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Part 1 and Part 2 Certification Exam Strategy

How to study for the TOGAF® 9.1 Level 1 and Level 2 Exams, or the TOGAF Combined Exam

Created by Scott Duffy • 550.000+ Students - Bestselling Azure & TOGAF® Trainer, MCT


Students: 8864, Price: Free

New videos recorded Apr 2016. Part 2 Sample Questions added. With subtitles.

More than 15,000 students have joined my Part 1 course, and more than 9,000 students have joined my Part 2 course. More than 2,500 reviews between the two courses!

  This course goes through the process of studying for the TOGAF 9 Part 1, Part 2 and Combined exams. I go through what you need to do to prepare for the exam in the weeks leading up to the test, and how to approach the exam itself on the day of the test.

  I also link to the best resources I have found online for studying for this test. I link to free resources, cheap and inexpensive ones, and even blog posts I have found. 

  By the end of this short course, you will know how to approach studying for the exam. I want to be clear that this course does not cover the TOGAF 9 specification itself. This class alone is not sufficient for taking the TOGAF exams. But I do lay out a schedule for you to study over 4-5 weeks that you can follow. 

  I am TOGAF 9 Certified, having passed both the Part 1 and Part 2 exams. And I am also a member of the Open Group's Architecture Forum. I hold a commercial license to teach the TOGAF 9 Specification. 

  TOGAF is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries. SoftwareArchitect(dot)ca is a member of The Open Group Architecture Forum and holds a current, valid TOGAF® Commercial License. 

Thank you for signing up for this course on Udemy. The course will always be up-to-date here and nowhere else. I am also available for questions inside the course discussion board.

What is Enterprise Architecture

The key to well orchestrated change!

Created by Lisa Pantuso - Innovative Enterprise Architect


Students: 2327, Price: Free

This course contains a series of short clips explaining what EA is, the process behind it, the team and why every organization can benefit from it.  Enterprise Architecture is not an "IT Thing", nor is it about artifacts and documenting everything... EA is a core planning resource.  I will walk you through 4 brief clips explaining things that I have learned over a 30 year IMIT career.

The Practice of Enterprise Architecture

Become a BUSINESS-DRIVEN Enterprise Architect

Created by Lisa Pantuso - Innovative Enterprise Architect


Students: 873, Price: Free

Learn how to become a business-driven Enterprise Architect using  proven methods and techniques that were acquired over a 30-year IMIT Career!

Enterprise Architecture is the process of change.

Business drives change... therefore Enterprise Architecture must be business-driven.

I have created this course to showcase what is involved in starting up and implementing an EA Practice. 

This course will step you through the first year of implementing an EA Practice, starting with how to work with the senior executives to understand their visions.  It is so important to start with one clear direction, a direction endorsed and supported by the full senior executive team. 

Once the direction is set this course will walk you through how to start influencing the way change happens.  The goal is to start shifting the organization from a reactive/fire fighting position to one where changes happen proactively.

The final piece to this course is how you continue to evolve the organization while not impacting current operations.  To me this has got to be the hardest thing for every organization I have ever worked with.  Architecting an organization is not like architecting a building.  You don't create one static design and move in once complete, you have to continue to support your clients.  This course will explain how I have helped countless organizations do just that.

TOGAF 9.2 – How to pass TOGAF and learn TOGAF framework?

TOGAF 9.2 - How to pass TOGAF and learn TOGAF framework?

Created by Santanu Das - Enterprise Architect & Coach


Students: 294, Price: $19.99

TOGAF 9.2 - How to pass TOGAF and learn TOGAF framework.

How to Pass and Prepare for Togaf® Version 9.2 Enterprise Architecture Framework  helps you to understand the structure concepts of TOGAF 9.2. This course will explain you everything in details about how to prepare and pass TOGAF easily.

Here are the some best and most important tips that you need to know to pass the TOGAF 9.2 Certification exam in 2021.

This is a brand new course published last month however, take a look at these student reviews:

5 stars: - This course is so useful and well explained - Moise Kamgoue Kameni.

5 stars: - Malik Sarfaraz.

4.5 stars: It was good Starter for my TOFAG Journey, Thank You - Mandhaar Kulkharnii

4.5 stars: - Kalaiselvan Indrajith

4 stars: - Selvamani R


TOGAF 9.2 is the global framework for enterprise IT architecture. According to The Open Group, 80% of Global 50 companies use TOGAF. Once you complete TOGAF certification, you will be able to demonstrate to the employers, your level of professionalism in architecture principles and processes.

Who is this Course For?

This Course is for those who want to learn How to prepare for Enterprise Architecture TOGAF Certification in short time and less study.

What do I Learn from this Course?

After completion of this course, You will be able to understand where to start preparing for your TOGAF® 9.2 exams.

In this course, you will know - How to Pass & Prepare for TOGAF 9.2 Certification.

TOGAF Certification Levels

TOGAF Certification contains two levels — TOGAF Foundation and TOGAF Certified.

To get TOGAF Foundation level, one would need to pass TOGAF Foundation exam. There are no per-requisites to taking this exam.

To get TOGAF Certified level, one would need to pass both TOGAF Foundation and TOGAF Certified exams. It is possible to take a combined exam, and get to TOGAF Certified Level directly, I have discussed this inside the course.

I'm excited to watch you take your first step and I hope to see you on the inside!