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Sales Skills Training: Explode Your Sales with Online Video

With Sales Skills you can use digital video to sell and market every aspect of your business

Created by TJ Walker - BestSelling Personal Development & Habits Expert


Students: 31888, Price: $89.99

Students: 31888, Price:  Paid

Sales Skills on video can be your secret advantage. Imagine thousands of people watching your sales presentation every day, through the power of online video. You can spread your sales message, with emotion and confidence, using the force of online video and proper sales skills. Selling through talking head video used to be reserved for Fortune 500 CEOs, US Presidents and Hollywood celebrities. Now, thanks to low-cost video production and distribution, you can use your sales skills to pitch your products and services to a worldwide market on the web.

And you can look and sound great, confident and memorable with enhances sales skills!

You will learn how to use digital video and YouTube to communicate more effectively to your customers and prospects. Video can be the ultimate "sales" tool when it allows you to be fully responsive to customer/prospect concerns. This course will give you practical how-to tips on how to make simple, information packed videos for your website, YouTube channel, sales proposals, client communication and training tools.

Why waste one more day giving average sales presentations when you could be delivering outstanding, video-based, sales presentatons?

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this sales skills course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

"This is really good experience in my life! Thanks for your advice." Lahiru Nilmal

"Yeah, really I was opened to some certain things about sales. Your customers need to see you speak to make some sales. It's not about audios all the time. Make a simple video of yourself" Ezeh James Chidubem

Excel 2016 Foundation Training Course | Video Tutorial

Learn the Excel 2016 Basics

Created by David Murray - 20 years SEO Experience | Over 73,000 Students on Udemy


Students: 20124, Price: $89.99

Students: 20124, Price:  Paid

Microsoft Excel 2016 (365) Foundation Training Course

Microsoft Excel 2016 is included with Microsoft
Office 365

This course is for Excel beginners.  We start by looking at the various Excel Selection Techniques and then see how to use these techniques for Manipulating Rows and Columns and also for Manipulating Cells and Cell Content

Next we look at how to use Microsoft Excel 2016 Worksheets. 

The next few chapter cover things such as Font Formatting , Alignment Formatting, Number Formatting and Freezing Row and Column Titles

Then then examine Formulas and Functions.  Next we see how to create and format Charts within Excel 2016

Finally we have a look at options for customizing Microsoft Excel 2016


Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Essentials Training Course

Start your Premiere Pro training now and fast track your career as a video editor.

Created by Daniel Walter Scott - Adobe Certified Instructor & Adobe Certified Expert


Students: 17179, Price: $109.99

Students: 17179, Price:  Paid

Hi there, my name is Daniel Walter Scott and I am an Adobe Certified Instructor.

I am here to help you learn Adobe Premiere Pro and to show you the tools you need to become a successful video editor.

Premiere Pro is the industry standard used by professional designers to create stunning, high class videos and, after completing this course, you too can become a confident, skilful and efficient creator of stunning videos.

This course is aimed at people who are completely new to Premiere Pro.

"I've purchased some of Daniel's courses in the past. I like his teaching style. This course is excellent so far. I've taken a number of Premiere Pro courses and this one is the best so far. - Larry Farr"

If you are self taught using Premiere, this course will show you techniques you never dreamed were necessary or possible and will show you efficiencies to help speed up your workflow.

The course covers many topics - all of them on a step-by-step basis. We will use real world video editing examples to work through:

  • An interview

  • A wedding video

  • A short documentary

  • Social media advertising videos

  • YouTube ‘how to’ videos

  • Talking head footage mixed with screencasts and voiceovers

We will work with text, animation, motion gfx, special effects and we will add music to our video.

"The flow, pace and direction of this course are exactly what I'm looking for. I've taken other courses that left me lost, or weren't going in the direction in terms of learning that I wanted to go. This course is exactly what I'm looking for, and Dan is the best instructor I've experienced. A bit of humor, easy to follow, easy to learn. - Tim Weatherall"

We will learn how to do colour correction, colour balancing and also how to create amazing video transitions within our movie.

Technical ‘guru’ topics such as HD v 4K, frames per second, exporting work, fixing up bad audio, balancing and synching audio will all become manageable tasks for you.

Best of all...I will show you amazing shortcuts and techniques to speed up your workflow.

"I absolutely love this class from Daniel Walter Scott! If you haven't figured it out yet, Daniel is the best instructor on Udemy and instructor on the internet. I couldn't recommend this course and all his courses enough. - Brad Boggs"

Throughout the course we will work on mini projects and I will be suggesting assignments which will add value to your portfolio.

Start your Premiere Pro training now and fast track your career as a video editor.

Cisco ISE v2.4 Video Training

Introduction to ISE v2.4

Created by Kevin Rodgers - CCIE #47151


Students: 7915, Price: $99.99

Students: 7915, Price:  Paid

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to get up and running with ISE quickly.

The course was built from the ground up in late 2018 and early 2019 and covers ISE Version 2.4.

Complete and unlimited access to:

  • All ISE basic configuration.

  • ISE for the Wired Network

  • ISE for the Wireless Network

  • Guest, BYOD, Posture, and much more!

All students will receive full access to all lessons, which includes the ability to download the videos directly. In addition, you will also be granted access to a members-only forum where I will help you when/if you get stuck on a topic.

If you would like to see more information on any given topic, just let me know. I’m happy to update a video or even create a new one to cover something more in-depth.

TCP/IP Training Video A Definitive & Easy To Follow Course

Essential TCP/IP Training Course For Professionals Who Manages Servers, Networks Or Any Other Network Connected Device

Created by Infinite Skills - High Quality Training


Students: 6745, Price: $49.99

Students: 6745, Price:  Paid

In this TCP/IP training course from Infinite Skills, you will learn all about the standard communication protocol for the internet. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) defines how devices connect to, and communicate through the internet. This tutorial explains how TCP/IP packages, addresses, routes and delivers data over a networks.

Throughout this video based training video, you use various network tools to capture and dissect network packets. You will explore, in detail, the IP (Internet Protocol), ICMP, TCP, UDP, and how they all interact together. You will explore how TCP/IP works through the Session and Application layers of the OSI model. Wireless network fundamentals is also covered, with tips on protecting your data with WEP and WPA. Finally, the course breaks down what IPv6 is, and why it is important.

The training is designed to be a beginners course on the theory and hands on analysis of TCP/IP. By the time you have completed this course, you will have a thorough understanding of what a packet is and how it delivers data from point to point using TCP/IP.

The Flow State Transformational Training Video Course

Unique Flow State Workshops including Yoga,Chakra Balancing, Guided Meditation, Nutrition, Acro & Thai Massage Healing.

Created by Dashama Konah - The Anthony Robbins of Yoga


Students: 4853, Price: $199.99

Students: 4853, Price:  Paid

     In this unique online Flow State training course, you will learn over 40 hours of powerful the Flow State Yoga techniques, sequences and practices to apply to your own life and to share with others. Whether you are a yoga teacher, a yoga enthusiast or an aspiring teacher, this course will enlighten, transform and catalyze a shift within your body, mind and soul in many powerful ways. 

  This 40 hour video course includes: 

  • the Flow State yoga

  • 12 Prasha Method Chakra Healing Workshop DVD Set (included for students who submit full price course payment receipt to Pranashama Yoga Institute at: contact@pranashama . com)

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Thai Yoga Massage,

  • Partner Yoga,

  • Nutrition,

  • Green Smoothie Recipes

  • Cooking Videos

  • Hands on Adjustments

  • Guided Meditations,

  • Pranayama,

  • Breathwork,

  • Philosophy of Pranashama Yoga,

  • History of Yoga,

  • Empowerment workshops + more. 

     This is primarily a VIDEO course, with a few ebooks to reference as supplementary course material. 

     This course should take 40 hours, but to learn most students will repeat the workshop videos several times, which will increase the length of time it may take you to complete. 

     At the end of the course, you will be given permission to take the Pranashama Yoga Teacher Exam. This 100 question exam consists of fill in the blank, essay and multiple choice questions that you should know the answers to upon successful completion of the course material. To receive permission to take the exam, you must email Mariya at contact@pranashama . com. 

     You may apply these 40 hours toward your full 200 or 500 hour certification, which must be taken live with Dashama in Bali or one of the other locations. You can learn more about these options at: Pranashama . org


Excel 2016 Advanced Level Training | Video Tutorials

Become an Excel 2016 expert

Created by David Murray - 20 years SEO Experience | Over 73,000 Students on Udemy


Students: 4090, Price: $89.99

Students: 4090, Price:  Paid

Excel 2016 Advanced Training Course

This course is aimed at people with a good working knowledge
of Excel, 2016 or people who have worked through the Foundation and Intermediate
level Excel 2016 training courses.

The course starts by looking at Pivot Tables and then Input

We then move on to see how to make the most of Charts within
Excel 2016.

Next we look at items such as Hyperlinks and then Linking
& Embedding

The next chapter shows you how to import text files into

The next chapters guide you through Sorting and Filtering
Data and then we look at Tracking and Reviewing Changes

Then use see the power of the Scenario Manager

Next it all about validating and auditing data.

Finally we look at Macros plus Passwords & Security


Learning MongoDB – A Training Video From Infinite Skills

Learn MongoDB Easily With Infinite Skills - A Clear & Comprehensive Training Course

Created by Infinite Skills - High Quality Training


Students: 3973, Price: $49.99

Students: 3973, Price:  Paid

This MongoDB training course from Infinite Skills teaches you the tools and techniques needed to work within this cross-platform, document-oriented database system.

You will start by learning how to install and configure MongoDB on a Mac and Windows operating system, as well as learning to use the Mongo built-in JavaScript shell. You will then learn to perform queries, add information, and perform modifications. The course will teach you about data modeling, including one to one and one to many relationships. Finally, this video tutorial will also teach you about MongoDB database management, such as adding and managing user administrators, authenticating and handling errors, and backup procedures.

By the completion of this computer based training course, you will have a strong understanding of how to use the tools available to you in MongoDB. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Digital SLR Cameras & Photography For Dummies Video Training

Easy-to-follow video training on getting better photos with a digital SLR camera!

Created by John Wiley & Sons - Video Training


Students: 3392, Price: $19.99

Students: 3392, Price:  Paid

Easy-to-follow Photography for Dummies video training on getting better photos with a digital SLR camera!

Digital SLR cameras put full control over the look of a picture in the photographer’s hands. You just need some basic know-how about how digital SLRs operate to get the photos you want out of your camera. This 50 minute instructional video Photography for Dummies training course introduces you to the basics of digital SLR photography, from switching lenses to selecting exposure settings to when to use the camera’s flash. It also shows you how to apply that knowl­edge to take great action shots, landscapes, portraits, and more!

Take this ultimate Photography for Dummies SLR Cameras for Dummies course right now and learn photography basics with SLR camera.


Camtasia Mastery 8 – Creating Killer Videos w/ Camtasia 8

Create videos quickly for training, marketing, sales, or support. Learn tips & tricks from years of Camtasia experience.

Created by Ron Hogue - Trainer since 1998


Students: 2755, Price: $99.99

Students: 2755, Price:  Paid

Last update: October 2016. Camtasia Mastery is for everyone who uses Camtasia Studio to make videos. From beginners learning what the program is about, to experienced users who want to learn how to take animations and hosting to the next level, this course has loads of information for learners of all experience levels.

The Camtasia Mastery sections are divided into several bite-sized videos. This allows you to go through the course in order, or jump to any of the topics you need help with. Most videos are only 2-3 minutes long but the course is packed with over 6½ hours of instruction. You can get exactly what you need, when you need it - no more scouring hours of videos to try and find the one nugget of information you need.

Be sure to check out all of the course reviews to see how students love this course. From beginners to long-time users, you WILL learn how to best use Camtasia Studio.

Post your questions. I reply to most student questions and comments within 3 days (usually faster). The best questions will get a video answer. I will create a video to fully answer great questions. Video answers (and questions) are shared with all students in a special section at the end of the course.

If you are creating training videos with Camtasia, you will learn tricks and tips to save you time and make your videos look great!

Learning Oracle 12c – A Beginners Oracle Training Video

A Easy To Follow Course Designed To Teach You The Core Principals Of Working With Oracle Database Technology

Created by Infinite Skills - High Quality Training


Students: 1990, Price: $49.99

Students: 1990, Price:  Paid

This Oracle 12c training course from Infinite Skills will teach you how to everything you need to know about the newest version of the Oracle database system. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no prior knowledge of Oracle is needed.

You will start by learning about the Oracle database technology, including learning the database architecture of Oracle and how to install the software on your computer. This video tutorial will cover topics such as how to create an Oracle database, basic SQL and PL/SQL, storage structures, database objects, security, backup and recovery, and Oracle administration tasks. Finally, you will learn about data migration and Oracle networking.

Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will have a fundamental understanding of how an Oracle database functions, and how database concepts apply to the latest version of Oracle. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Dan Roam’s Professional Hand-Drawn Whiteboard Video Course

Learn to use PowerPoint & Camtasia to create professional hand-drawn whiteboard videos for marketing, sales, & training.

Created by Dan Roam - "The Back of the Napkin" Bestselling Author & Visual Expert


Students: 1959, Price: $94.99

Students: 1959, Price:  Paid

This course is for anyone who wants to explain, market, sell, or teach online using simple, hand-drawn videos. Using PowerPoint and Camtasia (or similar screen-recording app), you will learn everything you need to know to create great hand drawn whiteboard videos fast, including:

  • How to create a script.
  • How to visualize your ideas in PowerPoint.
  • How to quickly animate, record, and narrate your whiteboard videos.
  • How to edit, polish, and add the right music quickly.
  • How to promote your video online for great exposure.
  • And much, much more.

Your hand drawn video will look and sound so professional and compelling that you will be able to sell more of your products and services than you ever thought possible.

In fact, your whiteboard videos will stand out so much that, if you want to, you could sell your hand drawn whiteboard videos as a service to others.

Learning Ubuntu Linux. A Training Video From Infinite Skills

Learn Ubuntu Linux - A practical easy to follow course on getting started with Ubuntu Linux from Infinite Skills

Created by Infinite Skills - High Quality Training


Students: 1901, Price: $49.99

Students: 1901, Price:  Paid

This Ubuntu Linux training course from Infinite Skills will take you through this free operating system, teaching you valuable knowledge to help transform this operating system into a useful working tool.

You will start out by learning how to obtain and successfully install Ubuntu Linux. You will then take a tour of the desktop, looking closely at the panel, dock, running graphical programs, and using the display manager, among others. The courses will then teach you about file and system management, showing you how to copy, move, and rename, locate and edit files, as well as adding and changing users. This video tutorial will teach you about networking and security, such as troubleshooting, changing name servers, and using Netcat. Finally, there is a chapter on advanced tasks, which include Bash, Perl, Python, and Ruby scripting, and how to write C programs.

By the conclusion of this computer based training course, you will have the necessary knowledge and skills needed to navigate your way through this operating system and be able to take full advantage of the powerful features available in Ubuntu Linux.

Complete CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) Video Training Series

Get ready to CRUSH your CompTIA Network+ exam, as you’re guided through every topic on the N10-007 exam blueprint.

Created by Experts with David Bombal - Experts helping you become an expert.


Students: 1780, Price: $19.99

Students: 1780, Price:  Paid

** Get Ready to Crush Your CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) Exam **

Embark on (or continue) your IT certification journey with CompTIA’s Network+ certification. The Network+ certification acts as a “sampler platter” of networking, where you get to “taste test” a wide variety of technologies, like cloud, wireless, software defined networking, route/switch, security, troubleshooting, network management, and so many others.

Guiding you through each step of your journey is award-winning instructor and double CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert) Kevin Wallace. With over 3 decades of IT experience, Kevin’s real-life “tales from the trenches” are sprinkled throughout this course, including his time as a network designer for Walt Disney World.

Animations, demonstrations, memory aids, and real-life stories all come together in this course to create the connective tissue you need to understand the interrelationships between all of the topics on the Network+ exam blueprint.

You’ll validate your learning with quiz questions after each course module and then challenge yourself with a comprehensive practice exam after completing the course.

What You’ll Get:

  • 16.5 hours of instruction from Kevin Wallace, CCIEx2 #7945 covering every topic on CompTIA’s Network+ (N10-007) exam blueprint

  • Module quizzes to confirm your understanding of each topic

  • A comprehensive practice exam to reveal any weak spots you might have before taking the “real thing”

  • Downloadable and printable PDF of course slides

What Kevin’s Students Are Saying:

  • Kevin’s delivery, content, clarity & style is unrivaled in my opinion.” @ise_nut_will

  • I strongly recommend Kevin Wallace training programs. Back in 2019 when I started following Kevin, I was able to pass both my CCNA R/S and CCNA Security in a span of 8 months.” Jean-Paul C.

  • The explanation of QoS drop probability using a Styrofoam cup will live with me forever. Genius.” Robert H.

  • Yesterday I passed CCNP Switch! Hardest Cisco exam I have taken... Thank you so much @kwallaceccie you are awesome!” Kjetil H.

Who this course is for

  • Anyone entering the networking field

  • CompTIA Network+ certification candidates

  • IT pros desiring to update their skills

Join me and get ready to pass your CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam!

Advanced Microsoft Access 2013 Training Video

Take your Microsoft Access skills to the next level with this Advanced Access Course from Infinite Skills

Created by Infinite Skills - High Quality Training


Students: 1481, Price: $49.99

Students: 1481, Price:  Paid

This Advanced Microsoft Access 2013 training course from Infinite Skills will take you beyond the fundamentals of this powerful Microsoft program. This course is designed for users that already have a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Access.

In this video tutorial, you will jump right into learning advanced table design with indexing and input masks. You will learn how to create advanced queries and action, and how to use SQL (standard query language). Guy will cover topics such as advanced form design, how to create an advanced report, and creating and using bound and unbound subforms. This video based training course will teach you how to create and use a Macro, a Sub Macro, and how to configure a Macro. Guy will show you how to turn a database into an application, and how to back up a database and convert Access databases to and from previous versions. Finally, you will learn how to create a custom web app and how to use Access with external applications.

By the conclusion of this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of creating, managing, and displaying your Microsoft Access 2013 data, and have an in-depth understanding of the many tools and techniques available to you in this Microsoft program. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server Training Video

In This Tutorial Video A Certified Apple Trainer Teaches You How To Setup & Manage Apple OS X Mountain Lion Server.

Created by Infinite Skills - High Quality Training


Students: 1328, Price: $49.99

Students: 1328, Price:  Paid

In this training course, certified Apple trainer and expert author Chris Tarnowieckyi teaches you how to set up, manage, and monitor the latest server software from Apple, OS X Mountain Lion. Chris breaks down complex topics into straightforward lessons that anyone can understand. This tutorial is designed specifically for those who have never previously configured or managed an OS X server. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

You will begin by with installing the Server software on a computer. As you continue the course, Chris introduces you to the Server App and explains how to configure and use it to maintain your server. Later, you will master topics such as network services and directory services. You will also learn how to manage workgroups and client preferences, enrol and configure mobile devices, deploy Apps to mobile devices, and even set up Time Machine. Chris provides in-depth instruction on managing the mail, web, wiki, calendar, contact and message services. Finally, you will learn how to configure and deploy the NetInstall service.

By the time you have completed this computer based training course on OS X Mountain Lion Server, you will be comfortable with the process of installing and managing a server and services for networks ranging from small home configurations to large corporate networks with hundreds of computers.

Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Training – Tutorial Video

Learn How To Use Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Like a Pro. A Comprehensive Premiere Tutorial For Creative Professionals

Created by Infinite Skills - High Quality Training


Students: 871, Price: $49.99

Students: 871, Price:  Paid

In this Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Tutorial training course, an expert author teaches you how to create high quality videos from footage you record and import, using Adobe Premiere Elements 11. This tutorial is designed for the absolute beginner, no previous experience with video editing is required, and the author has provided all the working files you will need to follow along with him throughout the lessons.

The adobe premiere elements 11 tutorial course starts your Premiere Elements 11 training with the absolute basics - opening and setting up the software. You will explore the organizer, setup your preferences, and get comfortable with the Premiere Elements interface. Next, you jump right in, importing and editing your first project. Throughout this course, you will use actual video and projects to re-enforce the subject and tools being taught. This will help you learn faster and retain more of what is being taught. Some of those subjects include color correction, working with effects, creating and using transitions, working with your projects audio, and adding titles and credits. You will finish up with post-production tasks such as adding DVD markers, creating a DVD menu, and exporting your final project.

Once you have completed this video based Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Tutorial, you will be fully capable of importing your own video footage, editing it, sprucing it up, and sharing it with your family, or even the whole world!


VideoScribe Fundamentals Training: Creating Animated Videos

A comprehensive guide, full of expert tips and tricks from the head trainer at Sparkol (the creators of VideoScribe)

Created by Jonny Finch - Head Trainer for Sparkol


Students: 693, Price: $49.99

Students: 693, Price:  Paid

This course is designed for VideoScribe v3.6, to ensure you are using the most up to date version we recommend updating your app from your Sparkol account page.

My name is Jonny Finch and I’m the Head Trainer for Sparkol, the creators of VideoScribe. I’ve been creating videos and teaching courses on how to get the most out of VideoScribe for over 6 years.

In this course I’ve captured our top hints and tips so you can quickly learn how easy it is to create engaging whiteboard animation videos using VideoScribe.

This course is perfect for beginners - maybe you’re brand new to VideoScribe or you’ve already mastered the basics. You’ll learn the fundamentals of whiteboard video creation and those neat tricks and tips.

With VideoScribe, you don’t need to be an artist or have any video creation experience. Our library is full of pre-animated illustrations and images which automatically draw themselves - just choose the styles that you like. I’ll be taking you through everything from the ground up.

Throughout this course, we’ll be running through a step-by-step process to create your own amazing animated videos from scratch. Enroll now to get started!

VideoScribe Expert Training: Producing Professional Videos

How to use third party tools to create professional audio and customized images for your VideoScribe projects

Created by Jonny Finch - Head Trainer for Sparkol


Students: 108, Price: $44.99

Students: 108, Price:  Paid

My name is Jonny Finch and I’m the Head Trainer here at Sparkol, the creators of VideoScribe. I’ve been working with VideoScribe and teaching people how to get the most out of our software for over 7 years now.

In this course, I’ll show you how you can use third party tools to help your VideoScribe projects stand out and make them even more captivating.

This course is aimed at experienced users who already know the basics and have created a number of videos using VideoScribe. In the first section you’ll learn how to use Audacity to create professional quality audio which you can use in your videos. Then in the second section you’ll learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to create your own customized images which will then draw in VideoScribe.

If you haven’t already, I recommend you complete our 'VideoScribe Fundamentals Training: Creating Animated Videos' course and/or our 'VideoScribe Advanced Training: Mastering Whiteboard Animation' course before starting this one.

This course focuses on how to use specific features within these third party tools to create your own audio and image files that enhance your VideoScribe projects. And you won’t need any existing experience using these tools as I’ll be showing you everything you need to know. Enroll now to get started!

Media Training & Video Creation For Online Course Creators

Be more confident on camera and easily create high quality videos for your online course and beyond.

Created by Karena Akhavein PhD - Writing Coach, Podcaster, Course Creator


Students: 62, Price: $24.99

Students: 62, Price:  Paid

Video is a crucial medium for the future. Videos rank higher on SEO, they convert at much higher rates, and they raise the perceived value of online courses. But for many, appearing on video is incredibly scary.

Most courses aimed at helping course creators focus on relatively easy stuff like choosing a subject, leaving you high and dry for the concrete step of filming, or they instead cover the technical aspects of uploading a course on a specific platform, information that can be found in the FAQ's of your online course platform of choice. Other courses leave you feeling that you need sophisticated equipment and professional level editing skills to create high qualitv video. What these courses don't do is offer concrete tips on how to feel more comfortable on camera and how to produce high-quality video that integrates seamlessly with your course and with your online identity as a creative entrepreneur.

Many courses that offer media training focus too much on how one looks on video. Few courses offer a holistic approach, taking conventional media training a step further by applying it to online course creation, and outlining everything you need to think about as your create high quality videos for your online course.

This course helps you to see how your mindset, approach, and organization makes all the difference when it comes to high-quality video for your online course and beyond. You will come away confident that you can create lasting impact on your students' lives, and you will gain knowledge on every aspect of video creation that will help you as you explore new video formats for your online platform.

We'll be covering:


-How to get over your fear of video

-Setting yourself up for success

-Equipment you do and don't need

-What to do before a shoot, every time

-How to get organized

-Why appearing natural on video doesn't feel natural

-Communication Styles

-Body language and expressions

-Energy levels

-Grooming & Beauty

-Sound and lighting

-Filming tricks that make editing easier

-How to integrate video into your course

-Other ways to integrate video into your online platform