need to Know About Tiny Living

Hear from an RVIA Certified Tiny Home Builder about what to consider before transitioning into a tiny house lifestyle.

Created by Jerry Eisinger - Creative Director


Students: 1918, Price: Free

Throughout this course, you'll gain insight and understanding of several key aspects to help you go through the process of deciding whether the tiny home lifestyle could work for you. You'll hear from a couple who currently owns and operates a tiny home building company along with a veteran of tiny living. Together, they tackle a wide array of subjects including living off-grid, common tiny home obstacles and information to help you decide whether you should build your own home.

Postcards From London

A Visitors and photographers guide to the best sites in London

Created by Nicholas Helliwell - Traveler and Photographer


Students: 1544, Price: Free

With this course, I will take you to the top sites of London and show you how to get the best value and take home the best memories, weather you are interested art, architecture, history or shopping I am sure that you will learn how to make this the best trip you have had to date. 

Switzerland – The FREE Course

Where to go, Traditional Food and Music

Created by Simone Christina - MAS Health Care Management, Nurse Practitioner


Students: 1341, Price: Free

In this course I will give you my personal recommendations what area you should see, what food you should try and what music you should listen to in and from Switzerland.

I will talk about:

- The Alpstein Area and Appenzell

- The Valais and tree lakes area

- Traditional Food

- Traditional Swiss Instruments (the Alphorn)

- Jodeling

If you are planning to come to Switzerland in the future or if you are just in love with my country then I recommend you to subscribe for this course.

Are you ready? I am!

Guide to visit the historical cities of Belgium

Which cities and places to visit during your short holiday in Belgium

Created by Guido Devos - Teacher


Students: 1189, Price: Free

If you plan a (short) holiday to Belgium this course offers you lots of information about its historical cities which will amaze you. It is a real travel guide to use several days in a row.

This course is for those who would like to spend some days in one of the most interesting countries in Europe, known for its historical cities and exciting culture.

I introduce the cities of Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges and in particular all the places that are essential to visit and its tourist attractions. A map will help you to find these places easily. I will give you all the necessary information so that you will not miss anything.

A map of the metro network of Brussels, the metro/tram network of Antwerp, the tram/bus network of Ghent and the bus network of Bruges is available as well as a price list for the public transport.

For each visit at a church, a museum or other activities (as boat trips) you will find the price of the tickets and how to get reductions with the city cards.

Moreover you will find all the information about the cities provided in the videos in a pdf document you can download for free for each section.

Course about Latvia: Learn basics about country and culture

Learn about Latvia (one from Baltic States) it's location, culture, climate, traditions, etc. and improve your knowledge

Created by Zane Bārbale - I'm globally minded and skilled in Teaching, Tourism & Sales


Students: 1181, Price: Free

The students will learn basic information about Latvia like:

  • the language (alphabet, phonetics)

  • geography (location, the biggest cities, rivers etc.)

  • cuisine

  • population (ethnicities, migration etc.)

  • religion and traditions

The students need to create a collage as a Formative assignment so they can use the information they have learned.

This course is or everyone, who is interested in learning about Latvia and want to improve their geography skills.

Explore Waterton National Park Before You Go

We are taking you on a typical Two Cowboys experience to Waterton National Park

Created by Two Cowboys - Travelers, Photographers, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers


Students: 1135, Price: Free

In this program, we invite you to an entertaining and informative online travel excursion. You go onsite and undercover with the Two Cowboys as we show you what to experience and expect in the underground of our favourite travel destination.

We aim to bring you specially-crafted, one-of-a-kind, Two Cowboys themed online travel experiences. If you know us, you will learn where to eat, what to drink, where the best photographic opportunities are, Ultimately, we will show you where to go and who to meet to make your travel experience memorable in every way.

Maybe you dream of making the trip but cannot afford it right now, or your work, family, and responsibilities are in the way of your travels. We aim to take you there through the informative and entertaining content of this course. It should be the next best thing to actually being there and experiencing it with the Two Cowboys.

Maybe you are planning a visit and don't know what to expect. Won't it be great to have a local guide to show you around before you arrive? This material should introduce you to the people we know and the experiences we enjoy. We give you the inside track with tips and tricks so that you can make the most of your travels and avoid costly and timely travel mistakes.

ADV-101 An Introduction to Adventure Motorcycle Riding

You'll learn the ground rules, goals and configuration needed to best suit your style of Adventure Motorcycle riding.

Created by Charles Edwards - Enterprise Architect / Adventure Motorcycler


Students: 686, Price: Free

This is an introductory course aimed at anyone interested in Adventure Motorcycling, from someone who has never ridden a motorcycle, through to those who own one and want to get more out of it in terms of skills and knowledge, through to those people who are relatively advanced. We are never too old to learn new things! The introductory course will explore the Rules of Adventure Motorcycle riding, It will cover off the lecturers background experience so you can see the knowledge is coming from enough experience. The course will help you understand what your own personal goals are for doing Adventure Motorcycle riding, as there are many different reasons people like doing it. Based on that information you will then understand the best Motorcycle Configuration for your own needs, comfort and enjoyment. Adventure Motorcycle riding is an awesome experience and takes you to places and adventures you'd never normally have. Join the fun, get involved and lets explore Adventure Motorcycling together. If you like this free course, there will be more to come, where we will dive into great detail on all aspects of Adventure Motorcycling.

Amtrak Across America | How to Ride the Train Across America

The Complete Guide to Long-Distance Train Travel in America

Created by Phil Lin - Traveler


Students: 648, Price: Free

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to this course! In this course I'm going to share my passion of traveling by rail with you and help you plan your own Amtrak journey. I will also discuss the onboard amenities and experience onboard Amtrak. This course will also cover many other topics such as rolling stock, Amtrak's route network, and challenges that Amtrak is facing. This course is the complete guide to traveling in the US by rail. I hope this course will inspire you to plan your next journey by rail!

This course mainly focuses on Amtrak's Long-Distance route network and information on planning your next trip onboard Amtrak.

Course Features

  • 1 Hour of On-Demand Video Content

  • Interactive and  Detailed Video Lectures

  • Multiple Resources to Improve Your Amtrak Journey

Course Image By Sean Valk: Used With Permission