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360 Panoramic Photography for Virtual Tours and Object VR

Complete guide to acquiring, processing, stitching, and assembling virtual tours and objects for Google and Websites.

Created by Paul Cheney - Web Designer and Developer


Students: 1355, Price: $49.99

Students: 1355, Price:  Paid

Panoramic Photography is becoming more popular as the tools to create and publish photospheres become easier to use and more readily available. However, not all photospheres are of good quality.

This course will provide you with industry-standard expertise in purchasing equipment, acquiring, processing and stitching panoramic images, and publishing them to a website and Google Maps.

I will walk you through the process that I use to create high-quality panoramic images using a DSLR camera and Sigma 8mm fisheye lens. In order to take full advantage of this course, you will need to have access to the required equipment and software which I will carefully outline.

How to be a Tour Guide in your Hometown Overnight

Deliver an engaging 1 hour walking tour around a local town or city and become a trusted tour guide for visitors

Created by Lita Doolan - Reviewer


Students: 1309, Price: $19.99

Students: 1309, Price:  Paid

Ever wondered how you can turn a city or town you love into an exciting experience for others?

As tourism increases with low cost travel deals you can turn your love of history, architecture or nature into a unique guided tour.

We’ll learn about how to find interesting stories and research local history fast.

I designed 5 modules plus resource sheets to be easily understood by absolute beginners.

We’ll learn about how stories about old buildings and famous visitors can be made into a great tour.

At the end of the course, you will be able to welcome visitors to your hometown with a one hour walking tour.

360 Panoramic Photography for VR, AR, & XR and Oculus

Complete guide to acquiring, processing, stitching, and assembling augmented reality tours for many different platforms.

Created by Paul Cheney - Web Designer and Developer


Students: 176, Price: $49.99

Students: 176, Price:  Paid

The total global augmented and mixed reality market is expected to reach $103.9 billion dollars. Many industries are trying to find ways to leverage the power of Mixed Reality. In this course, we will look at ways to use MR in the fields of Architecture, Real Estate, and Tourism.

If you do not yet know how to create high-quality panoramic images using a DSLR camera then you may want to start with my other UDEMY course “360 Panoramic Photography for Virtual Tours and Object VR”.

In this class, we will look at the equipment and software you will need to create high-resolution GIGA panoramic images and publish them to a website with multiple resolutions.

We will also cover how to create and publish a mixed reality experience to a head-mounted display like an Oculus headset using the VR TeamViewer and Pano2VR output. If you have never experienced this, then you in for a real treat. I will also take you out with my drone and show you how to shoot a spherical image and then fix the top part using Photoshop.

I have created a companion website that has examples, downloads, and links to materials that you can use to complete each activity.

To get the most out of this course, you will need to have access to an oculus quest and web hosting so that you can publish your work and then experience it yourself.

How to become a Tour Guide

Learn how to become a great story teller and find a job in Tourism

Created by Paul Den Arend - Professional Tour Guide


Students: 127, Price: $19.99

Students: 127, Price:  Paid

Hi, my name is Paul and I’ve been a traveling tour guide for years. I can tell you already, it is the best job in the world. I get to meet so many enthusiastic people, travel to exotic destinations and enjoy my life to the fullest.

I am very excited to teach you everything that I have learned over the last 10 years as a tour guide. I really believe that after this course, you will have a wide ranging knowledge about your possibilities in the tourism industry. I want to make sure that after this course, you have a concrete action plan to put into motion. Whether you want to start your own business or find a job in the field, you will know exactly what to do to increase your chances of success.

This course gives you all the building blocks to become a great tour guide.

You will learn:

  • All about the tourism industry. Tourism is a growing business with lots of opportunities!

  • Current trends in tourism

  • How to talk to people.

  • How to create captivating stories that people will love

  • How to get your clients to like you

  • All the different kinds of jobs available in tourism

  • Tricks to get amazing reviews

Also, you will need to work on your charisma and public speaking. Don’t worry, it’s really not as hard as you think. So in my course I’ll also dive into.

  • Improving your charisma

  • Vocal exercises to be heard well

  • What to talk about on tours

  • Where to find fun information quickly

  • How to quickly prepare guided tours

And finding a job in tourism can be a bit tricky if you are not prepared well, so my course includes

  • How to find a job

  • Prepare for job interviews

  • Create tourism experience if you have none

  • Example Cover letters

Any tour guide, local guide or tourism professional needs to know how to deal with emergencies. I will teach you..

  • How to deal with problems on the road

  • How to deal with injuries and complaints

  • Dealing with difficult people

  • How to work in different cultural environments

  • How to deal with different languages

One of my career highlights was starting my own business, so I could really create the tours that I wanted. I’ll tell you all about..

  • The pros and cons of starting your own business

  • How to start a successful tourism business

  • How to become a successful local guide

Advanced Tour Guiding Skills

Professional development for tour guides,tourist guides, museum guides, cultural guides, tour operators & tour managers

Created by Hossam Hammad - Founder & Chief Learning Officer - Tour Guide Central


Students: 95, Price: $49.99

Students: 95, Price:  Paid

Learning new skills and applying them to your tours have never been easier with tour guide central expert instructions and practical approach. This course includes valuable tips and techniques on how to become a more effective communicator and command guest attention during tours. The course also demonstrates how experienced guides lead tours and hence help you take your skills to a whole new level. The knowledge and skills you will gain from this course will have an immediate impact on the quality of your tours that will be witnessed in guest satisfaction levels and their positive reviews.

Walking Tour Guiding

Tour Guiding Technique

Created by Dawn Denton - Business & Tourism Trainer


Students: 63, Price: $89.99

Students: 63, Price:  Paid

Walking tours are a way to promote a town. A good walking tour guide will let the town and the buildings tell its story. Learning how to be the best tour guide, to give visitors an enjoyable experience, will not only help the local economy, but will also spread the word about the town, or the village.

Beginners Guide To The Ricoh Theta Z1 For 360 Photos

Creating 360 Degree Images With The Theta Z1 - From Quick 360s To More Complex Approaches For Higher End Tours

Created by Richard L Charpentier - Website Developer and Professional Photographer


Students: 31, Price: $19.99

Students: 31, Price:  Paid

During 2020 many Real Estate Photographers and other imaging specialists found a need for 360 Degree Virtual Tours.  With the ongoing global medical crisis many business professionals were looking for new ways to reach their clients and interact with them.  The need for "social distancing" left people searching for ways to still showcase locations, homes, businesses, and more.  That's where 360 images began to garner additional use cases.

At the same time imaging professionals were paying more attention to 360 photos they were also buying up many of the latest cameras.  One of the best known cameras for 360s, The Ricoh Theta Z1, became very hard to find and purchase.  For months the camera was on back order.  When inventory was finally available, many imaging professionals purchased the camera! 

Documentation on the Z1 wasn't the greatest, and that's why we've launched this class here.  The basic menus, shooting modes, and more weren't fully covered in the "manual" we all received.  So in this course we'll take a closer look at the Theta Mobile App, it's menus and modes, and where to find the tools you need to successfully work with the Z1.  We'll also demonstrate some higher end features and Plugins to give students an idea of what they can do with this camera.  While it's no replacement for a DSLR with a Pano Head, the Z1 does offer great image quality in a small package. 

Please Note:  This is a course about the Theta Z1, not about building full tours with 360 Cloud Hosting or desktop solutions.  The focus is on the camera, its basic modes, how to access them, and some higher end modes as well.  Students will see some 360 photo setups in a 360 cloud based viewer, but this course doesn't fully cover building your final tours.  We've included on special section on a "quick" tour build just for students to get the overall view of how tours can come together, but the focus of this course is the Theta Z1.  Additional courses will be coming soon from us on tour building (not just with the Z1) and using other cameras beyond the Z1 to create 360 tours. 

Beginners Guide To Making 360 Virtual Tours With Kuula

Create high quality 360 degree virtual tours with Kuula. Useful for real estate tours and so much more!

Created by Richard L Charpentier - Website Developer and Professional Photographer


Students: 17, Price: $19.99

Students: 17, Price:  Paid

Welcome to our first course on 360 Degree Pano and Virtual Tour hosting companies. We're going to be starting out with a personal favorite provider, Kuula.

As virtual tours continue to expand in the imaging market space, some 360 Pano tools offer a great deal of features, and others not so much. Kuula is a great "mid-range" 360 hosting platform that offers a lot of features at a reasonable price. And users are welcome to start a free account today that still offers a robust set of tools.

With its ease of setup, and wide variety of tools, I'd say Kuula is a great choice for 360 photographers just starting out, and even more seasoned 360 photographers as well.  Pulling 360 Degree Virtual Tours together with Kuula is relatively straight forward.  Not too complex, but still offering a wide array of features for users.  In addition, the final export formats offered by Kuula means users can create tours for Real Estate and MLS listings, and offer features that go beyond just Real Estate tours.

Please Note: This is not a class on shooting 360 panos, or on editing the initial images out of your camera. This class is all about creating and sharing your tours.  Students should have some prior knowledge of 360 degree photography in order to get the most out of this class.

Algorithms and Programming Techniques

A guided tour for the most common Algorithms and Programming Techniques

Created by Lucian Ilea - Teacher of CS at "Emil Racovita" National College


Students: 11, Price: $24.99

Students: 11, Price:  Paid

This course presents a group of elementary and advanced Algorithms and Programming Techniques. It is the result of my own experience as a trainer in the field of Competitive Programming, teacher, author and (many times) competitor. It is based on the most important theoretical issues and knowledge a student should master. The topics that are discussed stretch from Recursion and its different peculiar applications (Backtracking, Divide and Conquer) to the Branch and Bound method. The course has two different lessons dedicated to the Dynamic Programming Technique, due to the importance this method has.

The course contains many well known problems, presents their solutions in a comprehensible way and offers C++ solutions. A clear purpose and objective that the author had in mind was to have neat statements, proper examples, efficient solutions, easy to understand C++ programs. I suppose that the students already have some elementary background in the C++ language, some experience with STL data structures and implemented methods, CodeBlocks Integrated Development Environment, Online Judges .

Each lesson is followed by some quizzes.

The students are advised to try to implement on their own the C++ programs for the problems they encounter in the lessons.

Every time when it was possible, I used some pictures, animations, free templates offered by different sites.

I hope you will enjoy and appreciate this course.

50 Must-Have Skills for a Tour Guide

Tourists meet the Ultimate Tour Guide

Created by Hassan El Zein - Corporate Trainer


Students: 1, Price: $29.99

Students: 1, Price:  Paid

This course starts with the essentials needed to be on the right track of starting a tour then it discusses some of the essential information to be  attained by a tour guide in various fields and goes into the main principles to apply to a tour from the beginning till the end. Afterwards, this course jumps into the essential skills that every tour guide must have.

Some of the skills:

* Grabbing Attention

* Clear and complete communication

* Listening Skills

* Cultural Intelligence

* Interpretive skills

* Memory Tools...