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Travel Photography: Take Beautiful Photos on Your Adventures

Capture amazing photos with our complete A-Z guide to travel photography: Equipment, Shooting, Editing, Sharing

Created by Phil Ebiner - Top-Rated Instructor, 2 Million+ Students


Students: 61416, Price: $99.99

Students: 61416, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the Complete Travel Photography Course!

Come home with photos that truly capture the magic of your experiences!

We are so excited to help you take better photos on your next adventure. You'll learn everything you need to know to take better photos with any camera - DSLR, mirrorless, smartphone, or point-and-shoot. 


Here are all the skills you'll learn in this travel photography course - starting with what you need to know before your trip, followed by how you actually shoot better photos on your trip, and finally with how you edit and share your photos like a pro!


  • Get ready for your next trip

  • Bring the best equipment for traveling

  • Choose the right lenses to capture your style of photography

  • Know the accessories you need to get great photos (tripods, filters, etc)

Taking Better Photos:

  • Portraits

  • Landscapes

  • Street Photography

  • Architecture

  • Night 

  • Long Exposure

Editing Photos:

  • Use the best photo editing apps for travelers

  • Learn how to edit your photos to make them look amazing

Sharing & Branding:

  • Share your photos with the world, get more followers, and inspire others

  • Build a travel photography brand using Instagram and other social media platforms


  • Downloadable photos to practice editing with

  • Live demonstrations - follow Sam on a travel photography shoot

  • Downloadable travel checklist

  • Premium support from your instructors


So, why should take this course from us? There are plenty of travel photography courses to choose from. We believe that we've created a course that can truly help you take better portraits in less time, better than anything else out there!

Video School Online has created some of the best selling online photography courses, and we always strive to help you learn new skills in a fun and engaging way!

Lastly, we have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee! Try out this course, and see if you like it. There's absolutely no risk!

We can't wait to see you in the course

Elevate Your Photography – Master Composition.

Study 100 great photographs to learn their keys to success. An array of genres - landscape, travel, portrait, food..

Created by El Gale - Professional Photographer


Students: 3826, Price: $74.99

Students: 3826, Price:  Paid

Photography is a craft, anyone can learn to take great photographs - with practice and a foundational understanding of the components that make photographs great - you can significantly elevate your photography.

In this course we will study 100 great photographs from across the world - to learn the key features that make photographs successful. 

This course is for anyone looking to gain a foundation of insights to elevate their photography. It is not about technical settings or equipment, it's purely a study of the most valuable photographic conventions  - which by the end will offer a tool box of skills to take aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and widely enjoyed images. 

I made this course because I believe studying others photographs is one of the most beneficial things you can do to learn photography. It offers a great amount of insight and inspiration - it's the closest thing in my mind to replicating the value of a photography degree (the practice of learning through study). This process helped me improve my photography tremendously over the years, and that learning has now be condensed into this super-accessible course.

***Please don't buy this course if you're purely wanting to learn camera settings etc - there are other courses/ free online videos out there for that, this is about the artistic side of photography - Intention & Subject, Light & Shadow, Timing, Colour, and Composition.


What We Will Cover (A brief overview):

1. Intent & Subject

"a camera is a save button for the minds eye"

Learn the importance of considering the WHAT & WHY. Explore the value in identifying subject and focal points - and discover mechanisms that can lead the eye to them within the image. Learn how you can give new insight to the subject to create even more compelling images, with a stronger sense of intention behind your photographs.

2. Light & Shadow

"Photography is painting with light"

Learn to see the light. Learn what quality light is and how to harness the best natural light forms for stunning, 3-dimensional photos. Understand the value and abilities of shadow - how it can create more interest, engagement, shape or mood in a photo.

3. Timing & Moment

"Photography freezes moments allowing you to stop and connect with the richness of reality"

Understand how consideration of moment can allow you to capture stronger connection to the subject - genuine emotions or compelling compositions. 

4. Colour

Colour is a powerful tool in photography - it can bring life to a photo, enhance emotion, direct focus, or be the subject itself. Learn how to harness colour to create dynamic and evocative photos.

5. Composition

Explore 15+ valuable compositional mechanisms to create visually appealing and engaging photos. These are the some of the easiest and most valuable skills to elevate your photographs quickly.

6. Insights to Specific Genres

Key insights I think are valuable in creating great images within these specific fields of photography:

  • Portraiture  

  • Macro

  • Street

  • Food

  • Nature

7. Bonus - personal tips I have gained value from 

A range of general and specific tips and tools that have served me well over the years. A selection of links to check out and online realms I would recommend interacting with.

Enjoy the course! 

Travel Photography for Beginners: Take EPIC Travel Photos

Learn the art of travel photography and adventure photography. Become a professional and learn to take EPIC photos.

Created by Jellis Vaes - Artist. Entrepreneur. Adventurer.


Students: 1792, Price: $99.99

Students: 1792, Price:  Paid


"As always Jellis presents an engaging and educational array of information that appeals to a wide range of people. I feel better prepared for my next trip and feel confident that using Jellis' knowledge will greatly improve the photos I will take. I highly recommend this course." - Adrian Gillespie

"I'm glad I found this course. Jellis is a seasoned pro and is a very passionate instructor, which makes all the difference! Thank you for this great course, Jellis!" - Alberto Rouiller

"Great class Jellis Vaes!!! I learned a lot about Travel and Adventure Photography. This will help in the near future when I want to travel to take pictures. Thank you Jellis for a wonderful course on Travel and Adventure Photography. Now I know how to take great pictures when I am traveling or going on a roadtrip to Vashon Island again. Best Instructor Ever! And again, thank you!!! :)!" - Jane Courtois


Welcome to this specialization course!

I am Jellis Vaes, a professional travel and adventure photographer.

At the age of 18, I left school to travel the world. What was intended to be a two-month trip ended up becoming a three-year journey around the world.

During those three years, I fell in love with the world and the many beauties and adventures it held.

What was at first no more than a simple tool for me to express myself and show others what I was experiencing – the beauty and thrill of living in this world – slowly turned into a passion and love that I have turned into my profession.

As a travel and adventure photographer, I have visited more than 40 countries, worked with companies on various projects, and become a best-selling teacher. To date, I have taught a total of more than 10,000 students, and I am incredibly humbled to have shared my knowledge with them all.

In this course, I want to take you on a wild adventure and show you the art of travel and adventure photography.

The wonders and thrills of working in the field, various tricks and tips, how to take EPIC photographs that truly capture a feeling, handy accesories, the best camera equipment to travel with, photography backpacks, how to keep yourself, your photos, and your equipment safe, how to earn money through travel and adventure photography, and much, much more.

I cannot wait to embark on this most exciting photography journey with you.

I hope you are ready!


An honest review and rating is always appreciated and will help me to make any necessary improvements for the course, as well helping to get more people involved so they too can benefit from the beauty of photography. Many thanks!


Note: This is a specialization course, not a beginner’s course on photography.

If you have no prior knowledge about the basics of photography, I suggest you check out “The Ultimate Photography Course for Beginners” and “The Ultimate Post Processing and Editing Course.”

“The Ultimate Photography Course for Beginners” teaches the fundamentals about photography, such as the exposure triangle, exposure modes, lighting, focus, composition, etc.

“The Ultimate Post Processing and Editing Course” is an in-depth course about the other half of photography: the post-processing and editing side.

You will learn how to work with Lightroom and Photoshop and how to turn your okay-looking photos into stunning photographs.

This is only a suggestion to help you become a better photographer. The reviews and ratings for these two courses speak for themselves and illustrate how much value they have provided to other students.

Travel Photography: Bring Home Awesome Photos!

A complete guide to taking great photos while traveling using any camera. The perfect photography course for beginners.

Created by Kevin Volo - Instructional Designer


Students: 78, Price: $49.99

Students: 78, Price:  Paid

In this course you will learn to take awesome and memorable travel pictures. We start with lessons on how to use your camera properly so you get the bet possible exposure. We then move on to photographic composition so that your photos are not only exposed well, but are composed well. 

We Also Cover Travel Topics Such As:

  • Best camera options
  • What camera equipment to pack
  • What else should you pack to make your trip easier
  • Travel safety, and much more

Photography Basics You'll Learn:

  • Exposure
  • ISO 
  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperture
  • Depth of Field
  • Composition Basics
  • White Balance
  • Lighting

I've been a photographer my whole life and have taught traditional and digital photography classes for 20 years. I love everything about photography and hope you will enjoy the course and learn about the joys of travel photography.